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Christmas Comes Early
(by DonnaM)
Summary:   Joe’s story about Santa getting lost in Texas is based on “Santa Got Lost In Texas,” a song from the “Christmas on the Ponderosa” album. Books mentioned in the final scene are figments of the author’s imagination.
Rating:  K  (6,500 words)
Joe’s Way
(by DonnaM)
Summary:  A What Happened Later for A Time to Step Down.
Rating:  K+  (2,350 words)
No More Eggs
(by DonnaM)
Summary:  A “what happened next” version for  “Caution: Easter Bunny Crossing,” partially from Joe’s perspective. Warning: it gives away part of the ending for a “Lost Episode.”
Rated: K+  WC 11,000
One Brother from Boston
(by DonnaM)
Summary:  Hoss and Joe invite Adam to come home from Boston for Christmas. Ben also has a hand in bringing “One Brother from Boston,” and so do an angelic helper and a stranger from Minnesota.
Rating:  K  (6,910 word)
Where’s Jake?
(by DonnaM)
Summary:  Characters from TV’s “Highway to Heaven” visit the Ponderosa and help Joe get ready for a cattle drive.
Rating:  K  (5,910 words)


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