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Getting back to “Bonanza” online during my summer vacation, and found the new fan fiction pages here on the Bonanza Brand. I’ve read one story so far, and I’m looking forward to reading more.

Started online with the “Bonanza” fandom in 1999, and I have several of my stories posted online on Bonanza Legacy and Women Writers Block, as Donna.

I added my last initial here because I noticed there are other Donnas in the group.

My “all-Bonanza” stories include “Christmas Comes Early,” “No More Eggs,” and “Joe’s Way.” My “Bonanza” crossover stories are “One Brother from Boston” and “Where’s Jake?” I’ve also written a couple of “Little House” fan fics.

NEWEST STORYJoe’s Way — See summary below.

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Christmas Comes Early (by DonnaM)

Summary:  Joe’s story about Santa getting lost in Texas is based on “Santa Got Lost In Texas,” a song from the “Christmas on the Ponderosa” album. Books mentioned in the final scene are figments of the author’s imagination.
Rating :   K (6,500 words)

Joe’s Way (by DonnaM)

Summary:  A What Happened Later for A Time to Step Down.
Rating:  K+  (2,350 words)

No More Eggs (by DonnaM)

Summary:  A “what happened next” version for  “Caution: Easter Bunny Crossing,” partially from Joe’s perspective. Warning: it gives away part of the ending for a “Lost Episode.”
Rated: K+  WC 11,000

One Brother from Boston (by DonnaM)

Summary:  Hoss and Joe invite Adam to come home from Boston for Christmas. Ben also has a hand in bringing “One Brother from Boston,” and so do an angelic helper and a stranger from Minnesota.
Rating:  K  (6,910 word)

Where’s Jake? (by DonnaM)

Summary:  Characters from TV’s “Highway to Heaven” visit the Ponderosa and help Joe get ready for a cattle drive.
Rating:  K  (5,910 words)


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