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A Cold Wind
(by EPM)
Summary:  This story contains explicit sexual images.
Rated:  MA  WC 3000
A Quiet Storm
(by EPM)
Summary:  A neighbor is murdered! One brother plays detective while another finds romance.
Rated: K+ (9,505 words)
Among the
Bones of My
(by EPM)
Summary:  A peaceful summer morning turns into a struggle of the spirit as well as the body.
Rated: K+
And Hell Rode with Him
(by EPM)
Summary: It’s late October and the boys are out on the range. Will a stranger take one of them away?
Rated: K+
(by EPM)
Summary:  An old adversary returns to threaten the entire Cartwright family.
Rated: K+
First Dance
(by EPM)
Summary:  A chance encounter brings a new joy for the oldest Cartwright son.
(by EPM)
Summary: Joe teaches Adam to look at things in a different way.
Rated: K+ (1,605 words)
Laugh in the
Dark #1
(by EPM)
Summary: Driven by the need for revenge, Adam makes a choice that will affect his life forever.
Rated:  K+
Laugh in the
Dark #2 –
(by EPM)
Summary: Learning to trust love comes hard to the eldest Cartwright son.
Rated: T (14,220 words)
Laugh in the
Dark #3 – A
Tree for Maggie
by (EPM)
Summary: Adam remembers a gift given to him last Christmas.
Rated: K+  (595 words)
Lost and Found
(by EPM)
Summary: Adam turns irrational after suffering a vicious attack while marking trees for a contract.
Rating K+  (8500 words)
Night Sounds
(by EPM)
Summary:  A seemingly quiet night turns into a tragedy.
Rated: K+ (8,700 words)
(by EPM)
Summary:  Two brothers separated, each thinking the other is dead.
Rated: T  WC 9200
Payment Due
(by EPM)
Summary:  Someone is trying to take a piece of the Ponderosa, Ben is shot and Adam meets an old acquaintance.
Rated: K+ (15,400 words)
Perchance to Dream
(by EPM)
Summary:  A Post Script for the series and the actors we so grew to love.
Rating K+  WC 1300
(by EPM)
Summary: Poor judgement leads to a young man’s death, and Adam and Joe are caught in the aftermath.
Rated: K+ (13,490 words)
Random Acts
(by EPM)
Summary:  SJS for Devonshire: When I was asked to participate in this special project, I hadn’t written any Bonanza since 2007 except for finishing a piece when Mr. Roberts died. I hope she and others enjoy this story.
Rating:  T  (4,000 words)
(by EPM)
Summary: A tragic fire brings about a crisis of trust and faith.
Rated: T (6,925 words)
Seeing Old Friends
(by EPM)
Summary: When I read that Mr. Roberts watches Bonanza to “see old friends”, I couldn’t get the phrase out of my head. Hence, the inspiration for this story.
WC 1850 Rating: K
Small Gifts
(by EPM)
Summary:  An accident only a few days before Christmas reveals the meaning behind the thought of Small Gifts.
WC 3300 Rating  K
The Cabin
(by EPM)
Summary:  This is my first trip into the world of erotic writing.  Please be warned that this little story may not appeal to all readers.
This story is rated MA.   WC 5700
The Protector
(by EPM)
Summary:  A spat between brothers leads to dire consequences for a third when he take on a task one of them should have done, and encounters bank robbers while in town.
Rating T  (12,000 words)
The Same Coin
(by EPM)
Summary:  Influenza and spiteful words strike the Ponderosa.
Rating: K+  11,820 words
The Scent of Roses
(by EPM)
Summary: Adam remembers a special moment of his youth.
Rated R WC 2600
The Trust
(by EPM)
Summary: All Adam wanted was time on his own to do a little hunting, maybe a little reading.  But what he found were trespassers ravaging the Ponderosa in the search for Gold; placing Cartwright lives in jeopardy.
Rating:  K+   (9,665 words)
Unseen Link
(by EPM)
Summary: It’s more than just being family, it’s ties that bind father to son and son to father.
Rating: K+ (7,940 words)
What’s Right?
(by EPM)
Summary: Adam risks his life in trying to follow his father’s teaching in doing right, but others have ulterior motives that thrust the Cartwrights into the middle of a fight they can’t afford to lose.
Rating: K+ (11,510 words)


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