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Newest Story: Spring Fever — See summary below.

A Different Time, A Different Place (by GinnyF)

Summary:  My version of “Juliet Bulette”
Rating:  MA (8,900 words)

Afterwards (by GinnyF)

Summary:  A sequel to the episode “My Brother’s Keeper”
Rating:  K+ (2,230 words)

Beginnings (by GinnyF)

Summary:  Four vignettes of when Ben’s life began anew.
Rating:  K (1,230 words)

Double Take (by GinnyF)

Summary:  A What Happened Before the Opening Scene.   The writer has no idea how the ride-up would have actually been filmed.   I imagine it was a lot more complicated than I depicted.
Rating :   K (2800 words)

Echo of Hoof Beats (by GinnyF)

Summary:  A What Happened Before story for “The Mill”
Rating:  K+  (3,655 words)

Echoes of Twilight (by GinnyF)

Summary:  A What Happened Next for “Twilight Town”
Rating:  K+  (2,575 words)

Emily #1 (by GinnyF)

Summary:  Hoss meets the woman he wants to marry.  However, she has a secret regarding her past, which makes her wary of closeness with anyone.  Hoss is determined to break through her shell and win her heart.
Rating:  PG  (5,260)

Emily #2 – Special Delivery (by GinnyF)

Summary:  Hoss & Emily’s first child is indeed a “special delivery”.
Rating:  G  (2,350 words)

Fire Wind (by GinnyF)

Summary:   Based on the Great Virginia City Fire.  The Cartwright brothers help battle the fire and search for Hop Sing.
Rated: T (4,720 words)

Ghost Wagons (by GinnyF)

Summary:  Tall tales? Ghost Stories?  Or did it really happen?
Rating:  K+  (850 words)

Legend of the Grizzly (by GinnyF)

Summary: A giant grizzly bear terrorizes the countryside
Rated: MA (7,695 words)

Spring Fever (by GinnyF)

Summary:  In the episode “the Pure Truth” Hoss is suffering from spring fever (the family is also suffering from the effect on Hoss ).  Joe remarks to Ben and Adam that Hoss could step on you and not realize it and mentions Hoss breaking his, Joe’s, leg the previous spring.  I thought there should be a story behind that.
Rating: T   Word Count:  3,105

The Noose (by GinnyF)

Summary:  A deserted town and strange happenings.  Will the boys survive the night?
Rating:  T (1,820 words)

The Roar of the Dragon (by GinnyF)

Summary: An earthquake strikes while Ben is visiting an old friend.
Rated: K+ (5,815 words)

The Search (by GinnyF)

Summary: A “What-happened-in between” story for “The Stranger”   What were the boys doing while Ben rode out with LeDuque?
Rated: K+ (4,500 words)

The White One (by GinnyF)

Summary: “The Gift”, as told by Joe.
Rate: K+ (4,760 words)


Stories Co-Written with Robin

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A Modern Cartwrights Story #1 – Windmills & Rembrances (by GinnyF & Robin)

Summary:  A modern-day Cartwright / Dallas cross-over :   What happens when JR Ewing sets his sites on the Ponderosa.
Rating:  PG-13 (37,800 words)

A Modern Cartwrights Story #2 – Substitutes in the Cemetery (by GinnyF)

Summary:  A continuation of A Modern Cartwrights Story.
Rating:  PG (1,215 words)

A Modern Cartwrights Story #3 – A Quarter’s Worth of Glory: Joe in the Infernal Machine (by Robin)

Summary:  Headlines ripped from the daily newspaper in this modern era tale of the Cartwrights.
Rating:  K+ (775 word)

A Modern Cartwrights Story #4 – A Passing Stranger (by GinnyF & Robin)

Summary:  This Modern Day Cartwrights story is based on the Bonanza episode “A Stranger Passed this Way”.
Rating:  PG (46,475 words)

A Modern Cartwrights Story #5 – Remnants of the Past (by GinnyF & Robin)

Summary:  Most of the action in this tale takes place in the spring and summer of 2000. We have included elements and characters who appeared in a few Bonanza episodes including “The Truckee Strip”, “Rich Man Poor Man”, “The Infernal Machine”, “The Countess”, “First Born”, “Denver McKee” and “The Abduction” as well as characters and plot lines we created for our other modern Cartwright tales.
Rating:  PG (33,150 words)

Light up the Winter Darknerss (by GinnyF & Robin)

Summary:  This is a Bonanza Christmas/Chanukah story.  One Christmas morning the Cartwrights go in rescue of a stranded family, who unbeknowst to the Cartwrights are being held hostage by bank robbers.
Rated:  PG13 for some harsh language and a fight scene (10,975 words)

Together (by GinnyF & Robin)

Summary: a WHN for “A Stranger Passed This Way”
Rated: K+ (6,330 words)

Updated:  10.26.2017

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