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A Life to be Proud of (by Harper)

Summary:  After an accident, Adam helps Joe cope with the loss of a friend.
Rating:  K+ (1,600 words)

A Thousand Little Things (by Harper)

Summary:  Joe and an injured Adam struggle to return a murderer to justice, but someone will do anything to get revenge. A WHN for “The Hanging Posse.”
Rating:  K+ (14,695 words)

Bogged Down (by Harper)

Summary:  Even when you are on your own, brothers can be a source of help.
Rating:  K+ (2,605 words)

Easterner, Tenderfoot, Westerner #1 – The Easterner (by Harper)

Summary: A summer visitor brings nothing but trouble for Joe.
Rated: K+ (19,380 words)

Easterner, Tenderfoot, Westerner #2 -The Tenderfoot (by Harper)

Summary: Sequel to The Easterner. Joe tries to teach Martin ranchwork, and little about family and having fun, too.
Rated: K+ (26,485 words)

Easterner, Tenderfoot, Westerner #3 – The Westerner (by Harper)

Summary: To gain some peace and quiet, Ben sends his sons and summer guest Martin Lindsay on a hunting trip. But when Hoss is injured, Joe and Martin risk their lives in a desperate race for help. Third story in series begun with “The Easterner” and “The Tenderfoot,” but it is not necessary to read those stories first.
Rated: K+ (30,260 words)

Enter Sam Clemens (by Harper)

Summary: “The secret of humor is not joy, but sorrow.” A Find-The-Quote challenge and WHI for “Enter Mark Twain.”
Rated: K+ (16,760 words)

Holdin’ the Cut (by Harper)

Summary: Adam returns from college and struggles to renew his relationship with Joe.
Rated: K+ (16,545 words)

Loading the Wagon (by Harper)

Summary: Joe has plans to go to the Spring Dance instead of the cattle drive–until Adam goes to town for supplies.
Rated: T (2,635 words)

Not Really (by Harper)

Summary: “…Joseph, if you don’t have the dad-blamedest luck of anyone I ever saw—”.
Rated: K+ (1,625 words)

One Word at a Time (by Harper)

Summary: Adam hasn’t been home from college long before he clashes with the hands—but maybe that’s what he wanted….
(1,505 words) Rating K+

Rider Coming! (by Harper)

Summary: Joe can’t help showing off, carrying the mail for the pony Express. But he’d never do it if Pa were watching….A missing scene for “Ride the Wind.”
Rated: K+ (1,850 words)

The Christmas Tableaux (by Harper)

Summary: Joe proves what Ben has always known, the Cartwrights have never had good luck in pageantry.
Rated: K+ (5,705 words)

The Founder’s Day Race (by Harper)

Summary: Adam makes a rash bet on the outcome of a race, but when he is unable to ride, Joe and Hoss aren’t about to stand by and let their brother’s rival win. However, their solution is not quite what anyone expected….
Rated: K+ (14,665 words)

The Gallant Cowboy (by Harper)

Summary: The author of a dreadful dime novel visits Virginia City in pursuit of the book’s harshest critic–Adam Cartwright.
Rated K + ( 2,888 words)

Welcome Home Pa (by Harper)

Summary: “…it ain’t your usual situation, and I ain’t sure how to explain—”.
Rated: K+ (1,220 words)


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