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A San Francisco Encounter
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  Ben Cartwright is in San Francisco on business and meets Barbara Dameron through mutual friends. He is quite taken with her, but pursuing a relationship with her could lead to unexpected danger.
Rating: T  Word Count: 17,739
A Tale Within
a Tale
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: A descendent of the Cartwright family discovers his family history. Written for Bonanza Trails Tall Tale challenge.
Rating: K+  Word Count: 2492
Ben Brown #1
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:   Ben struggles with the frustrations of middle age. Disguised as a down-on-his-luck ranch hand, he finds himself in the middle of a range war and possibly new love. Based on season 13 episode “Saddle Stiff”.
Rated: K+ (5,705 words)
Ben Brown #2 –
More than
Enough Love
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:   Having only been married a short time, Ben and Kate find themselves making a life-changing decision after the death of Kate’s sister. Sequel to “A Gift For Ben”. ***Warning – spanking used for disciplining children.***
Rated: T (37,265 words)
Ben Brown #3 –
More Than
Enough Love –
Part 2
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  The Cartwright family continues to adjust to the addition Ben’s new wife, Kate and her nieces, Mary and Hannah. Will an unexpected visitor bring tension into the household?
Rating: T  Word Count: 115,895
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:   Joe is still wrestling with his fears.   WHN for Season 6, Between Heaven and Earth.
Rating: K+ (589 words)
Every Day is a
New Day
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: A brief window into the Cartwright family if Inger had lived. Rating: K Word Count: 1,482
For the Love
of Maggie
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: Ben meets Margaret Jensen while traveling by train from Boston back to Virginia City. The apparent chance meeting will forever change his life.
Rating: T Word Count: 17,524
From the
Murky Depths
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: While Ben is away on business, Adam is in charge of his two younger brothers. Predominantly a prequel.
Rating: K+  Word Count: 1001
Home is Never
Far Away
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  Ben and Adam’s summertime musings following Kenny and Susan Clarke’s stay at the Ponderosa. WHN Blessed Are They.
Rating: K  Word Count: 654
In the Mind’s
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: A farce on Bonanza FanFic with a twist.
Rating: K+  Word Count: 1099
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  A prequel to “The Julia Bulette Story”. It attempts to explain the apparent connection between Ben and Julia.
Rating: T  Word Count: 2480
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: Adam and Ben’s thoughts on a special day in Adam’s life.
Rating: K+  Word Count: 509
Redemption #1 – Poisoned
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: A brief stop to do some fishing on the way home from a business trip could be potentially deadly for Hoss.
Rating: T  Word Count: 8039
Redemption #2 – Redemption
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: Having rescued Sally Nelson from a deplorable situation, Hoss and his family must help her determine her future.
Rating: T  Word Count:  14,634
Redemption #3 – Atonement
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  Many in Virginia City are passing judgment on Hoss and Sally without knowing all the facts. The Cartwright family has been struggling for months dealing with the fallout from their marriage. Hoss determines something has to change.
Rating: K+  Word Count: 2,445
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: A series of episode based reflections and life lessons by the Cartwrights.
Rating: T  Word Count: 1202
The Black
Letter “C”
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: Ben’s delirium leaves him haunted. Word Count: 605   Rating: K+
The Black
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  A wealthy widow comes to Virginia City seeking investment opportunities. A WHN for the season 11 episode “Long Way to Ogden” where Ben gambles the future of the Ponderosa when a convincing meat packer (Emmett J. Whitney) from Chicago, sets out to ruin the local cattle industry. Written from the perspective of the villainess.
Rating: T  Word Count: 4056
The Burden
of the Oath
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  Hoss struggles with how to help Doc Martin in the aftermath of the epidemic and Julia’s Bulette’s death. A WHN for The Julia Bulette Story.
Rating: K+  Word Count: 1493
The Candidate
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  Hoping to be the next Governor of Nevada, Joshua Whitaker is campaigning in Virginia City. It doesn’t take long for him to take aim at the Cartwrights. An adaptation of The Big Valley season 2, episode 7 “The Target.”
Rating: K+ Word Count: 7039
The Christmas Child
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  It’s Christmas on the Ponderosa with some unexpected visitors.
Rating: K  Word Count: 2394
The Greatest
of These
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: April Christopher has contracted rabies from a bite from a rabid wolf. Now more than just a dear friend, Ben is committed to being by her side for her horrific final days. A WHI for the season 12 episode “A Time to Die”.
Rating: K+  Word Count: 5,055
The Measure
of a Man
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:   Six year-old Little Joe gets into trouble and has a lesson to learn.
Rating: K (1,698 words)
The Proverbial Chinaman
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: A post-canon tribute to Hop Sing.
Rating: K  Word Count: 1090
The Silk
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: The Cartwright sons are chatting around the campfire on the last night of a cattle drive and looking forward to having some time off.
Rating: K+  Word Count: 1040
Thelma Louise
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: Roy Coffee’s maidenly niece shows up in Virginia City and creates quite a stir.
Rating: K+  Word Count: 5460
Tidings of
and Joy
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: It’s Adam’s first Christmas away from his family while at school in Boston. A prequel.
Rating – K    WC=1319
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: A light-hearted look at the Cartwright men struggling with the upcoming Valentine’s Day dance.
Rating: K+  Word Count: 667
Was There A Man?
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: Ben tries to make sense of Jennifer Carlisle’s sudden reintroduction into his life. Some of Ben’s thoughts during and following the season 11 episode “Is There Any Man Here?”
Rating: K+  Word Count: 1125

Updated:  1.11.2018

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