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Ben Brown #1
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  Ben struggles with the frustrations of middle age. Disguised as a down-on-his-luck ranch hand, he finds himself in the middle of a range war and possibly new love. Based on season 13 episode “Saddle Stiff”.
Rated: K+ (5,705 words)
Ben Brown #2 – Righting a Wrong
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  With more than a sense of obligation, Ben returns to the ranch of Kate McElroy to set things right. This is a sequel to Ben Brown.
Rated: T (11,335 words)
Ben Brown #3 –
A Gift for Ben
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  With only a few days until their wedding, Ben brings Kate McElroy home to the Ponderosa. A sequel to Righting the Wrong.
Rated: T (7,265 words)
Ben Brown #4 –
More than Enough Love
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  Having only been married a short time, Ben and Kate find themselves making a life-changing decision after the death of Kate’s sister. Sequel to “A Gift For Ben”. ***Warning – spanking used for disciplining children.***
Rated: T (37,265 words)


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