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Summary:  Three brothers, a campfire, and ghost stories on All Hallow’s Eve.
Rating:  K+ (8,690 words)
Dark of Night
(by HelenA)
Summary:  It’s not always a person who can comfort after a nightmare.
Rating:  K  (1,000 words)
Final Farewell
(by HelenA)
Summary: The Cartwrights say goodbye to their beloved Hoss.
Rated: K (5,095 words)
(by HelenA)
Summary: The boys must take unusual measures to save their father when his life is threatened.
Rated: T (20,960 words)
Ghosts of Christmas Past (by HelenA) Summary:  Joe is feeling lonely on Christmas eve.  Between the end of season 13 and the beginning of season 14.
Rating:  G  (1,450 words)
Glimpse of
(by HelenA)
Summary: An alternate ending to “The Stillness Within”.
Rated: T (56,060 words)
Growing Pains
(by HelenA)
Summary: Growing up isn’t easy, physically or emotionally, as Joe Cartwright discovers.
Rated: T (29,565 words)
Heat Wave
(by HelenA)
Summary: There’s more than one way to cool down during a heat wave, or did things just get steamier?
Rating:  T  (2,525 words)
Helping Hands
(by HelenA)
Summary: Joe is ambushed and left to die on a lonely road.
Rated: T (20,900 words)
Meat in the M
(by HelenA)
Summary: To the victor go the spoils.
Rating:  K  (500 word)
Needed Strength
(by HelenA)
Summary: Joe must enter a burning building to save Hoss.
Rated: T (2,140 words)
Night Visitor
(by HelenA)
Summary:  Not everything that shuffles in the night is a bad omen.
Rating: K  (1,210 words)
One of Those Days
(by HelenA)
Summary:  Did you ever know anyone to have ‘one of those days’ that stretched into an entire week?  No?  Well sit back and let Joe tell you all about it.
Rating:  K+  (20,630 words)
Pa’s Christmas Gift
(by HelenA)
Summary:  It’s Christmas time on the Ponderosa.  What are the boys planning to get Ben for Christmas?
Rating:  K  (5,785 words)
Picnic Day
(by HelenA)
Summary:  The cat gets the mouse or should it be, the middle brother gets the girl.
Rating: K  (1,180 words)
(by HelenA)
Summary:  Taking refuge in an abandoned barn, Ben and Joe encounter something not of this world.  A story to be read around a campfire on Halloween.
Rating T  (7,350 words)
Santa’s Helpers
(by HelenA)
Summary:  Stranded in the middle of nowhere two days before Christmas, will the brothers make it home in time?
Rating T (13,875 words)
(by HelenA)
Summary:  The family spends an afternoon together.
Rating:  K  (9,515 words)
Summer Vacation
(by HelenA)
Summary: Joe feels like an afterthought in his brothers’ lives, but Ben comes up with a solution to his problem.
Rated: K (20,640 words)
The Babysitter
(by HelenA)
Summary:  The family has to deal with jealousy as Hoss suffers through the Middle Child Syndrome.
Rating:  K+  (11,290 words)
The Care Package #1
(by HelenA)
Summary: College freshman Adam gets a special package from home.
Rated: K (7,065 words)
The Care Package #2 – Bridging the Gap
(by HelenA)
Summary: Adam returns to find that he and Joe must readjust to each other. — Sequel to ‘Care Package’.
Rated: K (48,390 words)
The Cartwright Curse
(by HelenA)
Summary:  Oh, the curse of having to appease Pa with his friends.  Who knew what a disaster it would lead to?
Rating:  T  (4,430 words)
The Deadliest Game:  Joe in Tights
(by HelenA)
Summary:  A Missing Scene from the episode, The Deadliest Game
Rating:  K+  (2,825 words)
The Palace
(by HelenA)
Summary: A trip to Sacramento brings illness, new friends, romance and life lessons to Joe Cartwright.
Rated: T (71,855 words)
The Toymaker
(by HelenA)
Summary:  It’s Christmas, in this story written by Helen Adams and the Tahoe Ladies.
Rating:  K  (7,135 words)
The Wanted Poster
(by HelenA)
Summary:  An afternoon spent rifling through Roy’s stack of wanted posters and an over active imagination leads one Cartwright into danger.  Will he survive long enough to retract his tall tales and set the record straight?
Rating:  K+  (28,423 words)
To Keep the
Vultures at Bay
(by HelenA)
Summary:  What the boys go through To Keep the Vultures at Bay.
Rating:  K  (1,475 words)



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