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The Calling (by Hooded Crow)

Summary: An old actress touches a very special spot in Adam’s heart.
Rated: K+ (3,075 words)

The Dreaming Eagle Book 1 – As it Began (by Hooded Crow)

Summary: Adam falls in love with a rather unusual young lady and has a lot of trouble come his way. While facing his father’s strong disapproval, he will have to confront his own deepest feelings and find out what he really wants in his life. Matters are complicated by an unknown foe who wants to destroy him, just as his struggle with his father comes to a head.
Rated: T (128,600 words)

The Dreaming Eagle Book 2 – Through the Shadows (by Hooded Crow)

Summary: Adam has a hard time with his father still disapproving of his love, he is torn apart by his loyalty to the Ponderosa and his desire to live his own life, be his own man. When a devilish plan leads him into a vicious trap, he goes through a hell of pain and despair, through an ordeal that threatens to break his spirit and jeopardizes his future with the woman he loves.
Rated: T (128,060 words)

The Dreaming Eagle Book 3 – Spreading Wings (by Hooded Crow)

Summary: Adam has overcome the ordeal that nearly broke him and now sets out to find the woman he loves – and then try to set things straight with his father. A flock of sheep gets in the way and sparks off a bitter power struggle between father and son. Adam won’t give in anymore, and Ben cannot accept that his son isn’t a boy any longer. And in the background, Adam’s unknown foe is pulling some strings of his own.
Rated: T (132,835 words)

The Old Man and The Cowboy (by Hooded Crow)

Summary: This was written as a tribute and a kind of obituary for Pernell Roberts after I learned about his death in January 2010.
Rated: K (1,410 words)


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