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Borderland # 1
(by idmarryhoss)
Summary:  A Hoss-starred fairytale, to reward those who always wanted to see the romantic side of Hoss Cartwright written into one story. A bit of a fairy-tale, a portion of Hoss being Hoss, a part of Bonanza and – yes, some other themes combined to that framework.
Rated: K+ (45,220 words)
Borderland # 2 – Borderdance
(by idmarryhoss)
Summary:  Continuation to the story of Borderland, though possible to catch as a stand-alone, too. Here, Hoss lives the love and the marriage he has chosen. A love story, but also a story of something more. A romance written by a person not romantic at all. Contains some mature passages and difficult scenes, and old age character death. PG-13 is for implications of intimate relationship, and story is recommended only for mature readers who can cope with mature writing.
Rated: T (47,785 words)
Borderland # 3 – Reminiscence of My Special Place
(by idmarryhoss)
Summary:  A thought of how it would feel to marry in the Cartwright Clan; a short story of the eyes that see through more than their lenses.
Rated: K+ (1,350 words)
Borderland # 4 – An Ounce of Promise
(by idmarryhoss)
Summary:  Another good reason to fall in love with Hoss? His good marriage qualities? A dialogue of two minds a bit unorthodox, in the hazy night of advancing years and their effects.
Rated: K+ (1,935 words)
Borderland # 5 – Fruity Thoughts
(by idmarryhoss)
Summary:  A response to an Apple Pie Writing Challenge, through the eyes and home-spun philosophy of Hoss and his alternate-universe-wife. Spiced accordingly, tasting left for the reader.
Rated: K (1,705 words)
Borderland # 6 –
Glimmer (by idmarryhoss)
Summary:  Short light happy summer read. A vignette; a flicker; a moment in time.
Rated: K (1,185 words)
Borderland # 7 – The Language that Stuck
(by idmarryhoss)
Summary:  A vignette on a married Hoss, a linguist Hoss, a philosopher Hoss who is contemplating the universe – or tidbits of it, the least. A different view, a key to interpret my longer stories.
Rated: K+ (1,180 words)
Borderland # 8 – Tea Party
(by idmarryhoss)
Summary:  Hoss Cartwright is invited to a tea party. Cakes and seasoning on the menu. Few minutes stolen from the ordinary day…
Rated: K (1,575 words)
Borderland # 9 – Seeking Shelter
(by idmarryhoss)
Summary: Inspired by a challenge prompt, ‘Seeking Shelter.’
PG-13: mature situations, adult relationship. A Hoss story, of the desirable and desiring Hoss, the masculine Hoss some don’t see and others forget. Please note: description of passion, containing references to marital intimacy; sexual innuendo. For those who give space and respect to their imagination.    (1,775 words)
Borderland #10 – Good Night
(by idmarryhoss)
Summary:  A fairy tale.  Told to Hoss and his family.  Good night, sleep tight.
Rated: K+ (2,305 words)
Borderland #11 -Farewell
(by idmarryhoss)
Summary:  A short story situated in a toggled Bonanza-verse where Hoss has a helping wife, this short story is a little journey to ask why Adam left, what urged him to go and why he would have been troubled. It’s a skill to love and respect, but it’s yet another skill to say farewell, to wish a happy voyage.
Rated:K  (4,955 words)
Borderland #12 – To Shed a Tear
(by idmarryhoss)
Summary:  When is a man at his strongest? When the most comforted?
Rated: K+ (865 words)


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