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Five Foot High, Ten Miles Deep (by Jayne)

Summary:  When Joe is worried about his height, his brothers offer him words of wisdom.
Rated: K  WC  1300

Grazed (by Jayne)

Summary:  When Adam finds a slightly injured Joe, they share a strangely special moment.  A Young Cartwright short story.
Rated: K+  WC 767

Identity Lost (by Jayne)

Summary:  A young man is stricken with Amnesia.
Rated: K  WC  5600

Superstition (by Jayne)

Summary:  When Hoss and Joe decide to keep the black cat that crossed Adam’s path, it proves to become Adam’s bane.  Genre: Humor
Rated: K  WC 2000

The Crazy Lady (by Jayne)

Summary:  Joe and Hoss scare themselves one night, come to Adam’s room and tell him the story of the crazy lady. Prequel/Young Cartwrights/Humor
Rated: K+  WC  700

The Prodigal Father (by Jayne)

Summary:  A prequel:  After the sudden death of Marie, Ben Cartwright withdraws himself from his sons, leaving Adam to take care of his young brothers during one of the hardest moments in their lives.
Rated: K+  5300

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