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Collision Course
(by Julee)
Summary:  On a business trip to Sacramento, Adam makes an astonishing discovery regarding the events surrounding Marie’s death and it creates a turmoil of emotions for Ben and the boys.  Alternate Universe.
Rating: K+          Word Count: 31,205
Settling the Score
(by Julee)
Summary:  Ben discovers his fair method of doling out the least desirable jobs isn’t as fair as he’d thought.  With their “match trick” gone astray, Adam and Little Joe have reason to worry!
Rating: K  (Word Count: 8,748)
The Telling of a Nightmare
(by Julee)
Summary:  Bolstered and strengthened by his father and brothers, Adam comes to grips with his ordeal in the desert, but only after an intense night during which the story is told.
Rating K+        Word Count 4,740
Truth Begets a Peaceful Heart
(by Julee)
Summary:  The Cartwrights have a troublesome dispute on their hands and Adam has a new love interest, both of which, influence the day to day happenings of the entire family as they live and work together on the Ponderosa.
Rating T    (91,250)

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