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Married, mother of 2 children and have enjoyed Bonanza for many years. As a retired educator, I can now enjoy reading and writing about my favorite characters. I have published two children’s books and one romance novel.

NEWEST:  First Born — see summary below.

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Enough #1
(by Justafan)
Summary: Words said have a destruction consequence within the Cartwright family.  One family member refuses to live where respect does not. This story continues in “More than Enough”.
Rating:  K+    Word Count:  6,299
Enough #2 –
More than
(by Justafan)
Summary: This is the sequel to my first story written for the Summer Camp Challenge. Please read “Enough” first to fully understand “More Than Enough.”
Rating K+  Word Count: 4952
First Born
(by Justafan)
Summary:  Written for the 2017 Advent Calendar.
No Shovel
(by Justafan)
Summary:   Once again, Little Joe finds himself facing the music. Hoss and Adam are amused by the current situation, although Ben thinks it is no laughing matter.  Sometimes, the Cartwrights can dig a very deep hole without using a shovel.
One for the Ages
(by Justafan)
Summary:  A story of a friendship that ran deeper than blood.  Submitted in response to a 2016 Pinecone Challenge.
Rating:  K  (537 words)
The Pain and
the Fury
(by Justafan)
Summary:  WHN for The Magnificent Adah.  Joe was assaulted by one of Ben’s rivals.  Hoss dealt with the gentleman and the episode ends with Ben, Hoss, and Adam returning from the saloon to check on Joe.
13,957 words  Rating:  K+ (has some description of physical assault)
The Return
(by Justafan)
Summary:  A wayward sailor returns home to find unwanted changes and a daunting challenge.
Rating:  K  Word Count:  8474
(by Justafan)
Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar.
Rating:  K  (1,800 words)


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