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Dead Man’s Canyon (by J7339)

Summary:  Little Joe thinks that his family doesn’t love him anymore. He is always being yelled at and getting into trouble. To add to his problems there is a substitute teacher at the school that has also taken a disliking to Joe.
Rated :   K+ (49,570 words)

False Witness (by J7339)

Summary: Somebody wants Ben Cartwright to withdraw from a lumber contract he had placed a bid on but uses his youngest son as the pawn to do so. Afterwards it becomes much more of a personal vendetta against the boy and his family rather than over the contract.
Rated: K+ (83,480 words)

Heart of the Ponderosa (by J7339)

Summary:  A sad time for all at the Ponderosa
Rated: K+ (900 words)

Mirror Image (by J7339)

Summary:  Joe’s cousin Philippe, from Louisana, turns up unexpectedly and together they cause some mischief.  But someone from the past soon turns up to take out some revenge on Philippe.  Can he be sure that he has the right cousin?
Rated: K+ (43,895 words)

The Hanging Posse (by J7339)

Summary:  Ben Cartwright is confronted by some rather angry husbands and families of Fanfiction writers who try and take matters in to their own hands to get some normality in their lives.
Rated: K+ (5,075 words)


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