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Christmas Time (by Indiana)Christmas Time was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection. Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author. Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  Tears of disappointment turn into a lesson of compassion for a brother.
Le Lot de consolation (by Indiana)

Summary : Ben has to receive the 3 daughters of one of his friend at home for 2 weeks. Adam didn’t appreciate having to take care of the eldest daughter , because he has bad memory about her when he was 16 years old, so he has to find a solution to avoid this chore…..
Rating T  WC 4500

The Christmas Miracle (by Indiana)

Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar
Rating:  K  (900 words)

The Three Peanuts (by Indiana)

Summary : Sheriff Coffee needs Adam’s help to resolve a strange affair in town…
Rating K+   WC 1700

Une Page se tourne (by Indiana)

Summary: Ben died. After the funeral, Adam and his eldest son have a discussion …
Rating  K   (766 words)


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Updated:  12.24.2017