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I have been a Bonanza fan for as long as I can remember, and a Joe’s gal. I have only recently ventured into the realm of writing Bonanza FF. My stories center on Joe, especially as we see him in the early seasons. I like to include the whole family in the story. The only story I have written where they’re not there is Springtime Memories, but that was a Joe and Marie moment.

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A Night in San Francisco
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary:  June 2013 C&R Challenge. Adam and Joe are in San Francisco and all Adam wants is one night of culture. Word Count:
502 Rated: T
A Night on His Own
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary:  This story is my contribution to the 2012 Michael Landon’s Birthday Literary Challenge to write a spooky story. On a foggy All Hallows Eve, Joe has made camp by himself. What possibly could be out beyond the fog?
Word Count: 1,686  Rated: K+
After the Dragon
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: This is a WHN for Day of the Dragon.
Word Count: 1,063 Rated: K
Believe in Me
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary:  Things seem to be happening to Joe. Is he losing his mind, or could there me another explanation?
Word Count: 41,575  Rated: K+
Brothers and Mud
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary:  A WHIB for Springtime. Have you ever wondered what happened between the brothers making a “Joe sandwich” and the mud fight? Well, here’s my answer to it.
Word Count: 708 Rated: K
Captain Joe
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: This story is in response to November’s Chaps and Spurs Challenge.  Joe on the high seas.
Word Count: 546  Rated: K
Do As I Say
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary:  Ben has always tried to teach by example, tried to get it through to his sons how he expects them to act. But do they ever listen? A 2015 Camp in the Pines story and a WHN for Quality of Mercy.
Rating:  K+  (1,255 words)
Fools Rush In
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: This is a what happened instead for a scene in The Lady from Baltimore and a what happened next after the Bannings left story.
Word Count: 1,023  Rated: K.
Horace Greely Comes to the Ponderosa
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: An old friend of Bens, from his younger, wilder days comes to visit.
Word Count: 1,037  Rated: K
Hoss and the Fairies
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary:  I think the title says it all.
Word Count: 1,102 Rated: K
Joe’s Journal
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary:  Joe decides to take Adam’s advice and turns to a journal to work through something that is weighing on his soul.
Word Count: 14,277  Rated: K+
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: Hmm… What’s it about? I have no idea to put here. Like the title I’m just loss. You’ll have to read it to find out.
Word Count: 3,634 Rated: K+
No Coffee
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: The Cartwrights are out on the trail.
Rated: K (700 words)
Not a Normal Day
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary:  Not a typical day on the Ponderosa.
Rated: K
Piney Woods
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: Joe is on one of his regular visits to Carrie Prickett when trouble breaks out.
Word count: 2,461 (Rating:  K+)
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary:  It’s the day before a big event, past and present, in Joe’s life, and he shares it with someone special.
Rated: K
Terror of the Night
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: Chaps and Spurs challenge to use the following five words: Bachelor, Medieval, Commence, Culmination, and Tassel
Rated: T (750 words)
The Barn Dance
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: It’s a typical barn dance for the Cartwrights.
Rated: K (2,690 words)
The Bond
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: Ben is late getting back from a business trip to Carson City.
Rated  K+         Word count 4,159
The Fire
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: There’s a fire in Virginia City, but is that all there is to it?
Rated: T
The Friendship
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: Did you ever wonder if Joe and Danny got off scot-free after all that happened at the end of The Friendship?
Rated: K (1,200 words)
The Race
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary:  Can Joe convince his brothers to take part of a new race Virginia City is hosting this month?
Rated: K
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: This was written as part of the March 2011 Chaps and Spurs challenge. After being injured, Joe questions his belief in trust and second chances.
Rated: K+
Under the
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: An old friend of Ben’s comes to visit. Why does he have so much influence over Ben, and will it damage Ben’s relationship with Joe beyond repair?
Word Count: 82,946 Rated:T
Waitin’ on Joe
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: Joe is given the responsibility of meeting Adam at the freight office with a load of lumber. There’s a lot riding on Joe meeting the deadline, not just for the lumber, but for Joe also.  The inspiration came from a song by Steve Azar, Waitin’ on Joe.
Rating K+   Word count 5,126
Where’s Little Joe
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: Adam was put in charge of watching two year old Little Joe while Ben and Marie are in town, but there’s a problem. Where did he disappear to?
Rated: K
White Christmas
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: The 2013 Christmas challenge was to write a story that reflects on your favorite Christmas Carol. One of my favorites is White Christmas.
Rated: K


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