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Fools Rush In (by Donna)

Summary” Two brothers brace themselves for the inevitable…or is it?
Rated T (1,100 words)

Playing With Fire (by Donna)

Summary: A story created as the result of Ma Hoad’s Valentine R Challenge. Joe confronts Don Miguel’s hot-tempered daughter Margarita….. and what happens surprises them both.
Rated MA (2,500 words)
*Warning* This story is rated for Mature Audiences only…. if you are offended by sexual content, please do not read.

The Only #1 (by Donna)

Summary: Ben sends Joe to New York on business, but also to help him overcome his inner turmoil at being the only son left on the Ponderosa.
Rated K+ (,435 words)

The Only #2 -Adjustments (by Donna)

Summary: Sequel to ‘The Only’, Joe awaits Merrie’s arrival west, and finds himself having to deal with Walsh once again as Walsh and the Empire Railway threaten the Ponderosa.
Rated K+

The Only #3 – Finding the Way Home (by Donna)

Summary: A sequel to The Only and Adjustments. The success of the Ponderosa causes a long time enemy to seek its destruction, using whatever means possible.
Rated K+ (13,545 words)

Which World Survives (by Donna)

Summary: Joe’s life as he knows it has changed ~ and when he finds himself living in the world he knows along with the life of his past, which wins?
(19,725 words) Rated K+


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