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I’ll Protect You
(by Cwright Girl)
Summary:  A WHIB for “My Brother’s Keeper”. Adam’s POV.
This is a rewrite of the scene where Joe is deliriously calling out to Adam when Joe has a fever. In this version, Adam tries to calm Joe down. There is no Shelia in the version. A look at brotherly love.
Rating K+ (1055 words)
Imagine My
(by Cwright Girl)
Summary:  Griff King’s inner-thoughts on what made him change his mind about Hoss Cartwright’s true character. 1st Person POV
Rating: K  Word-Count:  2,685
Riot! (What
Happened Instead
(by Cwright Girl)
Summary:  A complete rewrite/extension of “Riot!”- Season 14, Episode 5 (or Episode 419).  When Adam arrives at the Nevada State Prison for a routine inspection, he is taken hostage by desperate inmates who are ready to change the prison’s abusive conditions by any means necessary, even murder. Outside the prison walls, Joe and Candy work together to end the riot and save Adam.  While trapped, Adam meets Griff King, a young covict who enlightens Adam about the corruption found at the prison.
Rating:  T  WC  15,000
This Thing of Darkness
(by Cwright Girl)
Summary: 2014 BoNaNo Submission.  A WHIB for the episode To Die in Darkness (S9E28). An extension and analysis of Candy’s spiral into depression and attempted suicide that hopefully offers some explanation and closure.
Rating: T (for mentions of suicide)   Word Count: 5455 words.


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