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A Lost Bonanza
(by BnzaGal)
Summary:  A response to ML’s2012 birthday literary exercise.
Rated: K (1,255 words)
A Taste of
Southern Sugar
(by BnzaGal)
Summary:  A sweet little ol’ lady arrives on the stage and befriends Hoss and Joe. Who would have guessed that such a sweet woman could be such a deranged killer?
Rated: T (15,765 words)
(by BnzaGal)
Summary: Every Adam’s Girl nightmare… Adam is leaving the Ponderosa.
Rated: K (1,100 words)
(by BnzaGal)
Summary:  Joe and his school friends have their lunch interrupted by something terrible and Joe finds that maybe he isn’t as brave as he thought he was.
(10,720 words).  Rated: T
(by BnzaGal)
Summary:  One stormy night near Lake Tahoe spells sorrow and disaster for the Cartwrights.
(18,935 words)  Rating K+
Greater Love
(by BnzaGal)
Summary:  When five friends head out on a hunting trip they have no idea of the horror that waits for them and will demand from them the ultimate sacrifice.
Rated: K+ (12, 615 words)
Man in Black
(by BnzaGal)
Summary: Pernell Robert’s 2013 birthday writing challenge: Explaining why Adam became the Man in Black.
Rated: K (715 words)
Our Little Joe
(by BnzaGal)
Summary: Written for the Michael Landon’s 2011 Birthday – Literary Exercise where we had to put all the words of the song “Be Patient with Me” somewhere in our story.
Rated: K (1,295 words)
Stranger on the Stage
(by BnzaGal)
Summary:  A chance meeting on a stage could spell disaster for Little Joe.
Rated: K+ (18,070 words)
The End of a War
(by BnzaGal)
Summary:  Written using the five words (Bachelor, Medieval, Commence, Culmination, and Tassel) from the Chaps & Spurs Challenge, June 2011.
Rated: K+ (1,110 words)
The Great
(by BnzaGal & slaine89)
Summary:   What happens when a fanfiction author leaves a story hanging? Three fans decide to take matters into their own hands and rescue (aka kidnap) the main character, unmindful of the insanity that will ensue.
Rated: K+ (6,560 words)
The Last Bullet
(by BnzaGal)
Summary:  FEB. 2013. Chaps&Spurs challenge.
Rated: K+ (670 words)


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