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I have been a fan of Bonanza for as long as I can remember!

For me, the Cartwrights represent hope, faith, and triumph over life’s adversities. Ben, Adam, Hoss, and Joe are human beings with human flaws; but to me, they are always exceptional human beings. My fan fiction reflects this perspective.

NEWEST:  Advice #2 – Aunt Agness’s Dilemma — see summary below

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Advice #1
(by Belle)
Summary:  Advice sought and given, but why bother.
Rated:  K+    Word Count:  5,764
Advice #2 –
Aunt Agnes’s
(by Belle)
Summary:  Written for the 2017 Advent Calendar.
Competition #1
(by Belle)
Summary:  No man should get all the attention.
Rating:  K  (6,025 words)
Competition #2 – Comeuppance
(by Belle)
Summary:  Terrance has everything he ever wanted:  the love of a wonderful woman, the town’s admiration, and a boisterous friendship with Little Joe.  What could possibly go wrong?
Rating:  K+  Word Count:  6278
(by Belle)
Summary:  The boys are determined to find a birthday gift their father will love.  They succeed too well.
Rated:   T   Word count:  6773
Harvest Dance #1
(By Belle)
Summary: The annual Harvest Dance turns into a harrowing experience for Little Joe. (outlaws, kidnapping, SJS, JAM JPM)
Rating K+ (7,895 words)
Harvest Dance #2 – Repercussions
(by Belle)
Summary: Returning the outlaws to Virginia City to face justice initiates a chain of violent events.
(8,634 words) Rating: K+
In Absentia #1
(by Belle)
Summary: The boys have been forced to accept heartrending loss. Is it time to move on?
K+ (15,750 words)
In Absentia #2 – Restitution
(by Belle)
Summary:  Ezra Grady, is dead; but that doesn’t mean the Cartwrights’ troubles are over. Ezra Grady’s silent partner-in-crime has yet another scheme in mind.
(Warning:  Referenced mistreatment of a child.)  Rating:  T (22,190)
In Absentia #3 – All Through the Night
(by Belle)
Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar.
Rating:  K  (1,580 words)
(by Belle)
Summary:  Ben is away, and the boys decide to enjoy a night on the town. An evening of harmless entertainment turns into a race to save Joe’s life.
(10,292 words)  Rating: T
Spirit Canyon
(by Belle)
Summary:  The brothers are pursued into Spirit Canyon where they face a powerful and unpredictable foe.
(8,820 words)  Rating k+
(by Belle)
Summary: Adam and Joe are fighting again. This time they learn to be careful what they wish for!
(11,424 words)  (Rating: K+)


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