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(by Belle)
Summary:  Advice sought and given, but why bother.
Rated:  K+    Word Count:  5,764
Competition #1
(by Belle)
Summary:  No man should get all the attention.
Rating:  K  (6,025 words)
Competition #2 – Comeuppance
(by Belle)
Summary:  Terrance has everything he ever wanted:  the love of a wonderful woman, the town’s admiration, and a boisterous friendship with Little Joe.  What could possibly go wrong?
Rating:  K+  Word Count:  6278
(by Belle)
Summary:  The boys are determined to find a birthday gift their father will love.  They succeed too well.
Rated:   T   Word count:  6773
Harvest Dance #1
(By Belle)
Summary: The annual Harvest Dance turns into a harrowing experience for Little Joe. (outlaws, kidnapping, SJS, JAM JPM)
Rating K+ (7,895 words)
Harvest Dance #2 – Repercussions
(by Belle)
Summary: Returning the outlaws to Virginia City to face justice initiates a chain of violent events.
(8,634 words) Rating: K+
In Absentia #1
(by Belle)
Summary: The boys have been forced to accept heartrending loss. Is it time to move on?
K+ (15,750 words)
In Absentia #2 – Restitution
(by Belle)
Summary:  Shanghaied shortly after Marie’s death, Ben went missing for seven long years. He was reunited with his sons in the nick of time, just before being legally declared dead. Now, the family is trying to pick up where they’d left off. The man held accountable for Ben’s disappearance, Ezra Grady, is dead; but that doesn’t mean the Cartwrights’ troubles are over. Ezra Grady’s silent partner-in-crime has yet another scheme in mind.
(Warning:  Referenced mistreatment of a child.)  Rating:  T (22,190)
In Absentia #3 – All Through the Night
(by Belle)
Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar.
Rating:  K  (1,580 words)
(by Belle)
Summary:  Ben is away, and the boys decide to enjoy a night on the town. An evening of harmless entertainment turns into a race to save Joe’s life.
(10,292 words)  Rating: T
Spirit Canyon
(by Belle)
Summary:  The brothers are pursued into Spirit Canyon where they face a powerful and unpredictable foe.
(8,820 words)  Rating k+
(by Belle)
Summary: Adam and Joe are fighting again. This time they learn to be careful what they wish for!
(11,424 words)  (Rating: K+)


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