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KFedderly is the Author of eleven stories in our Library, and two she co-wrote with RandyS.

Latest Story Posted:  A New Year’s Renewal — see summary below.

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A New Year’s Renewal (by Karen)

Summary:  It’s the littlest things in life and the littlest one who can inspire.
Rating:  K (1,045 words)

A Question of Honor (by Karen)

Summary:  Joe stuns his family when he joins the Army.
Rating:  T (22,790 words)

Candy’s View (by Karen)

Summary:  A look at the Cartwrights through Candy’s eyes.
Rated :   T (4,400 words)

Casey’s Side (by Karen)

Summary:  Another person’s view of a scene from Credit For A Kill.
Rated :   T (2,930 words)

Death’s Letter S (by Karen)

Summary:  A writer’s challenge. Joe plays a joke on Hoss.
Rated :   K (1,330 words)

Luck of the Draw (by Karen)

Summary: The consequences are far reaching when Joe accidentally shoots a young child.
Rated: T (33,190 words)

The Vicious Circle #1 (by Karen)

Summary: A friend of Joe’s is accused of a serious crime. –
Rated: T (62,605 words)

The Vicious Circle #2 – Shadow of Deception (by Karen)

Summary: Strange happenings on the Ponderosa.
Rated: T (30,095 words)

The Wild Ride (by Karen)

Summary: It was supposed to be a simple five-day trip home via a stage coach for Adam and Joe.
Rating: T WC 12,500

Through a Glass, Darkly (by Karen)

Summary: The Cartwrights look after a couple of children for a while.
Rated: T (10,015 word)

Vanished (by Karen)

Summary: Joe disappears while looking for strays.
Rated: T (16,615 words)


Co-Written with RandyS.

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The Murder of Joe Cartwright (by Karen & Randy)

With special contributions by Helen Adams & Tahoe Ladies
Rating T (59,355 words)

The Pleasure of Their Company (by Karen & Randy)

Summary:   Thanks especially to Vickie who supplied Scott Lancer’s voice of reason which was of so much help to poor Griff especially.  This is a later seasons Bonanza/Lancer cross-over.  Main characters are Joe, Candy, Griff, Jamie and Scott Lancer with brief appearances by Ben, Murdoch and Johnny.  We don’t own them, but if we did, this is pretty much what we’d do with them.  Thanks to Stephen King from whom we borrowed a little incident from his childhood.
Caution:  mostly PG for sexually suggestive situations, but it does cross-over into R in several places toward the middle where the suggestions are carried out.  (47,365 words)

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