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A Child’s First Christmas (by KateP)

Summary:  Ben Recalls each of his sons’ first Christmas
Rating:  K (620 words)

A Friend Indeed (by KateP)

Summary:  Joe and Adam have an eerie experience when they search for a missing ranch hand. One of my older stories that I thought I’d post here.
Rating:  K+ (5,810 words)

A Kind of Wild Justice (by KateP)

Summary:  What happens when someone comes looking for revenge?
Rating:  K+ (17,610 words)

A Lesson for Miss Sprigg (by KateP)

Summary:  A young Joe is having trouble at school.
Rating:  K+ (4,240 words)

A Night by the Lake (by KateP)

Summary:  A hot summer night at Lake Tahoe
Rating:  K+ (2,225 words)

A Question of Doubt (by KateP)

Summary:  Joe is left to face the future alone when the unthinkable happens.
Rating:  T (16,145 words)

A Real Brother (by KateP)

Summary:  What makes a Real Brother?
Rating:  K+ (1,935 words)

A Silent World (by KateP)

Summary:  Stranded miles from home, Ben and Joe face many dangers.
Rating:  K+ (11,365 words)

Before It’s Too Late (by KateP)

Summary:  A short story told from Adam’s point of view.
Rating:  K+ (2,580 words)

Charlotte (by KateP)

Summary:  Joe is falling in love.
Rated :   T (13,985 words)

Christmas Bells (by KateP)

Summary:  A seasonal Bonanza story
Rated :   K (1,965 words)

Christmas Letters (by KateP)

Summary:  Chrstimas letters from each of the Cartwrights
Rated :   K+ (2,285 words)

Death’s Letter S (by KateP)

Summary:  A Challenge story where we were given a title and had to write a story to fit it.
Rated :   K+ (1,250 words)

Disappearance (by KateP)

Summary:  Influenza on the Ponderosa
Rated :   K+ (8,985 words)

Forgotten Son (by KateP)

Summary:  The Cartwrights find life on the Ponderosa very different after Ben has an accident.
Rated: K+ (11,375 words)

Good Over Evil (by KateP)

Summary:  Joe’s Friend is Murdered
Rated: K+ (11,335 words)

In the Bleak Midwinter (by KateP)

Summary:  A Christmas Fantasy
Rated: K+ (2,885 words)

Joe Cartwright RIP (by KateP)

Summary:  Ben gets word to say his youngest son is dead.
Rated: K+ (7,440 words)

Le Collier d’Or #1 (by KateP)

Summary: Strange things start to happen on the Ponderosa after the Cartwrights find a necklace belonging to Marie.
Rated: K+ (6230 words)

Le Collier d’Or #2 – Eloise (by KateP)

Summary:  Sequel to Le Collier d’Or. Joe and Adam thought they had seen the last of Eloise. Seems they were wrong. A Halloween story.
Rated: K+ (8,730 words)

One in One Hundred and Thirty (by KateP)

Summary:   The story is an attempt to look at the effects of epilepsy on a sufferer and their family. Oh, and the title refers to the number of epilepsy sufferers in the U.K at present – it really is that common. Rated: K+ (20,180 words)

Pains of Love #2 – A Flame Rekindled (by KateP)

Summary: Sequel to Pains of Love. Twelve years have passed and now Carrie is back in town.
Rated: K+ (31,535 words)

Pains of Love #3 – Legacy of Love (by KateP)

Summary: Two young visitors bring a surprise for the Cartwrights.
Rated: K+ (14,725 words)

Pains of Love (by KateP)

Summary: Adam falls in love only to find he has a rival, his own father.
Rated: K+ (16,260 words)

Perro 1 – A Dog Called Perro (by KateP)

Summary: Ben and Joe head into trouble.
Rated: K+ (7,760 words)

Perro 2 – From the Flames (by KateP)

Summary: Perro part 2 – second in the series
Rated: K+ (8,470 words)

Perro 3 –The Tracker (by KateP)

Summary: The third in the Perro Trilogy. Joe is in mortal peril.
Rated: K+ (13,005 words)

San Francisco Adventure (by KateP)

Summary: Ten-year-old Little Joe is lost in the Big City
Rated: K+ (9,620 words)

Shadow of the Noose (by KateP)

Summary: Adam races against time to save Joe from hanging.
Rated: K+ (16,400 words)

Stephenie (by KateP)

Summary: Adam has met the girl of his dreams.
Rated: K+ (8,800 words)

The Countess (by KateP)

Summary: A What Happened Next for the episode ‘The Countess’. What happens when the Countess returns to the Ponderosa?
Rated: K+ (8,675 words)

The Cowboy and the Lamp (by KateP)

Summary: Joe is caught in a blizzard on Christmas Eve.
Rated: K+ (3,550 words)

The Dare (by KateP)

Summary: When a childish prank injures Hoss can Little Joe cope with the guilt?
Rated: K+ (10,580 words)

The Dark Void (by KateP)

Summary: Problems ahead when Joe falls from his horse.
Rated: K+ (4,880 words)

The Departure #2 – The Homecoming (by KateP)

Summary:  Adam returns home after three years away at college. Companion piece to ‘The Departure’.
Rated: K+ (6,115 words)

The Departure (by KateP)

Summary: Adam is about to leave for college.
Rated: K+ (4,200 words)

The Good Doctor (by KateP)

Summary: Joe runs into trouble in San Francisco
Rated: K+ (7,500 words)

The Great Aunts (by KateP)

Summary: Ben’s aunts visit the Ponderosa
Rated: K+ (7,525 words)

The Great Egg Race (by KateP)

Summary:  A Little Bonanza story for Easter
Rated: K+ (2,200 words)

The Lie (by KateP)

Summary:  Joe lies on behalf of a friend.
Rated: K+ (6,400 words)

The New Friend (by KateP)

Summary:  Joe makes a new friend
Rated: K+ (8,540 words)

The Sailor (by KateP)

Summary:  An old friend of Ben’s visits the Ponderosa
Rated: K+ (6,355 words)

The Step-Brother (by KateP)

Summary: As Ben prepares to marry Joe will not only gain a step mother but also a step brother.
Rated: K+ (11,345 words)

The Valentine’s Card (by KateP)

Summary:  A little Bonanza story for Valentine’s Day.
Rated: K+ (2,320 words)

There are More Things (by KateP)

Summary:  It’s Halloween on the Ponderosa and Ben has a visitor from England.
Rated: K+ (6,610 words)

Tis the Season (by KateP)

Summary:  Ben remembers Christmas past.
Rated: K+ (2,385 words)

To Be A Father (by KateP)

Summary: Joe helps a friend of his father to know what it is to be a father.
Rated: K+ (2,330 words)

To Say Goodbye (by KateP)

Summary: A romance has ended badly and Joe needs to find some peace of mind.
Rated: T (2,480 words)


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