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How Simple Can You Get? (by Laura Brodie)

Summary: comedy with Hoss and Joe showing just how risky it is to team up together to get a reward. Getting rich was never supposed to be simple!
Rated: K (9,780 words)

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (by Laura Brodie)

Summary: Joe dances with the devil as he comes up against a man who is nothing but evil. Joe fights crossing over to the dark-side in order to best the man at his own game.
WC 149,000 Rating R

To Be Loved As No Other #1 (by Laura Brodie)

Summary: Joe finds a woman scorned is a dangerous situation, even if he has no idea his offense.
Rated: M (21,980 words)

To Be Loved as No Other #2 – Lost and Found (by Laura Brodie)

Summary: Joe finds love and loses it. This coming of age story has Joe work through the pain of loss to find hidden feelings and old hurts.
Rated: MA (137,230 words)

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