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A House United – Book 1 – The Hardest Goodbye (by Pulitzer2016)

Summary   The first book in a planned series involving the Cartwrights and members of Adam’s extended family back east, including a double cousin named Josephine
Rating:  K (33,830 words)

A House United – Book 2 – And the War Came (by Pulitzer2016)

Summary:  The Civil War has broken out, and Adam travels east to attend his cousin Josie’s graduation from medical school.   To get away from the danger of the war, Josie returns to the Ponderosa with Adam, where she must learn to fit in to a new way of life as she struggles to establish herself as a doctor.
Rating:  K+    Word Count :   40,979

A House United – Book 3 – Thenceforward and Forever Free (by Pulitzer2016)

Summary:  As 1861 draws to a close, the Cartwrights enjoy their first Christmas with Josie on the Ponderosa.   But 1862 brings a number of challenges, from Adam disappearing in the desert to an influenza epidemic that threatens the entire town.   Meanwhile, Simon Croft continues to express romantic interest in Josie, much to Adam’s consternation.   Parts inspired by “The Crucible.”
Rating:  T    Word Count :   50,379

In for a Penny, In for a Pound (by Pulitzer2016)

Summary: Fourteen-year-old Adam and his best friend Ross find a bottle of whiskey in the Marquettes’ hayloft and decide to recreate Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine.  What could possibly go wrong?
Rating: T  Word Count: 10,554

Je T’aime, Ma (by Pulitzer2016)

Summary:  Eleven-year-old Adam never wanted another step Mother, but now that Marie is on the Ponderosa – and six months’ pregnant – there’s little he can do but be polite and try not to think of the beloved step Mother he lost. But when Ben goes away on a business trip and Marie is injured, Adam must ride alone for help. Along the way, he realizes that things have a way of becoming precious, even when we don’t intend them to.
Rating: K  Word Count: 12,446


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