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A Hunting We Will Go (by ljlover2001)

Summary:  Hoss and Joe go on a hunting trip, but they become the hunted, not the hunters
Rating:  K+ (1,340 words)

All Hallow’s Eve (by ljlover2001)

Summary:  Joe stays in town, after the Halloween dance, to enjoy a game of poker with his friends, but soon wishes he had gone home with his brothers.
Rating:  K+ (1,960 words)

An Undercover Christmas (by ljlover2001)

Summary:  It’s almost Christmas Day, but ten year old Little Joe can’t wait and is desperate to find out what big brother Adam has bought him.   However, when he goes looking he finds a lot more than he bargained for.
Rating:  K+ (3,160 words)

First Day Nerves (by ljlover2001)

Summary: Little Joe has to face his greatest challenge since losing his mother
Rated: K+ (1,670 words)

Harvest Festival (by ljlover2001)

Summary:  Joe soon begins to regret a hasty decision
Rated: K (1,835 words)

Mistaken Identity (by ljlover2001)

Summary:  A Valentine’s Day Story.
Rated: K+ (5,115 words)

New Year’s Eve Shenanigans (by ljlover2001)

Summary: Ten year old Little Joe attends a New Year’s Eve party in town with his family and manages to get into trouble – quelle surprise!
Rated: K (2,025 words)

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