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A Ghost from
the Past
(by LynRobinson)
Summary: A man from Ben’s past arrives at the Ponderosa dredging up painful memories for Adam, and it’s up to Little Joe to help Adam set things right.
Rating:  T  (11,900 words)
Carson City
(by LynRobinson
Summary:  Carson City Earthquake
(5,600 words)
The Army Horses
(by LynRobinson)
Summary:  You’ve heard the saying, ‘Loose lips sink ships’?  Joe learns a valuable lesson and Adam could pay the ultimate price when the family attempts to deliver a herd of horses to the Army.
Rating:  K+  WC 10,000
The Engagement
(by LynRobinson)
Summary:  A beautiful new lady in town leads to trouble between and for the brothers.
Rated PG    Word count 44,027


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