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Retired Physics teacher from Scotland, who has loved Bonanza since it first aired here. Adam is my favourite with his little brother close behind but always have all four around when i write.

NEWEST:  The Engagement — see summary below.

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A Ghost from the Past (by LynRobinson)

Summary:  A man from Ben’s past arrives at the Ponderosa dredging up painful memories for Adam, and it’s up to Little Joe to help Adam set things right.
Rating:  T (11,900 words)

Carson City Earthquake (by LynRobinson)

Summary:  Carson City Earthquake
(5,600 words)

The Army Horses (by LynRobinson)

Summary:  You’ve heard the saying, ‘Loose lips sink ships’?  Joe learns a valuable lesson and Adam could pay the ultimate price when the family attempts to deliver a herd of horses to the Army.
Rating:  K+  WC 10,000

The Engagement (by LynRobinson)

Summary:  A beautiful new lady in town leads to trouble between and for the brothers.
Rated PG    Word count 44,027


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