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A Man Alone #1 (by Mamse5)

Summary:  Ben returns from a business trip to find his life has changed.
Rating:  K   WC 15,300

A Man Alone #2 – Inside the Mine (by Mamse5)

Summary:  The sequel to “A Man Alone”
Rating:  K   WC   10,000

A Special Blessing (by Mamse5)

Summary:  Ben’s awakens on Christmas morning, but what happened to his boys?
Rating:  K    WC 800

A String of Bad Luck (by Mamse5)

Summary:  It’s just one of those days, and nothing’s going right for Little Joe. But things go from bad to worse when he tries to ride an unruly bronc. Will a simple comedy of errors turn into something much more serious?
Rating:  K   7100

Christmas Memories (by Mamse5)

Summary:  Joe attempts to handle the Christmas traditions while his family recovers from influenza. But there’s another winter storm on the way. Will he make it home safe?
Rated :   K   WC 5500

First Snow #1 (by Mamse5)

Summary:  Adam and Joe make a simple trip to town, but find themselves caught in an early snowstorm, unprepared.
Rated: K+ WC 12,000

First Snow #2 – Honesty and Lessons Learned (by Mamse5)

Summary: Little Joe can’t believe the news about Cochise and decides to find out for himself. But winter is just getting started in the Sierras. Has Joe put himself in harm’s way again?  A follow-up story to First Snow.
Rated: K+  WC 4100

For the Sake of a Son (by Mamse5)

Summary:  Ben and Joe each watch helplessly as the other is attacked and left for dead. Father and son spend what may be their last hours fighting not only their injuries, but self-imposed doses of regret and guilt.
Rated: T WC 17,000

Lost at Sea (by Mamse5)

Summary:  The chance of a life-time to visit the city where his mother grew up leads to an experience neither man could imagine.  Will the actions of an injured Ben fracture the loving bond between him and his youngest?
(33,835)  Rating K+

No Regrets (by Mamse5)

Summary:  My response to the Challenge. Joe tells a lie to protect Pa, but will Adam let it alone?
Rated: K+  WC 8800

Responsibility (by Mamse5)

Summary:  Adam finds himself on the trail, injured and alone. But is he really alone or is someone depending on him.
Rated: K+  WC 5800

Thanks, Brother! (by Mamse5)

Summary:  A little addition to the episode: “Honor of Cochise” We all know how Pa, Joe & Hoss feel about Adam being wounded, but what is Adam thinking after he’s shot? This short story gives you a feel for Adam’s perspective:
Rated: K   WC 5800

To Lose a Son (by Mamse5)

Summary:  A missing son, a mysterious note. Where was Joe? Could they find him in time, or would Ben be forced to lose a son…
Rated: K+   WC 5000.

Waiting to Sleep (by Mamse5)

Summary:  Ben isn’t really a worrier. Then again, who knows what a parent thinks about, when beloved sons haven’t returned after a Friday night dance.
Rated: K+  WC 2000

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