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Amelia Series #1 – Pa’s Favorite (by Meg)

Summary:  Little Joe becomes jealous when Ben starts to pay more attention to little sister Amelia prompting Joe to think that Amelia is Pa’s favorite. Joe’s P.O.V (3,900 words)

Amelia Series #2 – My Hero (by Meg)

Summary:  Little Joe is given an assignment to write about who his hero is. And surprises everyone when he reveals who he wrote about.
Rating:  K+ (2,355 words)

Amelia Series #3 – A Precious Gift (by Meg)

Summary:  After an accident leaves eight year old Amelia with amnesia has a great impact on her family especially for Joe and Adam.
Rating:  K+ (6,615 words)

Amelia Series #4 – A Letter to Adam (by Meg)

Summary:  Amelia writes a letter to her departed brother informing him on the on goings of the Ponderosa including the scams and trouble Little Joe and Hoss had gotten themselves into.
Rating:  K+ (1,210 words)

Amelia Series #5 – Raising Amelia (by Meg)

Summary:  Amelia’s mother Catherine snooty over bearing sister Martha makes an unexpected visit to the Ponderosa determine to tear Amelia from her father and brothers apart. Amelia’s P.O.V
Rating:  T (14,570 words)

Amelia Series #6 – Shatter Bond (by Meg)

Summary:  Joe jeopardizes his relationship with his sister by dating her teacher. Will she ever be able to forgive him? Will he ever be able to gain her trust back?
Rating:  K+ (6,060 words)

Amelia Series #7 – The Talk (by Meg)

Summary:  Adam thinks he should give his fourteen year old sister Amelia the “Birds and the Bees” talk after seeing her and her boyfriend becoming closer.
Rating:  K+ (4,215 words)

Amelia Series #8 – Cartwrights Stick Together (by Meg)

Summary:  After getting into an awful fight with Joe Amelia’s relationship with him is put to the ultimate test after he is accuse of murder and Amelia is force to testify against him.   Will their sibling love survive or will it die?
Rating:  K (7,410 words)


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