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NEWEST:  So This is Christmas — see summary below.

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A Christmas Without Her
(by mumu74)
Summary: A prequel
Rating: K (1,190 words)
A Duel with Guitars
(by mumu74)
Summary:  This is one short story, initially written in french for a challenge. The first  translation wasn’t good, I decided to rework it, with the help of one beta-reader. I’m very glad to share this with you…
Rating:  G WC 3730
A Second Chance?
(by mumu74)
Summary: When Ben succumbs to heat exhaustion, who should appear but Joan Wingate, the young woman he rescued from the Paiutes. Only now she’s Mrs. Henry Dexter, but does she still have feelings for Ben? And does he have feelings for her? Could their love possibly have a second chance?
Rating : T : violence, murder and death sentence.
A Visit and a Cup of Tea
(by mumu74)
Summary: What could a 17-year-old Adam do to avoid chores ?
Ben Cartwright save me “Valentine’s challenge”
(by mumu74)
Summary: A Valentine’s Day Challenge
Rating T (1,220 words)
Books and Worms
(by mumu74)
Summary: PR Special Literary Challenge
Rating K (1.389 words)
Candle in the Wind
(by mumu74)
Summary:  Joe tells about his adventures.. He wants to prove to his father that he is a man and that he can be responsible…. Saving someone and being a hero will be enough ?
Rated: K+  WC 10,200
Don’t Give Up
(by mumu74)
Summary:  This is my contribution, with the words I received, including the Petticoats. Enjoy. It’s short, this is what I managed to do. I have plenty of ideas and possible scenarios, and I had major troubles putting it together.
Rating:  K  (805 words)
Grief is Hard Work
(by mumu74)
Summary:  Contributed for the Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament 2015
Word Count:  5691         Rated:  K+
I, Adam Cartwright, 34 Years Old
(by mumu74)
Summary:  What if Adam had married Laura? What kind of life would they have had? Gunfights, injuries, problems with Peggy, Laura’s pregnancy, and a bizarre encounter with a visiting relative make Adam’s life anything but boring!
Rated: MA  WC 57,000
“I’ve got to ride, ride like the wind, to be free again.”
(by mumu74)
Summary:  Something special…. that was for a challenge. Not really on Bonanza, but with the Bonanza’s actors.
Rating: K (890 words)
La vie fait-elle toujours “cadeau” d’une deuxième chance ?
(by mumu74)
Summary:  Après avoir été sauvé, Ben aura-t-il droit à une deuxième chance ?
Rated: MA  WC  65,000
l’erreur est humaine
(by mumu74)
Summary:  Les années d’enfance des fils Cartwright.
Rated: K+  WC 2000
Looking Back Over the Years, He was Always There
(by mumu74)
Summary:  There comes a time when a man looks into the mirror of his own life.  What does he find? Memories of hard times, memories of his childhood, little moments full of fun and mischievous.  And as a man there are challenges which had to be faced with courage.
Warning:  character death
Rating: T+    Word count : 5633
Love Story Pour Hoss
(by mumu74)
Summary:  tout est dans le titre… Et oui; Hoss aussi….
Rated: MA  WC 26,000
Nobody’s Perfect
(by mumu74)
Summary: Adam’s childhood memories.
WC 1632
One Way Ticket for the Pleasure
(by mumu74)
Summary:  I hope, you’ll have so much pleasure reading it as I had, writing it… The handsome Adam Cartwright will be in the middle of an amazing adventure. R-Rated, because that story was written for the R-Forum writing challenge.
Rating:  MA  (2,250 words)
RIP Mr. Cartwright
(by mumu74)
Summary: To Kill A Cartwright “November Challenge” Rip Mr Cartwright
Rating: T (741 words)
Sense of Smell can be So Evocative
(by mumu74)
Summary:  Have you ever experimented that sensation that one special smell could bring so many memories ?
Rating:  K+ (2,915 words)
She’ll Always be There, Like the Stars
(by mumu74)
Summary: A prequel
Rating K, (1,050 words)
Short Stories #1:  Little Joe, Tornado Cartwright
(by mumu74)
Summary:  Some short-stories , prequels with the whole family (even Marie) . Young years of Cartwright boys, especially the little Tornado named Joseph.  No special warning, just a few moments with an angry Ben…
Rated: K+  WC 3700
Short Stories #2
(by mumu74)
Summary:  Next Set of Stories.  Short-stories about the Cartwright, being young or father.  I’ m waiting for reviews and comments, please.
Rated: K+  WC 6000
So This is Christmas
(by mumu74)
Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar.
Rating:  K (311 words)
Spice Ladies in Town
(by mumu74)
Summary: Ben decides to update his will, which causes his sons some anxiety
Rated: K (10,855 words)
Try the Potato Salad, It’s Delicious
(by mumu74)
Summary:  Seedlings Challenge
1,006 words Rated: K
Welcome Back, Adam Cartwright
(by mumu74)
Summary:  This is a short story : Romantic evening at the Ponderosa : Adam is back.
Rating:  K+  (2,130 words)
You Go Fishing, Son?
(by mumu74)
Summary:  The sentence is “When he looked at his hand, it appeared to belong to someone else.”  I made a few changes, because I decided those words would be connected with a woman.


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