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A Bit (by Nanuk)

Summary:  What is it a man needs most? Just a bit, a bit of …
Rating:  K+ (1,100 words)

Deceive Me Not (by Nanuk)

Summary:  The things we do to the ones we love…
Rating :   G (1,280 words)

Interlude #1 (by Nanuk)

Summary: Adam and Joe find themselves in the middle of the Civil War.
Rated: T (13,640 words)

Interlude #2 – When We All Die (by Nanuk)

Summary and Explanation: I never thought I would write a WHN story for “Interlude”, and I haven’t. Not really. What happened is that I could not not write, and I guess this is what came out of it. These are vignettes that give little glimpses into Adam’s life during the war, some are scenes that may have taken place during “Interlude”, as well as some that happen “after”. I’m not sure I ever find the time to write enough scenes to make this into “a real story” at one time, yet here they are, in no particular chronological order, just so I have them all in one place. One never knows what may happen.
Rating: K+   Words: 13562

Me (by Nanuk)

Summary: A character takes a look within one’s own self and why he behaves as he does.  Will he find forgiveness?
Rating:  K  (1,860 words)

Scottish Diary (by Nanuk)

Summary: A diary stirs up ghosts long buried.
Rated: K (6,520 words)

Shadow (by Nanuk)

Summary: This was written after a discussion about what happened to Adam after his disappearance from the series. I heard some many depressing stories about the rest of the family; friends told me that at first Ben sometimes referred to Adam, but later on in the series told everyone that he had only two sons… So, this “two sons” was what set me off. I wondered what could have happened that Ben said something like this, and here it is, an “in-between Adam´s disappearance and …two sons.”
Rating:  K+ (4,200 words)

Spirit Thief #1 (by Nanuk)

Summary: A journey with tragic consequences.
Rated: K+ (16,685 words)

Spirit Thief #2 – A Series of Vignettes (by Nanuk)

Summary:  I wrote a couple of little stories that somehow fit into the time frame of my story Spirit Thief. The first two are the ones that made me write Spirit Thief, the other ones came into existence because I wasn’t able to let go of my favourite family.
Rating:  K  (9,650 words)

Spirit Thief #3 – the Marriage Bed (by Nanuk)

Summary:  A vignette companion to Spirit Thief.  A new bit featuring Adam and Becky.
WARNING: This bit is rated MA  (590 words)

The Pride of Men (by Nanuk)

Summary: Just how stubborn can a man be? And how much will he suffer for his pride?
Rated: PG 13 for cruel images.  (14, 860 words)

Winter Night (by Nanuk)

Summary: just a flight of fancy
Rating:  G  (1,275 words)


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