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I’ve been a fan of the Cartwright family for many, many years, and I enjoy writing stories about them. I love them all, however, Ben is my favorite.

Newest Story:  Bloodlines #14 – Clarissa Returns — see summary below

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Bloodlines # 1 (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Paris McKenna, an old friend of the Cartwright family, suddenly falls ill on her way to San Francisco and a new job. She reluctantly accepts Ben’s invitation to rest and regain her strength at the Ponderosa. However, she also carries the burden of a devastating secret that could rip the close-knit Cartwright Family to shreds.  
Rating: MA   WC 133,000 “Bloodlines” is the first story in a series. Fair warning :   this story includes the addition of a non-cannon character.

Bloodlines # 2 – The Lo Mein Affair (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Sequel to Bloodlines. Hop Sing’s relatives are visiting … and Bradley Meredith and the Slade Brothers are in town.   It’s shaping up to be a very interesting week for the Cartwrights.
Rating:   MA

Bloodlines # 3 – The Wedding (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Sequel to The Lo Mein Affair.   Adam Cartwright and his wife, Teresa, come to Virginia City to spend the summer with the family, and so that he might stand up for an old friend as best man in what’s shaping up to be “The Wedding Of The Century.”   Meanwhile, Roy Coffee has his hands full trying to put a couple of bootleggers out of business and stop an elusive thief in his tracks.
Rating:  T

Bloodlines # 4 – Sacrificial Lamb (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  While Adam and his wife, Teresa, are visiting with his family at the Ponderosa, someone from his (Adam’s) past arrives unexpectedly.   She is in deep trouble and desperately needs his help.   “Sacrificial Lamb” begins two and a half weeks after “The Wedding,” and includes the addition of two non-cannon characters.
Rating: T

Bloodlines # 5 – Poltergeist II (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Adam’s two children arrive in the company of their maternal grandmother to join their parents for a summer vacation on the Ponderosa. Their arrival sets off a chain of inexplicable, frightening events in the Cartwright household.
Rating:  K+

Bloodlines # 6 – Independence Day (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  The Independence Day race, which the Cartwrights have been looking forward to all summer, ends in near tragedy. Part of the series begun in Bloodlines.
Rating:  K+

Bloodlines # 7 – Virginia City Detour (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Crossover between Bonanza, Touched By An Angel, and Highway To Heaven. A difficult assignment awaits Angel Supervisor Tess and her protégée in Virginia City, and the Cartwrights are in it up to their eyeballs. Tess’ student will eventually strike out along his own Highway to Heaven, becoming as potent a force for good in his own right. He also bears a very strong resemblance to one of Ben Cartwright’s boys.
Rating:  T

Bloodlines # 8 – The Guardian (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  On his way home from a Christmas shopping trip in Placerville, Joe is thrown from a spooked horse and left stranded at the bottom of a deep ravine in the midst of a severe snowstorm.
Rating:  K

Bloodlines # 9 -Young Cartwrights in Love (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Sequel to The Guardian.   The younger Cartwright children are in head over heels. What are Ben’s thoughts on the matter?
Rating:  T

Bloodlines #10 – San Francisco Revisited (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  The Cartwrights have come to San Francisco to negotiate a contract and enjoy a relaxing family vacation together. All thoughts of relaxation fly right out the window when two family members and a friend go missing, and the police are infuriatingly indifferent. A WHN for “San Francisco” and “The Mountain Girl.”
Rating:  T

Bloodlines #11 – There But for the Grace of God (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Ben and Stacy befriend a young woman returning home after living with the Chinook for four years. Part of the series begun in “Bloodlines” and includes the addition of a non-cannon character.
Rating:  T

Bloodlines #12 – Between Life and Death (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Ben Cartwright lies on what may be his deathbed, near comatose from raging fever.   What thoughts go through the heads of those who love him most as they try and come to grips with the prospect that his time with them may be at an end?
Rating:   K+

Bloodlines #13 – Orenna (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  When Hoss and Stacy get caught in a dangerous winter storm on their way home from a hunting trip, help comes from a strange old woman who claims to have known the family for a very long time.
Rating:  T (8,370 words)

Bloodlines #14 – Clarissa Returns (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Cousin Clarissa Cartwright returns to the Ponderosa to visit her cousin, Benjamin, and “his lovely family,” on the occasion of Stacy’s graduation from school.
Rating:  T (40,200 words)

Bloodlines #15 – Trial by Fire (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Lady Chadwick returns, seeking to ruin Ben Cartwright and his Ponderosa. This story is part of the Bloodlines series, with the addition of a non-canon character.
Rating:  T (123,620 words)

Bloodlines #16 – Mark of Kane (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Following the family’s ordeal in Trial by Fire, can they finally bury Adam’s experiences at the hands of Kane?
Rating:  T (109,400 words)

Cinnamon Rose (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Hoss, age 15, falls in love for the first time . . . and yes! The young lady’s feelings are mutual.
Rating K+   WC   37,000

Family Ties (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Still haunted by the death of his wife six years before, Joe seeks comfort in strong drink. Will his family ties be enough to save him?
Rating:  T  (27,525 words)

Martha (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Joe’s never met a gal quite like Martha. Question is, will he survive the experience.
Rating K+  WC 2800

Poltergeist (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  A cruel taunt sets off a chain of unsettling events at the Cartwright homestead. Prequel to Poltergeist II, but NOT part of the “Bloodlines” Series.
Rating:   K+

The Longest Walk (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Adam faces what may be the most terrifying moment in his life.
Rating K+ WC 800

Thoughts (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  What goes through the mind and hearts of a father and two of his sons as they stand together before the grave a man much loved, and taken from them much too soon?  Warning … character death.
Rating:  K+

Where Angels Fear to Tread (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  A certain Cartwright must find within him the wherewithal to face his greatest fear. The life of another may well depend on it.
Rating K+


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