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A Light in the Darkness (by pony)

Summary:  Adam Cartwright is coming home … but the path is dark and lonely. Will there be a light at the end of the road?
Rating:  K (1,355 words)

Greater Lover – Promises Kept (by pony)

Summary: Hoss and Adam each make a promise on the night their brother Joe is born. But nobody can imagine how those promises will one day be kept …
Rated: K (7,265 words)

Shelter (by pony)

Summary: Adam and Joe Cartwright are lost in a blizzard. Their only hope … shelter.
Rated: K (1,390 words)

Sunset on the Ponderosa (by pony)

Summary: We all know the Cartwrights will live forever in our hearts. This is the simple story of how they reached that destiny.
Rated: K (6,985 words)

The Birthday Gift (by pony)

Summary:  It’s Hoss’ birthday, and afterwards, he reveals his true nature to his family.
Rating:  K  (1,520 words)

The Birthday Wish (by pony)

Summary: It’s Joe’s birthday, and he’s making a wish. But the Cartwrights don’t realize it’s someone else’s birthday too … and he has a secret wish of his own.
Rated: K WC 3300

The Fire and The Night (by pony)

Summary: Tempers flare as Joe and Adam find themselves in conflict … but then discover an unexpected harmony.
Rated: K (1,260 words)

The Tattletale’s Birthday (by pony)

Summary: Adam receives the best birthday gift ever … from a very unlikely giver.
Rated: K (4,090 words)


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