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August Moon
(by Rider)
Summary:  Little Joe Cartwright celebrates his 21st birthday with his family on the Ponderosa Ranch.
Rated: K+ (830 words)
Forever #1 –
(by Rider)
Summary:  Part one of my WHI “Forever” series “Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cartwright” Joe meets and marries Alice Harper.
Rated:  K+ (2,020 words)
Forever #2 –
I Would Do
Anything for
(by Rider)
Summary:  As the birth of Alice and Joe’s first child approaches, things take a turn for the  Part II in “Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cartwright” Forever WHI series.
Rated: K+ (2,230 words)
Forever #3 –
The Love of
My Life
(by Rider)
Summary:  Joe and Alice think about their relationship on the eve of their wedding.
Rated: K+ (990 words)
Squad 51 on
the Ponderosa
(by Rider)
Summary:  Bonanza & Emergency! Crossover Paramedic Firefighters John Gage & Roy DeSoto from Station 51 in LA wind up on the Ponderosa, along with Dr. Kelly Brackett, Dr. Joe Early, & Nurse Dixie McCall of Rampart General.
Rated: K+ (6,670 words)
To Save a Life
(by Rider)
Summary:  A LHOP Fic. While visiting his brother and sister, Charles is severely beaten. WHI for “Journey in the Spring”
Rated: K+ (2,490 words)


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