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A Birthday Gone Wrong (by RoseCartwright)

Summary:  Joe’s family and his girlfriend are throwing him a surprise party. But what will Joe do when he has to search for where the party is and things go wrong, well wrong to him?
Rating:  K+ (2,170 words)

A Deadly Day (by RoseCartwright)

Summary:  Joe is home sick, but things go downhill for this young Cartwright.
Rating:  K+ (635 words)

Thank You for Loving Me (RoseCartwright)

Summary:  Joe goes to visit his Pa and brothers one summer’s day leaving his wife and child alone for the day. What will the Cartwright’s do when one of their own is injured and one is missing? Will Joe do whatever it takes to get his wife back or will he listen to Pa and have the sheriff help? What will they do when things start to go for the worse?
Rated: K (11,190 words)

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