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Bonanza and I were born the same year, 1959. I started watching the show at age three, first for the horses, then for those four wonderful men! Love the Cartwrights, horses, and history.

NEWEST:  Siren Song — See summary below.

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A Stitch in Time
(by sandspur)
Summary:  Joe lies dying of injuries 19th century medicine could never cure while Adam, given a cryptic clue from an ancient fraternal feud, searches for help 100+ years in the future..
Rating:  T
Pride and
(by sandspur)
Summary: What happens when Jane Austen’s ultimate chick-fic, “Pride & Prejudice,” crosses into the burly, macho, he-man world of Bonanza? Confusion? Kidnappings? Crossover characters from other series like “Bronco” and “the Big Valley”? Anything can happen—and anything does!
Rating: T. Totally clean, but one description of an unseemly death.  WC 86,200
Siren Song
(by sandspur)
Summary:  What if Ben hadn’t seen Adam pulling Kane through the desert just before abandoning the search? And what if the only thing keeping Adam going…stopped?
Rated:  T    Word count:  5403
The Lilies Series
#1 – The Lilies of
the Field
(by sandspur)
Summary: With Ben away, the Cartwright boys face down poachers, a train robbery, a fire that nearly destroys the Ponderosa, a strange new school teacher and a lost dog. But when Ben returns, the biggest problem of all is gossip.
WC 109,300  Rating: T (mild language, mature themes, violence)
The Lilies Series
#2 – The Lilies of
the Valley
(by sandspur)
Summary:  Adam and Tilly go to Europe for the worst honeymoon ever, landing in the middle of a war to end up missing and presumed dead. Meanwhile, Ben, Adam and Hoss move on with their lives, finding new friends and uncovering strange secrets from the past.
Rating: T. Violence, character death, attempted rape, etc.  (109,635 words)
The Lilies Series
#3 – One Scarlet
(by sandspur)
Summary: Adam and Joe leave the Ponderosa, perhaps for good, in the wake of tragedy and misunderstanding. But the danger only Adam knew about is still with them. Note: the backstory is filled in gradually, through a series of nonsequential flashbacks.
Rating–T. Contains some violence, mild language, a grisly murder scene and a couple of animal death scenes.  (105,500 words)
The Lilies Series
#4 – The Strawberry
(by sandspur)
Summary: a cowboy who returns to the Ponderosa after a long absence discovers a new horse trainer…with an unwelcome training method.
Rating: T (mild language). 4316 words.Note:
This short story is set in the “Lilies” universe, but it can stand on its own.
The Sound and the Fury
(by sandspur)
Summary: It’s brother against brother, Cartwright style! Revenge is not a dish best served cold–it’s best served to the sound of the cannon!
Rating: K  (1,160 words)


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