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Blame it on the Moon, The Meeting (by Sassybrass)

Summary:  Adam falls head over heels in love, but it’s Joe who may well have embroiled the Cartwrights in a family feud.   Will Adam be able to woo and win his lady before the shooting begins?
Rating:  T    WC 55,900

Consequences (by Sassybrass)

Summary:  Joe must know about his father’s past with Julia Bulette, even to the point of pushing his father into a lie. Set shortly after “The Julia Bulette Story”. A challenge story “Can you write from an outline”
Rated :   T    WC 1900

Ladykiller (by Sassybrass)

Summary:   Joe is found in a ravine with mysterious injuries. He has a dark journey into his own memory to discover how he got there and why his brother is in danger.
Rated:  T  WC 7800

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