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Crossroads (by slaine89)

Summary:  An accident that takes place when he’s visiting home from college helps Adam to decide whether or not to stay on the Ponderosa.
Rated :   K+ (5,930 words)

Final Advice (by slaine89)

Summary:  In the aftermath of Ben’s death, Joe finds comfort from an unexpected source.
Rated: K+ (2,040 words)

Honor Among Thieves (by slaine89)

Summary:  A stranger finds Joe near death and decides to help him but things are complicated by Joe’s inability to remember who he is and by the man’s own dark past.
Rated: T (18,985 words)

It Was Like This Pa (by slaine89)

Summary:  How exactly do the boys end up in jail during a trip to San Francisco? Ben isn’t sure whether he wants to find out or not in this short comedic fic that includes a pickpocket, saloon girls, one crazily jealous fiance, and naked Cartwrights in a brothel.
Rated:  T (2,655 words)

One Last Goodbye (by slaine89)

Summary:  A look into the last few moments of Hoss Cartwright’s life. My tribute to both the character and the actor that played him.
Rated: K+ (1,170 words)

The Interview (by slaine89)

Summary:  On the way to their new home, six year old Adam asks his Pa some questions. One long, drawn out Pa-Adam-Moment.
Rated: K+ (1,245 words)

The Lineshack (by slaine89)

Summary:  My response entry for the Chaps and Spurs Mega Challenge. The three Cartwright boys lose their horses and have to seek shelter in a shack.
Rated: K (6,265 words)

The Morning Post (by slaine89)

Summary:  A letter written from one sister to another regarding two of Nevada’s most eligible bachelors.
Rated: K+ (1,180 words)

The Prodigal #1 (by slaine89)

Summary:  A fight with Adam causes fifteen year old Joe to leave the ranch, and events take a turn for the worse, making it impossible for him to return home whether he wants to or not.
Rated: K (29,195 words)

The Prodigal #2 – The Outlaw (by slaine89)

Summary:  Sequel to The Prodigal. Joe is struggling to forget San Quentin State Prison when one of his fellow prisoners shows up wounded on his doorstep.
Rated: K (24,660 words)

The Wheels of Fate #2 – A Spoke in the Wheel:  Joe’s Story (by slaine89)

Summary:  This story looks at Joe’s early life based on the events told in The Wheels of Fate and how it was for him growing up outside of the Ponderosa’s protective wing. Alone as a boy Joe deals with rejection, prejudice, and loneliness.
Rated: T (12, 230 words)

The Wheels of Fate (by slaine89)

Summary: In an alternate universe where Ben is dead and the boys grow up separated, will fate brings the Cartwrights back together once more?
Want to know of Joe’s life before Wheels of Fate?  Read:  A Spoke in the Wheel – Joe’s Story.
Rated: T (72,638 words)

Thunder Mountain (by slaine89)

Summary:  A storm threatens to keep Ben, Adam, and Joe from returning to the Ponderosa. Adapted from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
Rated: K (8,700 words)

Co-Written with BnzaGal

The Great Hijacking (by slaine89 & BnzaGal)

Summary:   What happens when a fanfiction author leaves a story hanging? Three fans decide to take matters into their own hands and rescue (aka kidnap) the main character, unmindful of the insanity that will ensue.
Rated: K+ (6,560 words)

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