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A Family Affair (by southplains)

Summary:  What happens when a Cartwright loves a girl who, in turn, favors his brother? In Season 3’s ‘The Lady From Baltimore,’ Joe fell for Melinda Banning; Melinda had her eye on Adam.   Things were brought to a head when Joe found Melinda and Adam together in a rather compromising tableau.   To head off the unavoidable clash between the two brothers, Ben quickly found some other place for Adam to be while the Bannings were still around. But what about when Adam came home after the episode’s ending?
Rating:  T   WC 9300

A World of Hurt (by southplains)

Summary:  Failing to heed Adam’s advice, Joe leads his brothers and himself into harm’s way.
Rating:  T   WC 15,600

Aim True (by southplains)

Summary:  A man doesn’t always hit what he’s aiming for—even when he’s a Cartwright. Sometimes all he can do is hold his breath, squeeze the trigger, and just do the best he can.
Rating:  T   WC 22,600

Another Chance (by southplains)

Summary:  A What Happened Instead for the episode “Second Chance.”
Rating:  K+ (21,880 Words)

Blood Bonds (by southplains)

Summary:  Is anything stronger than blood ties?
Rating:  T    WC 15,000

Crossroads (by southplains)

Summary:  Adam’s choices regarding his torment at the hands of a madman result in an ever-widening ripple effect. A WHN/WHI for “The Crucible.”
Rated :   MA   WC 35,000

Devotion (by southplains)

Summary:  Did Amy Bishop know of Joe’s love affair with Julia Bulette? If she did, what did she think and how did she come to terms with it?   Written in response to the ‘Missing Scenes’ challenge here on BB, and inspired by a question posed on another site.
Rated :   K+   WC 7900

Dreamer (by southplains)

Summary:  An unlikely alliance between two people spells deadly trouble for Joe.   His survival depends entirely upon the strength of family bonds.
Key words :   SJS, ESJ, SHS, Julia Bulette, kidnap, drugs, drugged, hallucinations, indians, ropes, seduce, hurt, Joe gets hurt, Joe gets kidnapped   Rated :   K+   WC   31,400

Fight Club (by southplains)

Summary:  “If I’ve told Joe once, I’ve told him a thousand times to keep those elbows in!”  We’ve all heard Adam utter those words while Joe is getting himself thoroughly beaten by Jean Millain in the “Julia Bulette” episode.  This is the story behind that line.
Rated: K+  WC 4200

Glory #1 (by southplains)

Summary:  A WHN for “My Brother’s Keeper”.  Sometimes the invisible wounds are the ones that take longest to heal…
Rated: T  WC 10,400

Glory #2 – Howl of the Wolf (by southplains)

Summary:  This R-rated story is an expansion on a short scene described in my story ‘Glory,’ which is a WHN for ‘My Brother’s Keeper.’ It was written in response to the ‘Dirty Words’ Literary Challenge in the R-forum. Contains strong sexual content.
Rating:  R  (2,965 words)

Heroes (by southplains)

Summary:  What makes a hero? Sometimes the answer isn’t what you’d expect. A bank robbery goes bad; in the midst of the chaos Joe and Adam are badly injured, and the Cartwrights struggle to find a way out.
Rated: T  WC 16,200

Invincible #1 (by southplains)

Summary:  An Adam/Joe story. Thrown together for the day to work out a disagreement between themselves, Joe and Adam suddenly find themselves struggling to survive.
Rated: T  WC  13,800

Invincible #2 – Worry (by southplains)

Summary:  Joe and Adam are injured and in danger. Hoss and Ben struggle to bring them back.
Rated: T  WC 10,500

Legacy’s Promise (by southplains)

Summary:  A What-Happened-Instead for ‘The Legacy’.
Rated: T  WC 7000

Lucky (by southplains)

Summary:  The mysteries of Marie’s background are deeply threaded through the lives of not only Joe but all the Cartwright men; her past is twined among their destinies. The first in a possible series (if the mood strikes me) exploring Marie’s part in Cartwright family history.
Rated: T  WC 7000

Mama Died Today (by southplains)

Summary:  A Cartwright son’s short life story.
Rated: K  WC 774

Night of the Sword (by southplains)

Summary:  Danger in the form of a vengeful general invades the Ponderosa.
Rated: T 8500

Riding on Faith (by southplains)

Summary:  WHN for ‘The Ride’ – a story of faith, hope, and thanksgiving. One of the Cartwrights has vanished and it appears that he is lost for good. Can the remaining family members accept the loss and learn to go on without him?
Rated: T  WC 21,700

Still the Best Story in Town (by southplains)

Summary:  Just where did David Dortort get the ideas for his characters in the best television show ever made? Written as an exercise to get the creative juices flowing…
Rated: T  WC 4500

Strength of Conviction (by southplains)

Summary:  Vengeance WHN. When Red Twilight breaks out of prison, Adam is forced to reexamine the wisdom of his moral convictions.
Rated: T  WC 9400

The Naming (by southplains)

Summary:  Adam tells how Little Joe’s nickname really came about.
Rated: T  WC 9800

Which Brother? (by southplains)

Summary:  Which brother is Adam closest to? It’s a question that seems to keep popping up, and when I saw it come up again on a forum thread on another site, Adam told me it was time to set people straight. He’s ready to talk.
Rated: K+  WC 2000

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