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Professionally, I’m a music teacher in search of her forever classroom (silly economy…) and currently teach in a special needs preschool. I’ve also been accused of being a crazy cat lady… My Kitty-Children and I have NO idea what those people are talking about.

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Pa’s Best Man (by Visage)

Summary:  Just a little unanswered scene (in my humble opinion) from ‘Inger, My Love.’ After Ben proposes to Inger in the street they both go off in the opposite direction of the boarding house forgetting all about poor Adam! (Which they seem to do a lot in this episode…) This is my attempt to fix that.
Rating: K  WC  2900

Roots and Wings (by Visage)

Summary:  Hoss turns to a trusted friend for advice when Adam is due home from College.  Prequel.
Rating: G  (1,245 words)

The One That Wouldn’t Get Away (by Visage)

Summary:  Sheriff Roy Coffee has had it with prisoners escaping his jail.  This one isn’t getting off so easily!
Rated: K (1,040 words)

Updated:  9.20.2015

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