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A Jump Through Time (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  Adam is accidentally transferred in Captain Kirk’s starship Enterprise, during the 23rd century.
Rating:  K+   WC 9200

Adam a Paris (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  Dégoûté par la trahison de laura, Adam quitte Ponderosa. Ses pas vont le mener à Paris où l’attendent la réussite et l’amour.
Rating:  K+       WC 25,000

After the End (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  What happened next hours, days, months or years after five episodes.
Rating:  K+   WC   4500

Chanty’s Christmas (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  Chanty is a poor orphan maiden lost in a small village in Nevada but, on Christmas eve, a stranger in town will change her life
Rated :   K   WC   4400

Coup de foundre a Virginia (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  Joe rencontre Christine, écuyère dans une compagnie de romanichels. Immédiatement, leurs coeurs s’enflamment mais l’un des deux va devoir tout quitter pour l’autre
Rated :   K+    WC   17,000

Don’t Take Nevada’s Children for Geese (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  While dating a beautiful Irish girl, Joe is trapped.
Rated :   K+   WC   5300

Family Scenes has the Ponderosa (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  In this collection, I gathered some stories atmosphere whose interest is mainly due to the return of the atmosphere at Ponderosa and the description of the characters and the relationship between the characters. No palpitations, therefore, but moments of good humor or emotion, as appropriate.
Rated: K WC 8000

Family Scenes in the Ponderosa (by ViveAdam)

Summary: A collection of short stories giving a restitution of the atmosphere in Ponderosa
Rated: K  WC 6300

Faut pas prendre les enfants du Nevada pour des bécasses (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  Alors qu’il se rend à un rendez-vous galant, Joe est pris dans un chausse-trappe…
Rated: K+   WC  5800

It Happened Before 1860 (by ViveAdam)

Summary: The Cartwright family before the starting of the series
Rated: K+   WC 4300

Journey Through the Valley of the Dead (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  Cindy arrives in Virginia City, in search of a father left for three years, looking for a gold mine.
Rated:  K + WC 30,600

La Caverne (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Perdus dans une tempête de sable, les Cartwrights font halte dans une mystérieuse caverne
Rated: MA  WC 4500

Le Noël de Chanty (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  L’orpheline Chanty se fait exploiter par la famille Robinson mais un bel étranger arrive la veille de Noël et va changer sa vie.
Rated: K  WC 4500

Le souterrain (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Ben découvre qu’Adam a creusé un souterrain sous la maison. Cette découverte va être mise à profit par presque toute la famille
Rated: K  WC  8000

Les Cartwright de Ponderosa avant 1860 (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Short stories about the Cartwright family before the start of the series
Rated: K + WC 4900

Les Lambris (by ViveAdam)

Rated:  K WC 2165

Love at First Sight in Virginia City (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Joe falls in love with Christine, a horsewoman in a gipsy company.
Rated: K+  WC  15,000

Mais où est mon cheval (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Daisy Lovecraft, une adolescente mal élevée, en fait voir de toutes les couleurs aux Cartwrights
Rated: K WC 2100

My Bonanza Poems (by ViveAdam)

Summary: I gathered here a few poems that Bonanza inspired to me
Rated: K  WC 1300

Prise au Piege (by ViveAdam)

Summary: An unexpected visit sheds light on some of the privacy of Adam
Rated: MA WC 5500

Quelques temps apres (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  What has happened a few minutes, hours, days, months or years after episodes
Rated: K + WC 3600

Requeil de poems bonanzesques (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Quelques poèmes pour chanter nos héros de Bonanza
WC 3000

Rien d’Autre qu’une Aventure (by ViveAdam)

Summary: A Rose for Lotta told by each of the protagonists … and we learn a bit more than in the episode
Rated: MA WC 21,200

The Bear and the Bear Cub (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  The story of a friendship between Hoss Cartwright and… a bearcub
Rated: K WC 5500

The Cavern (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  Lost in a sandstorm, the Cartwrights find a shelter in a mysterious cavern.
Rated: MA WC 4300

The Underground (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  Ben discovers that Adam dug an underground under the house. He forbids his sons to use it without his agreement but will he be obeyed?
WC  7300

The Wainscots (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  After a meal washed down with plenty of wine and whisky, Ben makes a bet and that’s trouble for Adam
Rated: K  WC 2400

Trapped (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Ben receives an unexpected visit and discovers a part of his eldest son’s private life…
Rated: MA WC 5300

Un saut dans le temps (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Adam se trouve accidentellement transporté au 23ème siècle, sur le vaisseau Entreprise du Capitaine  Kirk
Rated: K+  WC  10,000

Where’s My Horse? (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Daisy Lovecraft can’t help borrowing every others’ belongings. One day, she borrows Cochise…
Rated: K  WC 1100

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