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A Man Named Bill
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  Note from author: This story is dedicated to my two little sisters, Carol and Leesa. For some strange reason they still want to read this stuff from old Wrangler!  This one’s for you, kids.
Rated: K+ WC 22,000
Always My Heart
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  This story addresses the arrival of Adam Cartwright after a ten year absence and how his return affects the remaining Cartwrights.
Rated: T ~ WC 25,500
Always My Son #1
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  This is a two-part series.
Rated: T  WC 55,000
Always My Son #2 – The Color of Love
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  This is a sequel to Always My Son.
Rated: K+ WC 18,000
Every Purpose Under Heaven #1
(by Wrangler)
Rated: T  WC 36,000
Every Purpose Under Heaven #2 – Another Season
(by Wrangler)
Summary: A follow up story to Every Purpose Under Heaven.  Rated:  MA  WC 52,000
Every Purpose Under Heaven #3 – Dru
(by Wrangler)
Summary: A follow up to Another Season.
Rated: T  WC 27,000
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Ben and Joe have a layover in the town of Hellbent. That’s where the highly logical patriarch of the Ponderosa, and his highly illogical son, Joe, get a good dose of what a ghost town is all about. Some screams and laughs in this comedy/horror story.
Rated: K  WC 14,000
Legacy of Honor
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  A frightened young woman’s lie has devastating consequences for Joe when her father refuses to believe his legacy of honor.  Rated T    WC 35,000
Love’s Last Whisper #1
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Twelve years after the loss of Marie Cartwright a man with a grudge against Ben commits the unthinkable; the desecration of Marie’s grave and the theft of her casket. Now as a combined, yet grieving, force Ben and his boys begin their search for what was stolen.
Rated: K+  WC 103,000
Love’s Last Whisper #2 – Checkmate:  The Return of Brisol Ford
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Three years after he had put the Cartwrights through the trauma of stealling Marie Cartwright’s casket, Bristol Ford returns with a more sinister plot than before. What he accomplishes changes the relationship between Ben and Joe.
Rating:  T  (66,200 words)
Raising the Stakes
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  Joe sits down at a high-stakes poker table and gambles with something he can’t afford to lose.
Rated T  WC 19,000
Remembering You
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  This story was written to finally explain the death of Hoss Cartwright. In her mind at the time, the author felt it should be addressed, since the television show chose not to explain the absence of that very pivotal character. You will probably be able to spot the lack of mangling, but, hopefully will like this peek back to where it all began.
Rated:  T  WC 11,000
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Joe’s life is at risk when a man chooses to use him as a pawn in a twist sense of revenge.
Rated T WC  35,000
Simeon Bridge
(by Wrangler)
Summary: The Family worries about an injured Hoss.
Rated T WC 19,000
The Best Loved Son
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Written by  Wrangler and Karen Fedderly
WC 16,000
The Best Medicine
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  Ben struggles with saving Joe’s life having already dealt with an incompetent replacement physician. Followed by Malice A Forethought.
Rated T  WC 11,000
The Best Medicine #2 – Malice A Forethought
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  Once more Little Joe finds himself desperate for his father’s help to save his life. Sequel to The Best Medicine.
Rated: T   WC  28,000
The Promise Trilogy #1
(by Wrangler)
Summary: The Promise is a three-part trilogy.
Rated: T   WC 31,000
The Promise Trilogy #2 – The Jonah
(by Wrangler)
Summary: This is the second story of The Promise Trilogy.
Rated. T  WC 30,000
The Promise Trilogy #3 – With Wings as Eagles
(by Wrangler)
Summary: This is part 3 of a Trilogy.
Rated: T WC 34,000
The Star of the Show
(by Wrangler)
Summary: The town’s Christmas pageant brings down the curtains in epic proportions. Will there be Peace on Earth?
Rating: K WC 4300
Whatever It Takes #1
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Whatever it Takes is the first story in this series. When Joe is seriously injured, the remedy serves to be much more harsh than anyone expected.
Rated: T  WC 22,000
Whatever It Takes #2 – Absolute Faith
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Absolute Faith is the second story in this series.
Rated: T WC 32,000
Whatever It Takes #3 – A Part of the Main
(by Wrangler)
Summary: A Part of the Main is the third story in this series.
Rated: T  WC 22,000
Whatever It Takes #4 – Mustard Seed
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Mustard Seed is part 4 of this series.
Rated: T  WC 45,000
Whatever It Takes #5 – To Help a Stranger
(by DebF)
Summary: This is the 5th story of this series.
Rated: T WC 19,000



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