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A Man Named Bill
(by Wrangler)
Summary:   An injured Joe is found and his rescuers attempt to reunite him with his family without causing any further trauma.
Rated: K+ WC 22,000
Always My Heart
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  This story addresses the arrival of Adam Cartwright after a ten year absence and how his return affects the remaining Cartwrights.
Rated: T ~ WC 25,500
Always My Son #1
(by Wrangler)
Summary: A stranger arrives in town with the intent of ripping the family apart.
Rated: T  WC 55,000
Always My Son #2 – The Color of Love
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  This is a sequel to Always My Son.
Rated: K+ WC 18,000
Every Purpose Under Heaven #1
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  Thieves invade the Ponderosa, setting troubling events into motion.
Rated: T  WC 36,000
Every Purpose Under Heaven #2 – Another Season
(by Wrangler)
Summary: A follow up story to Every Purpose Under Heaven.  Rated:  MA  WC 52,000
Every Purpose Under Heaven #3 – Dru
(by Wrangler)
Summary: A follow up to Another Season.
Rated: T  WC 27,000
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Ben and Joe have a layover in the town of Hellbent. That’s where the highly logical patriarch of the Ponderosa, and his highly illogical son, Joe, get a good dose of what a ghost town is all about. Some screams and laughs in this comedy/horror story.
Rated: K  WC 14,000
Legacy of Honor
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  A frightened young woman’s lie has devastating consequences for Joe when her father refuses to believe his legacy of honor.  Rated T     WC 35,000
Love’s Last
Whisper #1
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Twelve years after the loss of Marie Cartwright a man with a grudge against Ben commits the unthinkable; the desecration of Marie’s grave and the theft of her casket. Now as a combined, yet grieving, force Ben and his boys begin their search for what was stolen.
Rated: K+  WC 103,000
Love’s Last
Whisper #2 – Checkmate:
The Return of
Bristol Ford

(by Wrangler)
Summary: Three years after he had put the Cartwrights through the trauma of stealling Marie Cartwright’s casket, Bristol Ford returns with a more sinister plot than before. What he accomplishes changes the relationship between Ben and Joe.
Rating:  T  (66,200 words)
Raising the Stakes
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  Joe sits down at a high-stakes poker table and gambles with something he can’t afford to lose.
Rated T  WC 19,000
Remembering You
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  This story was written to finally explain the death of Hoss Cartwright.
Rated:  T  WC 11,000
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Joe’s life is at risk when a man chooses to use him as a pawn in a twist sense of revenge.
Rated T WC  35,000
Simeon Bridge
(by Wrangler)
Summary: The Family worries about an injured Hoss.
Rated T WC 19,000
The Best Loved Son
(by Wrangler)
Summary: An accident during a hunting trip threatens to take the life of a Cartwright.
Rating:  T  WC 16,000
The Best
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  Ben struggles with saving Joe’s life having already dealt with an incompetent replacement physician. Followed by Malice A Forethought.
Rated T  WC 11,000
The Best
Medicine #2 –
Malice A
(by Wrangler)
Summary:  Once more Little Joe finds himself desperate for his father’s help to save his life. Sequel to The Best Medicine.
Rated: T   WC  28,000
The Promise
Trilogy #1
(by Wrangler)
Summary: A ghostly apparition haunts Ben after one of his sons is feared lost.  Can an act of fate restore that which is lost?
Rated: T   WC 31,000
The Promise
Trilogy #2 –
The Jonah
(by Wrangler)
Summary: This is the second story of The Promise Trilogy.
Rated. T  WC 30,000
The Promise
Trilogy #3 – With
Wings as Eagles
(by Wrangler)
Summary: This is part 3 of a Trilogy.
Rated: T WC 34,000
The Star of the Show
(by Wrangler)
Summary: The town’s Christmas pageant brings down the curtains in epic proportions. Will there be Peace on Earth?
Rating: K WC 4300
Whatever It Takes #1
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Whatever it Takes is the first story in this series. When Joe is seriously injured, the remedy serves to be much more harsh than anyone expected.
Rated: T  WC 22,000
Whatever It Takes #2 – Absolute Faith
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Absolute Faith is the second story in this series.
Rated: T WC 32,000
Whatever It Takes #3 – A Part of the Main
(by Wrangler)
Summary: A Part of the Main is the third story in this series.
Rated: T  WC 22,000
Whatever It Takes #4 – Mustard Seed
(by Wrangler)
Summary: Mustard Seed is part 4 of this series.
Rated: T  WC 45,000
Whatever It Takes #5 – To Help a Stranger
(by DebF)
Summary: This is the 5th story of this series.
Rated: T WC 19,000


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