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I’m a historical archaeologist who loves westerns and Bonanza is my favorite. I wrote my first Bonanza story in 2006 and the plot bunnies are still hopping. The majority of my stories include the entire family and many are prequels set during the period when Ben and Marie were married.

NEWEST:  A Little Excitement Goes A Long Way — see summary below.

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A Christmas Wish (by patina)

Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar
Rating:  K (420 words)

A Glimpse Into the Future (by patina)

Summary:  After telling four year old Little Joe about the balls held during Mardi Gras, Marie dreams of a dance held in the future. How has life turned out for the Cartwrights? Did Adam, Hoss, and Joe turn out to be the men we know?
Rating: K+   Word Count=4115

A Hatful of Guilt (by patina)

Summary:  A WHN for the episode No Less A Man. Roy resigns as sheriff when he believes the Virginia City Town Council thinks he can’t do his job. Now Adam is the only lawman and he has to prepare for the possible arrival of the Wagner Gang.
Rating: T   Word Count=10,784

A Little Excitement Goes A Long Way (by Patina) 

Summary:   There’s never a dull moment with Little Joe around. Written for the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament.
Rated:   K+  2,700 words

A Man Named Missouri (by patina)

Summary:  Ben has hired a new hand to help with the branding. Is there more to him than meets the eye?
Rating: K   Word Count=2672

A Mouthful of Regret (by patina)

Summary:  It’s roundup time for the Cartwrights. Heated words are exchanged between Adam and Joe as they search for steers. A bear attack, though, changes everything.
Rating: T   Word Count=6472

A New Year, A New Resolution (by patina)

Summary:  Joe makes a resolution to stay out of trouble. Hoss and Adam are determined to help him break it. How long can Joe last?
Rating: K         Word Count=4509

A Place to Call Home (by patina)

Summary:  WHN for Return to Honor. Will Cartwright adjusts to life on the Ponderosa.   Written for Round 3 of the Ponderosa Poker Tournament. My words were :   round up, soap making, scissors, chopping wood, and branding.
Rating:  K+   Word Count=5568

A Spoonful of Medicine (by patina)

Summary:  Marie Cartwright is sick with a chest cold. Three year old Little Joe discovers her cough syrup.
Rating:  K   Word Count=4253

A Sure-Fire Plan (by patina)

Summary:  Two men plan are entrusted with a plan to kidnap one of Ben’s sons and hold him for ransom.
Rating:  K   Word Count=5950

A Tangled Web (by patina)

Summary:  A What Happened Instead story for The Lady From Baltimore. Deborah Banning’s scheme to marry her daughter to a Cartwright had come to fruition when Joe proposed to Melinda. But Melinda was in love with Adam. What if Melinda decided to have Adam, no matter the cost? Word Count=10,632  
Rating:  T

A Voice in the Night (by Patina)

Summary:  A Voice in the Night was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection.  Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author.  Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  On this of all nights, an unexpected voice offers comfort to an weary traveler.

A Woman Cloaked in Scandal (by patina)

Summary:  WHIB for She Walks in Beauty. After Regan Miller’s kiss, Adam realizes he has a decision to make since Hoss plans to marry her. As he ponders his course of action, his thoughts turn to another scandalous woman–his step-mother, Marie.
Rating:  K+   Word Count=2195

As Good as the Best Day He Ever Saw (by patina)

Summary:A man’s self-image doesn’t always match his reflection in the mirror. Ben sets out to prove he’s not yet ready for porch-sitting. Word Count=3794  
Rating:  K

Back to the Beginning (by patina)

Summary:  An important letter arrives for Adam. The letter contains news that will change his life.
Rating:  K   Word Count=2472

Birthday Blues (by patina)

Summary:  Adam, away at college, is celeb
Rating: his first birthday away from his father and brothers.
Rating:  K    Word Count=2002

Broken Chords (by patina)

Summary:  WHN for Woman of Fire. Hoss learns to play the guitar.
Rating:  K   Word Count=1896

Christmas Traditions (by patina)

Summary:  Sometimes traditions bring back memories and sometimes memories are created with new traditions.
Rating :   K+   Word Count=7920

Dead Man’s Hand (by patina)

Summary:  After seeking refuge during an Indian attack, Joe finds himself in a high-stakes poker game where everything, including his life, is on the line.
Rating :   K+   Word Count=3113

Devil’s Bargain (by patina)

Summary:  WHI or Death at Dawn
Rating :   T WC 6100

Different (by patina)

Summary:  People have pegged Hoss as different his whole life. Is he really that different from his father and brothers?
1824 words   Rating K.

Ducks in a Row (by patina)

Summary:  Two year old Hoss comes across some hatching ducklings. Will Pa let him keep his new friends?
Rating :   K   Word Count=2177

Family Ties (by patina)

Summary: WHI for The First Born and WHN for The Last Viking.    Can Hoss protect his younger brother when Clay Stafford reveals he’s Marie’s first born?
Rating: K  Word Count:  8114

Fevered Dreams (by patina)

Summary:  WHI for The Savage. Was Ruth Halverson real? Did Adam propose marriage to her? This story attempts to explain some of the events in this episode.
Rating: T   Word Count=4960

Fish out of Water (by patina)

Summary:  Joe rescues a mysterious girl from the river.  Dark Star for Dodo Challenge.
Rating: K+  Word Count=4993

Fool’s Gold (by patina)

Summary:  Gold and greed are a volatile mix.
Rating: T  Word Count=4843

Fortune’s Son (by patina)

Summary:  WHIB for The First Born. On a moonlit night, Clay reflects on the lies and deceptions that ruined his mother’s life in New Orleans but led her to happiness in Nevada.
Rating: K  Word Count=1799

Fraternity (by patina)

Summary:  Adam, Hoss, and Joe are getting the line shacks ready for winter. Everything goes horribly wrong after Adam goes to the pond to take a break. It’s up to Hoss and Joe to get their brother back.
Rating: T  Word Count=9190

Hoedown Showdown (by patina)

Summary: The best laid plan often doesn’t play out as we’d imagined. WHN for Any Friend of Walter’s.
Rating: K Word Count=1893

Home (by patina)

Summary:  Where we love is home. A short WHIB for Forever.
Rating: K  Word Count=1701

I Won’t Be Spoiled No More (by patina)

Summary: Adam is injured when he and Joe are working on fence repairs. It’s up to Joe to get the doctor while Hoss takes Adam home.
Rating: K+  Word Count=8753

Jubilee (by patina)

Summary:  Virginia City’s Annual Independence Day Festival, as reported by Sam Clemens. Written for Round 1 of the Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament. My words were: Roy Coffee, Dr. Martin, politician, engagement, and ledger.
Rating: K  Word Count=2049

Middle Child Syndrome (by patina)

Summary:  At six years old, Hoss finds himself to be the middle child instead of the baby. Not quite old enough to be responsible but not quite young enough to be thought of as a baby anymore.
Rating: K  Word Count=2666

Moon Blind (by patina)

Summary:  A short What Happened in Between for The Dowry. Joe, a beautiful woman, and moonlight should have been the perfect recipe for romance.
Rating: K  Word Count=1696

Negotiation Strategies (by patina)

Summary:  Originally published in the 2009 Convention Anthology. Sometimes a game of chess requires more than concentration on the game itself.
Rating: K+  Word Count=2370

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (by patina)

Summary: The Widow Jenkins got more than she bargained for when Ben sent his sons out to help with a few chores. Written in response to a writing challenge to use “They all took several steps forward, stunned by what they done” as the first sentence and “His lips moved as if he was chewing the words he was holding back” as the last sentence.
Rating: K  Word Count=2175

No More Games (by patina)

Summary:  WHIB for The Crucible. When Adam realizes he’s in the act of killing Peter Kane, he’s horrified that he’s finally lost control and proved his tormentor right. As he makes his escape, he’s reminded that two men left him in the desert to die, too. Just who is the better man?
Rating: T   Word Count=3617

No More Security (by patina)

Summary:  A WHN for The Hayburner. Hoss tells what Adam did to him after the race.
Rating: K   Word Count=1461

Passing Time and Popping Corn (by patina)

Summary:  After a long day of fence repairs, Adam, Hoss, and Joe decide to camp by the lake. What could be better on a chilly night than some hot popcorn?
Rating: K   Word Count=1792

Pins and Needles (by patina)

Summary:  Written for an SJS/JPM lover’s birthday. Going to town to get the buggy fixed and to get the mail was easy. Getting home was far more difficult.
Rating: K+  Word Count=4189

Ponderosa Pachyderm (by patina)

Summary:  A What Happened Next for Old Sheba.
Rating: K  Word Count=4287

Practice Makes Perfect (by patina)

Summary:  Marie is entering the final weeks of her pregnancy with the newest Cartwright. Will the baby’s birth go according to plan?
Rating: K  Word Count=3699

Principium (by patina)

Summary:  Some men stand by their principles, even when there may be a high price to pay for it. A WHIB for Death at Dawn.
Rating: T Word Count-1243

Quest for the Mine of Lost Souls; or, The Treasure of the Unitas Mountains (by patina)

Summary:  Gold, a curse, and the legend of a lost mine spark a quest for riches. Camp in the Pines Dime Novel challenge.
Rating: T  Word Count=9731

Recipe for Disaster (by patina)

Summary: Joe finds a mysterious apple pie recipe with directions that must be followed.
Rating: K+  Word Count=6396

Reflections on a Gentle Soul (by patina)

Summary:  Three short WHIB scenes for Vengeance written for the November fanfic challenge.
Rating: K WC 2500

Respect (by Patina)

Summary:   Respect–young men want it but have to earn it.
Rating:  K+    Word Count:  1,518

Saints Preserve Us (by patina)

Summary: WHN for The Auld Sod. How did Nellie Lynch get Hoss out of the well?
Rating: K  Word Count=1851

Santa’s Helpers (by patina)

Summary:  An intruder takes advantage of an innocent little boy in order to rob the Ponderosa.
Rated K+   WC=2328

Seeds of Doubt (by patina)

Summary: WHN for The Lawmaker. Asa Moran was riding high as acting sheriff after killing those two would-be robbers at the Express Office. When Adam investigates, Moran is determined to bring the high-and-mighty Cartwrights down. This story includes several scenes that were “missing” from the episode.
Rating: T   Word Count=6537

Snake in the Grass (by Patina)

Summary: Paradise is almost gained for one Cartwright. Written for a Halloween challenge. My words were: Paul Martin, chains, snake.
Rating: T. Word count 761

Terror Stalks the Night (by patina)

Summary:  As day ends the fight to survive the night begins.
Rating: T  Word Count=2738

The Battle of Wills – # 1 – Begins (by patina)

Summary:  Ben brings his new wife, Marie, home to the Ponderosa. Hoss is overjoyed to have a new mother but Adam is not happy.
Rating: K  Word Count=4433

The Battle of Wills – # 2 – Education is More than 3R’s (by patina)

Summary:  During a family picnic at the lake, Adam gets in trouble adding poison ivy to Hoss’ bouquet of wildflowers for Marie. After an argument with his father, Adam decides to leave home. A neighbor and old friend, Abe Garvey, shows Marie that there’s more to education than reading, writing, and arithmetic while leading the search for Adam.
Rating: K  Word Count=6007

The Battle of Wills – # 3 – The Shadow of Jean deMarigny (by patina)

Summary:   Men break into the house while Marie is home alone with Adam and Hoss. After observing his step-mother’s actions when faced with the robbers, Adam calls Marie a name he once heard Jean de Marigny use. This incident leads to an argument between Ben and Marie about Adam’s upbringing. And Adam finally realizes that Marie had been Jean’s wife.
Rating: K+  Word Count=5268

The Battle of Wills – # 4 – A Gift Horse (by patina)

Summary: Ben announces at supper that he is going to buy a horse for Marie. Adam becomes unhappy because Ben had promised to buy him a horse before leaving for New Orleans. Will this situation cause another rift between Marie and Adam?
Rated K   Word Count=3059

The Battle of Wills – # 5 – New Expectations (by patina)

Summary:  Marie and Adam race their new horses. Luckily, Paul Martin has arrived in Virginia City to practice medicine. Ben has invited Paul out to the Ponderosa for supper. After examining both Marie and Adam, Paul has to relate Marie’s and Adam’s conditions to Ben.
Rating: K  WC=4470

The Battle of Wills – # 6 – Remembering Childhoods (by patina)

Summary:   It’s the morning after the events in New Expectations. Ben’s thoughts of the coming baby make him remember Adam’s childhood and Hoss’ early years.
Rating: K+  Word Count=3240

The Battle of Wills – # 7 – A Room Full of Memories (by patina)

Summary:    It’s time to clean out the spare room so it can be turned into a nursery for the coming baby. As Ben, Adam, and Hoss go through the room’s contents, they remember the past.
Rating: K+  Word Count=3622

The Battle of Wills – # 8 – A New Pattern (by patina)

Summary: The Cartwrights go into town so Marie can order baby furniture and Adam can get a haircut. Hoss goes shopping with Marie and, while in the store, he overhears her conversation with two elderly ladies about food cravings and whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Which of course leads to questions.
Rated K+  Word Count=4384

The Battle of Wills – # 9 – Naming the Newest Cartwright (by patina)

Summary:    The Cartwrights try to decide on a name for the coming baby.
Rating: K+  Word Count=2542

The Battle of Wills – #10 – Presents from the Heart (by patina)

Summary:  The Cartwrights celebrate Adam’s 12th birthday.
Rating: K   Word Count=5313

The Battle of Wills – #11 – Love’s Labor (by patina)

Summary:    The birth of Joseph Cartwright.
Rating: T  Word Count=6306

The Battle of Wills – #12 – Big Brother Lessons (by patina)

Summary:   Hoss wants to learn how to be a good older brother to his new sibling.
Rating: K  Word Count=2598

The Battle of Wills – #13 – No Regrets (by patina)

Summary:  Marie writes a letter to her favorite aunt in New Orleans, describing her life on the Ponderosa.
Rating: K   Word Count=2265

The Battle of Wills – #14 – Baby’s Breath (by patina)

Summary:   Hoss finds a kitten in the barn and decides to bring it in the house. Marie is not happy because of the old wives’ tales of cats stealing the breath from babies. Will this kitten change her mind?
Rating: K  Word Count=3937

The Battle of Wills – #15 – Ennui (by patina)

Summary:   Hoss fears that he’s sick and dying while Pa and Adam are out of town.
Rating: K  Word Count=3791

The Curse of the Blue Dress (by patina)

Summary:  One little dress, so much trouble.
Rated: K+   Word Count:  4802

The Echo of a Heartbeat (by patina)

Summary:  While watching her sons playing down by the lake, Marie wonders about the child she lost.
Rating: K  Word Count=1523

The History Essay (by patina)

Summary:  Little Joe has to write an essay on George Washington. His first draft is so bad that Adam makes him rewrite it. Ben can’t believe the second version got turned in. Read the final version and see if Little Joe finally got the facts right.
Rating: K  Word Count=3554

The Swedish Grizzly (by patina)

Summary:  An in-between story for Old Sheba. Hoss and Joe have signed a contract to perform with Angus Tweedy’s circus for 2 weeks. This story is about their first day and night with the circus.
Rating: K  Word Count=2526

The Sweet Smell of Success (by patina)

Summary:  Ben has an important guest coming for supper. Can Ben babysit Little Joe and prepare for his guest?
Rating: K  Word Count=3398

Their First Noel (by patina)

Summary:  Marie will soon be celebrating her first Christmas as a Cartwright. But first, the family has to make it through the annual Virginia City Christmas pageant. Will the Cartwrights or the pageant ever be the same?
Rating: K  Word Count=5596

To Wake a Sleeping Beauty (by patina)

Summary: When 16-year old Adam falls asleep at the supper table after a hard week’s work, Little Joe is convinced his brother has been put under a spell by a witch. He convinces Hoss to help him try to wake Adam up using every device they can think of from the fairy tales they know.
Rating: K  Word Count=5902

Troll the Ancient Yuletide Carol (by patina)

Summary: Sam Clemens recounts Christmas Eve activities in Virginia City for the readers of the Territorial Enterprise.
Rating: K  Word Count=2546

Under Mesmer’s Spell (by patina)

Summary: A traveling magic show visits Virginia City and hypnosis is part of the show. The Cartwrights enjoy the show and become involved in a murder. Does hypnosis hold the key?
Rating: K+  Word Count=7095

Upholding the Family Pride (by patina)

Summary:  WHN for The Ride
Rating: T  Word Count=3617

When the Dawn Seemed Forever Lost (by patina)

Summary:  In the wake of Marie’s death, the Cartwrights cope with the loss of the woman who was like spring year-round.  Adam is 15, Hoss is 11, and Little Joe is 4.
Rating: K+  Word Count=26,509

Why I’m Thankful for my Brother (by patina)

Summary:  Joe is out of school for Thanksgiving vacation. Of course Joe can’t stay out of trouble and causes headaches for Adam. As punishment, Ben makes both sons write essays concerning why they are thankful for the other. Read their essays and see if they truly are thankful for each other.
Rating: K   Word Count=3541

Wisdom Comes with Age (by patina)

Summary:  All Adam wanted was a quiet evening at home to mark his birthday. Was that too much to ask?
Rating: K+  Word Count=5209

With this Ring (by patina)

Summary:  The Cartwrights attend a wedding.
Rating: K  Word Count=1301


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