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A lifelong Bonanza fan, Cheaux began writing FanFic in 2010.  Now, lives not too far from the shores of Lake Tahoe.

NEWEST:  Night Watch — see summary below.

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A Broken
(by Cheaux)
Summary: Joe has every intention of keeping his New Year’s resolutions, but you know what they say about good intentions.
Rated: T (945 words)
A Different Wind
(by Cheaux)
Summary: What Happened next for “Different Pines, Same Wind.”  Struggling with heartache and loss, Joe receives comfort from an unexpected source.
WC 7900  Rating:  T
A Matter of Intent
(by Cheaux)
Summary: A WHN for A Matter of Circumstance. Written for the Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament (Round One).
Rated T+ for subject matter. (6,840 words)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  All Ben wanted was a night alone with his eldest. What he got was something quite different.
WC 2400  Rated:  T
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  A moment in time in a special place.
Rated K.   (505 words)
Angel Light
(by Cheaux)
Summary: A WHN for Twilight Town.
Rated: K  WC 2200
Best Laid Plans
(by Cheaux)
Summary: A rift between father and sons is healed in an unexpected way.
WC  650  Rated: T
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  When the Ponderosa faces financial ruin, only drastic measures can save the day…measures which turn deadly for Joe and Candy as Ben and Hoss watch from a distance.
WC 7000  Rated: K+
Blink of an Eye
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Missing scene from Season 7’s “The Fighters” written by Robert L. Goodwin
Word Count:  792
Calendar Girl
(by Cheaux)
Summary: New Year’s Day in 1865 rings in both unspeakable sorrow and unbridled hope for Joe.  Reference is made to Between Heaven and Earth.
WC 2200  Rated: T
Choices #1
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Joe Cartwright’s friends are dying and he doesn’t know why.  Part one of a three part story. Each story stands alone.
WC 22,000 Rated:  MA (subject matter)
Choices #2 –
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  The family struggles with the consequences of Joe’s ordeal.  Shadows is a sequel to Choices but stands alone.
WC 8500  Rated: T
Choices #3 – Hunger
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Adam’s quest to find answers.  Hunger follows the events in Choices and Shadows. It is not necessary to have read the previous stories.
WC  17,000  Rated:  T
Clothes Make the Man
(by Cheaux)
Summary: Does a man’s sartorial splendor have any bearing on events in his life?
WC 600 Rated: K
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  A dream is a wish your heart makes.  But what happens when your heart is broken?
Rated:  T   Word Count:  4988
Eternal Justice
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Circumstantial evidence incriminates Joe Cartwright in his fiance’s murder. A WHI for “Justice” written by Richard Wendley.”   This is my version of what happened after Sally is murdered.
Rated K+  WC 8100
First Step
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  For fiercely independent Little Joe Cartwright, asking for help is the hardest thing to do.    A Camp in the Pines short story.
Rated T Word Count 6233
High Stakes
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  A WHN for “The Gamble.” As events unfold subsequent to their being exonerated of robbery and murder charges, it becomes apparent that more was at stake in Alkalai than the Cartwrights knew.
(3,570 words)  Rated:
Last Chance
(by Cheaux)
Summary: Joe gambles with his life to give his Pa something precious.
WC 900  Rating K
My Father’s
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  After a cattle drive Joe receives a heartbreaking telegram from the Ponderosa…
WC  6800  Rated: T
My Lucky Day
(by Cheaux)
Summary: Joe has some explaining to do . . .
WC 600 Rated: K
Night Watch
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Musings of Deputy Clem Foster on his city and the Cartwrights.
Rated:  K+ Word Count: 1238
One Candle
(by Cheaux)
Summary: A tragic event in Virginia City sends shock waves across the globe and spurs Adam to return home to find the truth.
Rated: T  WC 16,000
Pride of a Woman
(by Cheaux)
Summary: A WHN for Pride of a Man.  Joe has one more lesson to teach.
WC  1000  Rating:  T
Purls of Wisdom
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  One man’s trash is another’s treasure. Written for the Dan Blocker 2012 Birthday Challenge
WC 800 Rated: K
(by Cheaux)
Summary: The premise for this writing challenge was the prompt: Adam is worried about an absent friend.
WC  2300  Rating:  T
(by Cheaux)
Summary:   Ben’s worried and sends new hand Candy Canaday on a mission.
Rating:  K    Word Count:  1779
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Adam, alone and hurt in the desert, is comforted by a stranger.
WC  1700  Rated:  K
Someone to Watch Over Him
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  (A What Happened Instead for the episode “Bushwhacked” written by Preston Wood)
Word Count:  8974         Rated K+
St. Nicholas Day
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar
Rating:  K  (1,350 words)
Staying the Course
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Ben learns from Adam that there is more than one way to reach a goal.
WC 1700  Rated:  K
The Black Hat
(by Cheaux)
Summary:    A Ponderosa fairy tale inspired by a drawing by bahj’s niece.
Word count:   1187 Rated
The Commitment
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Joe makes a commitment without fully understanding what’s involved.
WC 1200 Rated: T
The Devil Among Us
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  A missing scene from Season 12’s The Night Virginia City Died.
WC 2800 Rated: T+
The Greatest Gift
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Joe overhears what he knows to be a lie, but cannot convince anyone else to believe him.
WC  7800  Rated: T
The One That Got Away
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  More than a fish story . . . this tale recounts how loss, memories, and discovery shape the friendships we form and the people we become.
WC 9700  Rated:  T+
The Ring
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Joe returns home from San Francisco a changed man; a mysterious woman and a piece of jewelry give rise to difficult times between father and son, bringing heartache and understanding.
WC 5200  Rated: T+
The Way Home
(by Cheaux)
Summary: When Joe Cartwright returns to the Ponderosa after his annual month-long vacation, he discovers a world turned upside down where nothing is the same.
Rating: T (30,935 words)
Things that Go Bump in the Night
(by Cheaux)
Summary: Did you ever wonder why Joe was obsessive about hunting creatures of the night in My Brother’s Keeper and Marie, My Love?
Rated: T  WC 2500
To Reach for the Stars
(by Cheaux)
Summary: Some wounds heal with barely a trace; others leave scars too painful to touch.  Can a father know the difference?
Rated: T  WC 2200
Under the Influence
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Words and actions impact and influence the people around us more than we realize.    A WHN for “First Born.”
Rated:  K+   Word Count:  2,176
What Kind of Man
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  Joe has become unusually introspective, much to the consternation of his brothers.
WC 1600  Rated: K


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