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A Better Man (by jfclover)

Summary:  Adam’s memories of a humiliating college prank resurface when he slips unannounced into his brother’s room to find Hoss secretly doctoring their young sibling.
Rating:  PG    Word Count :   3544

A Christmas Story (by jfclover)

Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar
Rating:  K (1,200 words)

A Different Life (by jfclover)

Summary:  This story contains excerpts from the Season 1 episode, The Paiute War. A thank you goes to JoeC who gave me the idea of putting Joe on a stage and seeing what happened next. Thiis is basically a Joe story, but the entire family, Ben, Adam, Hoss and Joe are written into this story. Word Count 34,000.
Rating:  K+

A Grown Man – Book 1 (by jfclover)

Summary:  A falling out between Hoss and Joe leads to a crisis level that may never be rectified.
Word Count 23,000.  Rating:  MA

A Grown Man – Book 2:  A Harsh Remedy (by jfclover)

Summary:  In order to avoid Ali Parker now that she’s returned to Virginia City, Joe decides on a trip to Ft. Lowell, Arizona rather than deal with her unexpected return.   He finds himself trapped in a nightmare, and the circumstances that follow upon his return home will change his life forever.   WHN for Season 14 – The Hunter Word Count 14,000.   .
Rating:  K+

A Grown Man – Book 3:  A Change of Heart (by jfclover)

Summary:  This is Book three of A Grown Man series. Joe is still dealing with life after surgery, but a letter from Sacramento, California could change his life forever. While he’s away, someone unexpected turns up at the Ponderosa. I hope you enjoy this segment of the series.
Rating: PG WC 21,500

A Grown Man – Book 4:  The World is Round (by jfclover)

Summary:  The brothers become reacquainted, but will a night of happiness for one lead to tragedy for the other?
Rating: PG13   WC 16,700

A House Divided (by jfclover)

Summary:  WHI    Adam tries to set Joe straight on Frederick Kyle’s intentions by bringing up events that happened twelve years earlier when Ben was away from the ranch after Marie’s death.
Rating:  K+   WC 8800

A Stake in the Future (by jfclover)

Summary:  Will longtime friendships be severed for one reason or another?   Will an unwarranted land dispute or the sale of a prized Kentucky stallion wreak havoc with the Cartwrights?   One son is injured in a freak accident.   One son is anxious to bring home the prized stallion while the third is out of town and is late returning home.
Rating: K+ WC 14,600

A Young Man’s Journey – Book 1 (by jfclover)

Summary:  Seventeen year old Joseph Cartwright leaves his home and his family to prove he’s no longer a boy but a man. His journey takes him to places unknown and foreign to him and leads him to question his ability to know right from wrong, and at times, question what’s real.
Word Count 40,925.    Rating: T

A Young Man’s Journey – Book 2 – The Debt (by jfclover)

Summary:  A sequel to A Young Man’s Journey. Joe contemplates a long journey in order to help a friend, knowing he may be her last hope. Word Count 17,000.
Rating:  T

Because We’re Brothers – Book 1 – A Lesson Learned (by jfclover)

Summary:  Finding he’s become quite accomplished at the game of poker, Joe learns a lesson the hard way.  
Rating:  K+   Word Count   26,000

Because We’re Brothers – Book 2 – A Change of Plans (by jfclover)

Summary:  Life takes an unexpected turn for Joe Cartwright.   He deals with his circumstances the best he knows how.  
Rating:  T    Word Count 67,000

Because We’re Brothers – Book 3 – A New Beginning (by jfclover)

Summary:  Now living in San Francisco, Adam is faced with a sudden crisis and in need of help from his family.   In turn he is able to return the favor, helping Joe through a crisis of his own. ~ This story can be read by email only.   It contains sexual abuse of a minor – not a Cartwright – and isn’t allowed to be posted under Brand Library rules.   If you would like to continue reading this series, please email me at
Rating:  MA   Word Count 51,000

Because We’re Brothers – Book 4 – A Tragic Turn (by jfclover)

Summary:  Ben talks Joe into traveling to San Francisco where Adam now resides to surprise him on his 45th birthday.   Events happen that will alter all their lives.
Rating::T    Word Count 18,000

Because We’re Brothers – Book 5 – Dreams of Revenge (by jfclover)

Summary:  Ben continues slowly with his recovery while Joe struggles to keep the Ponderosa running strong. Adam’s relationship with Kate takes a step forward before returning to the Ponderosa after discovering Joe is missing and presumed dead.   This is the final story of this series.  
Rating:  MA   Word Count 25,000

Betrayal Series – Book 1 (by jfclover)

Summary:  Eighteen-year-old Little Joe finds more trouble than he can handle. Will he ask his family for help? Will they be able to protect him from a man who seeks revenge from Ben Cartwright?.  
Rating::MA    Word Count 32,000

Betrayal Series – Book 2 – Chaos (by jfclover)

Summary:  This story is a sequel to Betrayal. I hope you enjoy.
Rating:  T    Word count 19,000.

Betrayal Series – Book 3 – A Matter of Trust (by jfclover)

Summary:  This is a sequel to Chaos. Joe and Ben have serious issues with each other when Joe returns home after his weekend with Adam at the line shack. Certain information brings on an unexpected breakdown while uncertain consequences may bring on healing between father and son.
Rating:  T    Word count 15,000.

Betrayal Series – Book 4 – A Time of Uncertainties (by jfclover)

Summary:  The final story of the series..
Rating: MA    Word count 24,000

Blind Faith (by jfclover)

Summary:  Joe finds himself obsessed with revenge after a robbery proves to be more than just a bank holdup. His life takes a sudden turn and he has decisions to make that will affect the rest of his life.
Rating:  MA WC 75,000

Eight Years (by jfclover)

Summary:  Ben has a surprise for his young sons, but will the boys be as excited as their father?
Word Count: 16,200  Rated T

Fables or Truths (by jfclover)

Summary:  A coming of age story.
Word Count: 7600 Rated: K+

In God’s Hands (by jfclover)

Summary:  Due to unfortunate life-changing events, Adam’s faith is tested at an early age.  He discovers the welfare of his young brother, Joe, is actually suffering more harm than good by his father’s heartfelt beliefs.
Rated K+  WC 18,650

Joe (by jfclover)

Summary. A story of love a loss. Anyone who dares read, bear with me.
Rated R WC 99,500

Lost Soul (by jfclover)

Summary:  A Joe and his wife are brutally attacked by renegade Paiutes.
Rating:  K+   Word Count:  6,800

Lucy (by jfclover)

Summary:  Joe is caught off guard when his plans don’t go as smoothly as he anticipated.  Though he thinks he’s doing the right thing, he soon realizes not everyone agrees.
Rated K+  WC 15,750

Molly – Books 1 & 2 (by jfclover)

Summary: This is a story of a young girl who lives with her grandfather on the southernmost border of the Ponderosa in an old line shack the Cartwrights abandoned years ago. After Joe has an unfortunate accident, he meets the girl and her grandfather and the story takes off from there.
Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people, and this story was definitely written for a mature audience only.
Rated M Sexual content. WC 61,000
Available via e:mail only

Mule’s Crossing – Book 1 (by jfclover)

Summary: A story in two voices: Joe and Adam Cartwright. A simple horse buying trip leads to unexpected events. Can two brothers find the strength to survive an unbalanced man in a desolate land when hope for a future is lost?
Rated T – Word Count 20,000.

Mule’s Crossing – Book 2 (by jfclover)

Summary: The conclusion to Mule’s Crossing – Book 1 –
Word Count 12,500. Rated T

No Regrets (by jfclover)

Summary:  A rumor spreads like wildfire through Virginia City, and it’s up to the Enterprise’s hot new reporter to find out the truth.
Rated G  WC 7900

Private Affairs (by jfclover)

Summary:  Two bullheaded brothers, a horse race, and an unexpected outcome lead the Cartwrights in searching for answers before one of Ben’s sons is taken to the gallows.
Rated PG  WC 15,500

Promises to Keep (by jfclover)

Summary:  Ben Cartwright was an intelligent man. If a situation arose, he was generally able to pinpoint the source of the problem and come up with a sensible resolution. He’d built the Ponderosa on guts and determination alone. He’d raised three fine sons, and he wanted the best for each of them but under trying circumstances, would he choose to ignore the wishes of others and act alone? Could a concerned father’s decisions alienate one of his own?
Rated:  M  WC 49,800

Saturday at Noon (by jfclover)

Summary: When Joe’s life takes an unexpected turn, Adam Cartwright – detective – searches for answers.
Rated: M  Word Count:  12,100

Sex on the Beach (by jfclover)

Summary:  This is a missing scene from Season 10’s Emily, written for the “dirty word” challenge for Brand’s 10th anniversary.  Warning:  sexually explicit!
Rated:  MA  Word Count:  2100

That’s What We Do Best (by jfclover)

Summary:  A WHI for Season 10’s Emily.
There are men who are easily broken and destroyed. Some men are too weak to come out ahead of the game. Is my young brother one of them? Can he finish the dance and survive with his head held high?
Rated K ~ WC 11,800

The Grand Prize (by jfclover)

Summary: An election in Virginia City proves dangerous for Ben Cartwright’s sons.
Word Count 14,000  Rated: T

The Journal (by jfclover)

Summary:  Joe receives an odd but heartfelt gift from his eldest brother, Adam. At first, Joe questions its value but within time, he finds the small leather book becomes more a part of his life than he’d ever dreamed possible.
Word Count 17,000. Rated K+

The One Left Behind (by jfclover)

Summary:  Joe and this two best friends head out on a weekend hunting trip, but things go terribly wrong.  Will Ben and Adam and Hoss give up hope of ever seeing Joe alive again?
Word Count 51,000.  Rated: MA

To Slay the Dragon (by jfclover)

Summary:  Friendship is one of the greatest gifts of all, a mutual affection that dwells outside one’s family.  Some men are born natural loners, but in Joe Cartwright’s case, he depended greatly on those he considered true friends.  Could a friendship remain strong following events that were beyond his control?
Rated M WC – 58,500

Too Young to Die – The Sequel (by jfclover)

Summary: Ben’s graveside confession concerning Joe’s innocence has turned his son’s world upside down, and Joe feels he and his father would both benefit if he made changes in his life. Hoss is caught unaware and is decidedly angered when he discovers the truth behind his brother’s sudden disappearance.
Rated K+  WC 11600.

Too Young to Die (by jfclover)

Summary:  A WHN for Season 8’s Justice.  Joe is forced to face the unimaginable when he seeks justice after his fiancée is murdered.
Rated: K+  WC 19,000

Wings of Eagles (by jfclover)

Summary:  Ben’s youngest son and five other children are taken during a school outing in May of ’56.  Little Joe is thirteen years old and discovers a new and different way of life.  Can he accept the changes and survive the ordeal without his Pa and his brothers by his side?
Rated:  MA  (47,000 words)


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