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A Stop Along the Way (by bahj)

Summary:  Sometimes, it’s the littlest things in the smallest places that make the biggest impact. To young Adam Cartwright, Galesburg, Ill. is just another stop on the long journey West, but this time his life will be changed forever.
Rating:  K (Word count :   42,700)

All Through the Night (by bahj)

Summary:  Left alone once again to pick up the pieces, Ben struggles to move forward after Marie’s death, and finds comfort in the words to an old song.
Rating: K (1050 words)

Bully for You (by bahj)

Summary:  It’s a race against time, and to the victor goes the spoils . . . er . . . the calf. A WHB for “The Lawmaker”
Rating:  K (1,765 words)

Buried Treasure (by bahj)

Summary:  What do a nutty professor, an ancient Indian legend, and a dusty sea chest from the attic have in common? Come spend Christmas with the Cartwrights and find out what awaits in this zany, action packed adventure.
Rating:  K (Words 52,169)

Chopped (by bahj)

Summary:  It’s a race against the clock as the three Cartwright brothers use whatever’s on hand to prepare a dinner for twenty!
Rated :   Family Friendly Word count :   1800

Confessions (by bahj)

Summary:  While Ben enjoys a night out, his boys unwittingly let him in on their less than noble plans.
Rated :   Family Friendly / Word count :   1159

Cracked Up (by bahj)

Summary:  After finding his wife’s favorite platter broken, Ben enters the ring with Little Joe. Who will emerge the victor?
Rated :   Family Friendly / Word count :   2735

Donny (by bahj)

Summary:  “To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.” ~Dr. Seuss~
Rated :   Family Friendly / Word count :   1131

Finn (by bahj)

Summary:  Contributed for the Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament 2015
(1,952 words) Rating:  K+

Hide and Seek (by bahj)

Summary: Be careful what games you play!
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1074

Ho… Ho… Ho… (by bahj)

Summary: When Little Joe comes up with another one of his infamous “bright ideas”; The Cartwright brothers find themselves in yet another “jam” in this fun-filled Christmas story.
Rated: K (4,410 words)

Hoss Defined (by bahj)

Summary: You’ll find it under “H” in the dictionary
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1140

In the Shadow of Love (by bahj)

Summary – Told in jigsaw puzzle fashion, follow Adam Cartwright as pieces from the past eventually come together to form his future in this story of love, courage, and sacrifice.
Rated PG-13 (Violent and Thematic Elements)  Word Count – 30,501

Junebug (by bahj)

Summary: Hoss exhibits, once again, his ability to find friends in the strangest places. A WHB for “The Tall Stranger”
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1973

Lesson Learnt (by bahj)

Summary: When Ben and Adam find themselves at odds, it takes the help of some crawdads, mashed potatoes, and a dragon to bring them back together again.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 5704

Moby Duck (by bahj)

Summary: Hoss’s plans end up backfiring when he plots revenge against a “fowl” adversary.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 4900

On this Night (by bahj)

Summary: Ben is lying on his death bed when three ghostly visitors from the past step in to change the course of fate.
Rating K+ / Word count 1,410

One Golden Summer (by bahj)

Summary: Thirteen-year-old Hoss has to deal with changes, both at home and within himself. In the midst of his confusion a young girl enters his life. She gives Hoss a new perspective and together they share “One Golden Summer”.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 20,000

One Week (by bahj)

Summary: After discovering he has only one week left to live, Little Joe, in an effort to be remembered fondly, turns it into a week that no one will ever forget.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 17,175

Operation Barn Dance (by bahj)

Summary: Some women are worth a lot of trouble . . . but not all of them . . . (Just a short “cheesy” story :0)
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 2317

Please, Tell me a Story (by bahj)

Summary: When Adam begins to doubt his abilities his family bands together to help him keep his dreams alive.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 2200

Revenge…May the Best Man Win (by bahj)

Summary: One wants to teach a lesson, one wants revenge, one just wants some peace quiet. With the three high spirited Cartwright boys home alone for the weekend anything can happen. Which one will come out on top?
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 10,300

Scrumptious (by bahj)

Summary: A little tale about helping a friend in need and making wishes . . .
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1108

Sleigh Bells Ring (by bahj)

Summary:  A Cartwright Christmas comedy told in three part harmony.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 4296

The Contest (by bahj)

Summary: Hoss finds out you can be a winner in more ways than one.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1085

The Garden’s Secret (by bahj)

Summary:  Punishment turns into a summer of memories, all while tending the garden.
Rating:  K  (3,900 words)

The Honey Tomb (by bahj)

Summary: A dark and mysterious cave, a whispering pendant, and a ruthless enemy.  It’s just an old legend, right?  **Halloween Story**
Rated: PG-13 for scariness. (Well, sort of) / Word count: 3510

The Miss Adventures of Little Joe Cartwright (by bahj)

Summary: After going into town to buy a present for Hoss, Little Joe runs into a mysterious stranger with a bag of golden coins.  Come follow along as Little Joe tells us the story of one of his greatest adventures.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 29,698

The Stronger Bond (by bahj)

Summary: The Cartwright brothers fall under a powerful spell that threatens not only a life, but also loyalty.  **Halloween Story**
Rated: PG / Word count: 3290

Til We Meet Again (by bahj)

Summary: It’s a small world; Bonanza style
Rated – G   /  Word count – 2,446

To Have Loved and Lost (by bahj)

Summary: While leaving a gift for his father, Adam inadvertently discovers a piece of Ben’s past.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 3701

Toby (by bahj)

Summary: Adam recalls his first meeting with an old friend. A WHB for “The Ride”
Rating K+ / Word count: 1340

Wells and Wishes (by bahj)

Summary: Little Joe has a high price to pay for a very expensive wish.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1025

Who Did It? (by bahj)

Summary: There’s a broken window on the Ponderosa but who’s guilty?
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1025

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