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Bonanza Brand received word that Heike quietly left us on June 29, 2016.

Heike enabled us to travel with her in the Cartwright spirit, through the difficult time of her illness, and allowing us to support her.

This made the ties of our community tighter, not only did we lose a host in the Forums and an author in the Library, but also a wonderful friend. — Yelah

Far too early Heike passed away, the very heart and soul of the German forums, the keeper of the Cartwright spirit, a female version of Ben himself, whom she liked the most, in the minds of many.

Heike co-organised Bonanza conventions in the US and the UK and smaller gatherings in Germany, and made them the more memorable by adding those personal touches. Who will ever forget the Playmobil figures she alternated to resemble the Cartwrights! Having been appointed wrangler for Mitch Vogel at one convention, she remained friends with him ever since. Heike was a co-editor of the fanzine “Bonanza Gold” and hosted the website “Bonanza Memories”.

Her huge engagement was acknowledged when she was invited to David Dortort’s 90th birthday party, which she attended with great joy and pride.

Heike, Bonanza fan from childhood on, will be remembered as a kind, good-humoured, enthusiastic person, wise with a dry and sharp, but never stinging sense of humour, modest and generous in every aspect. She always sought for the uniting rather than the separating, strove to always include everyone and exclude no one, no matter if concerning “our boys” or their fans, a true Cartwright at heart.


Brand is pleased to be a home for her stories, and hope you’ll continue to enjoy reading them.

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It Isn’t Easy to be the Youngest
(by Heike)
Summary:  It isn’t easy for Jamie, to find his place in his new family. And for Joe the role of an older brother is new, too.
WC  2700
Kama… WHAT?
(by Heike)
Summary:  Little Joe has a question and there is only one person to ask. For sure Hoss doesn’t know the answer and to ask Pa is completely impossible.
WC 2200   Rated: T
Murder, He Wrote
(by Heike)
Summary:   Deputy Clem Foster is trying to solve a crime. Little Joe is eager to help until his father becomes the main suspect.
WC 3100
One out of Six
(by Heike)
Summary:  Little Joe and five of his school mates are playing a game that may come to a deadly end.
WC 850
Saved by the Kind Mate
(by Heike)
Summary: When a dream becomes a nightmare – a “pre-prequel”
928 words,         Rating: G
Smelling A Rat
(by Heike)
Summary:  Rats in the classroom? Miss Jones sent her students home early, but is little Little Joe to blame for it?
WC 1700
Un-Silent Night
(by Heike)
Summary: It’s Christmas time for those on the Ponderosa… with their own Little Drummer Boy celebration.
Rating:  K  (470 words)
Virginia City Tea Party
(by Heike)
Summary:  In Virginia City ladies know how to celebrate a proper tea party.
WC 2100


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