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I like angsty drama, so that’s what I mostly write. Writing is very important to me and I am always genuinely interested to know what readers really think, so please don’t be timid about telling me.

NEWEST:  Premonition — see summary below.

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Dancing with Angels (by Inca)

Summary:  A series of misfortunes with the opposite sex threatens Joe’s relationship with his family and brings his life into mortal danger.
WC 44,000   Rated :   T

His Father’s Son (by Inca)

Summary:  A murder on a cattle drive; Joe vanishes and Ben is forced to face the ghosts of the past, bringing his family into terrible danger. Only Hoss’ stoic perseverance and Adam’s selfless heroism can save the life of the youngest Cartwright. My response to an SJS challenge.
WC 26,000  Rated: T

Julia (by Inca)

Summary:  A missing scene from The Julia Bulette Story.  My response to the September 2016 R-forum story challenge.
MA-rated for graphic sexual content.   Word count:3790

Last Christmas (by Inca)

Summary: All these years he had been listening hard for the song of the stars only to be disappointed.  But now… his soul was at peace as he accepted what would be….
Rating: K (760 words)

Mark of the Beast (by Inca)

Summary:  A lonely young woman in need of a husband; two brothers caught in a trap.  One finds love, and the other that the tree of self knowledge bears costly fruit.
NB: Contains scenes of a sexually explicit nature.
Rated:  MA

Measure of a Man (by Inca)

Summary:  When fifteen-year-old Joe tries to impress a new friend on the Ponderosa, it leads to dangerous repercussions for both Joe and Adam.
Rating T  (22,275)

Men of Steel (by Inca)

Summary: Joe and Hoss answer an advertisement in the Territorial Enterprise that leads to the job of their dreams – or so they hope!MA rated for sexual content     2780 words
My response to the 2017 Bonanza Brand Anniversary  “R” rated challenge

Nemesis (by Inca)

Summary:  Why did Adam disappear from the Ponderosa, never to return again?  Maybe it happened like this….
Rating: T   Word count: 19, 450

Of Men and Angels (by Inca)

Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar.
Rating:  K  ( 1,470 words)

Premonition (by Inca)

Summary: After sixteen-year-old Adam discovers a mysterious cave, disturbing events follow.
5940 words  Rating K

Responsibility (by Inca)

Summary:  When Joe’s irresponsible behavior lands him in trouble, he decides it’s time to sort out his own problems without the help of his family. But he soon finds himself in much deeper than he’d intended, and his life hanging by a thread.
Rated: T  WC 14,000

Secrets and Lies (by Inca)

Summary:  When Joe is reacquainted with a childhood friend, tragedy follows. Struggling to recover from serious injury, he finds himself on trial for murder.
Rated: T WC 18,000

Somebody Else’s Dog (by Inca)

Summary:  There’s been some gossip in Virginia City about Ben Cartwright’s new wife.
Rating: K  Word count: 581

Sweet Revenge (by Inca)

Summary:   Joe’s Casonova lifestyle lands him in trouble with the girls of Virginia City.  When they decide to exact their revenge, Joe finds himself in an embarrassing predicament.
Rated: K+ WC 3300

The Girl with Red Hair (by Inca)

Summary:  Robbed and left for dead at the roadside, Adam and Joe are forced to take shelter from a storm in an abandoned house.  Injured himself, Adam struggles to keep his brother alive.  But the house has a past, and it returns to haunt them…
Rated: T  WC  9500

The Silent Land (by Inca)

Summary:  Two brothers ride into a sleepy, little town in the middle of nowhere. Their name is Cartwright and their appearance triggers a tragic quest for vengeance.
Rated T  WC  17,000

The Youngest (by Inca)

Summary:  Adam and his fifteen-year-old youngest brother haven’t been getting along too well, but when Joe’s life is left hanging in the balance, the two of them are forced to re-evaluate their relationship.
WC 8100  Rated: T

Unto Us a Son (by Inca / aka Tye)Unto Us a Son was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection.  Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author.  Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  It’s a season of miracles, when a lost son returns home.
Without Sin (by Inca)

Summary:   Adam and Joe fall in love with the same woman, and Ben has a secret that may well tear the Cartwrights apart.
Rated: T  WC 30,200

Note:  On Bonanza Trails, Inca was known as Tye.


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