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I dabble in many activities, a surprising number of which have become linked to my writing about Bonanza! Also, if you’re looking for a beta-reader, I’m usually willing to help out–although I can’t promise how quickly I’ll get back to you with my comments.

For those intrigued by thoughts of neon-green margaritas and mysteriously extra-dimensional televisions, check out my forum thread “The Birthday Party,” containing an SJS-for-Devonshire story that couldn’t display properly in the old library. After the dust of the transfer has settled I’ll see if our new library is more tolerant of unusual typographical requirements!

NEWEST:  We Meet Again — see summary below.

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A Handful of Ashes (by sklamb)

Summary:  After a hotel fire in Sacramento, the survivors must come to terms with what is left to them. A story for all those who have learned from personal experience that even small miracles are sometimes miracle enough.
Rating:  T   WC 7200

Aftermaths #1 (by sklamb)

Summary:  It’s November 1865, and a winter storm and a stagecoach accident are interfering with many people’s plans…. Not so much a WHN as a What Happened Later for “The Crucible.”
Rating:  T (15,840 words)

Aftermaths #2 – Exit Lilah Rose (by sklamb)

Summary:  Adam Cartwright may have left Nevada, but in the late summer of 1866 his influence remains powerful in Virginia City. Follows on from my story “Aftermaths,” although it stands on its own; also contains WHIBs for the seventh-season episodes “The Other Son” and “Mighty Is The Word,” and an incidental WHN for “The Search.”
Rating:  T   WC 22,500

An Abigail Triptych (by sklamb)

Summary:  That pioneer of education in the Nevada Territory, Miss Abigail Jones, is featured in these three very short stories.
Rating:  K+ WC 5400

An Awkward Age (by sklamb)

Summary:  Two vignettes giving insight on Adam’s initially awkward relationship with his second stEPMother.
Rating:  K    WC 2600

Backlash (by sklamb)

Summary:  Rich man, poor man, Indian chief–what are they all doing in Sheriff Coffee’s jail during a blizzard?
Rating:  :   K   Word Count :   4483

Counterpoint:  Alleluia (by sklamb)

Inspired by sklamb’s “Not Without My Son.”   The two stories included are a collaboration between JoaniePaiute and sklamb.

A double-vision exploration of the conclusion to “The Crucible,” prompted by Cheaux’s November 15 2013 Pinecone challenge. Although these stories can stand alone, they were written in close coordination and benefit from being read in sequence.
Rated :   T
Michael Rode the Butter Shore by Joanie Paiute
Alleluia by sklamb

Glory Be… (by sklamb)

Summary:  Written for the Bonanza Brand 2016 Advent Calendar
Rating:  K  (790 words)

I Wonder as I Wander (by sklamb)

Summary:  On a cold Christmas Eve near Harvard Square, Adam comes to receive a sort of epiphany.
Rated: K  WC:1000

Longest Night (by sklamb)

Summary: Rose McNair gives Dan De Quille an interview after Virginia City’s great fire. A “What Happened Elsewhere” for The Night Virginia City Died,
Rating:  K  WC  2500

Not Without My Son (by sklamb)

Summary:  A fresh look at certain events of Episode 94 (The Crucible) which didn’t (in some parts of the multiverse) quite follow the televised script….
Rated: T WC 1800

Spot Christmas (by sklamb)

Summary:  When Adam brings his family back to the Ponderosa, his daughter Elizabeth’s first Christmas in Nevada is far from idyllic. But in 1903–in St. Louis!–Adam and the rest of her family make an upcoming Christmas truly special for her.
Rated: K   WC  2600

The Shell-Game Girl (by sklamb)

Summary:  Ben Cartwright reminds some interested ladies–including Clementine Hawkins and Lilah Rose–that the pleasures (or otherwise) of old memories can be entirely a matter of context. A WHIB/WH(much)Later for The Burma Rarity.
Rated:K WC:1100

Triple Point (by sklamb)

Summary:  A chance encounter leads to dramatic consequences for two drifters and the men they rescue—Joe and Adam Cartwright. Twenty years later, “The Crucible” still casts a dark shadow….
Drama, some mystery, WHN (or, rather, What Happened Later)
Rated: K+  WC  55,300

We Meet Again (by sklamb)

Synopsis:  Adam Cartwright is home again, but not everybody seems pleased about it….
Rating:   K+   Word Count:   827

Latest Update:  8.16.2017

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