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Back from Back East – A REALLY Lost Episode
(by Robin)
Summary:  An explanation of why only one son when to college.
Rating:  T  (860 words)
Back to Good
(by gaerwn)
Summary:  Hoss isn’t sure things will ever get back to normal. WHN for “The Lawmaker”
Rated: K+ (1,785 words)
Back to Reality
(by DebbieB)
Summary:  When Adam takes Joe along on a business trip, things go from bad to worse.  After Joe gets bitten by a sidewinder, it is now up to Adam to save not only his baby brother’s life but his own life as well.
Rated: PG (8,800 words)
Back to the Beginning
(by patina)
Summary:  An important letter arrives for Adam. The letter contains news that will change his life.
Rating: K  Word Count=2472
(by sklamb)
Summary:  Rich man, poor man, Indian chief–what are they all doing in Sheriff Coffee’s jail during a blizzard?
Rating:   K    Word Count:  4483
Bad News
(by Dodo)
Summary: After a bad accident, Ben has to cope with a changed Little Joe.
Rated:  K+    Word Count: 16500
Badge Without Honor – A Rewrite
(by JennyG)
Summary:  Never quite satisfied with motivation and outcome in this episode? Try this version.
Rating:  T  (9,800 words)
Baker Series #1 – Baker’s Brat
(by JoanS)
Summary: Just how much influence could one seven-year-old have on an Army Post?
Rated: K WC 15,500
Baker Series #2 – Baker’s Dozen
(by JoanS)
Summary: Ten years after he and Joe first met, Baker visits The Ponderosa while on a mission.
Rated: K WC 15,400
Baker Series #3 – Baker’s Legacy
(by JoanS)
Summary: Joe feels the loss of his friend Baker.
Rated: K WC 9700
Baker Series #4 – Baker’s Destiny
(by JoanS)
Summary: Joe and Baker meet again, but this time under difficult circumstances.
Rated: K (17,680 words)
Ballad of Brothers: Opus
(by freyakendra)
Summary: A sandstorm leads to a special moment of brotherly bonding between Adam and Little Joe before tragedy strikes—and then that bonding takes on a whole different depth of meaning when they look to the songs that had first given them a night of laughter to help them survive through the day. When Ben, Hoss and Sheriff Coffee go to their aid, they discover Joe is missing and Adam fears the worst.
Rated: T Word Count: 28,400.
Band of Brothers
(by Tauna Petit-Strawn)
Summary: Adam and Hoss travel to Stockton and find themselves joining forces with Jarrod and Heath to help Nick-who was adversely affected by the Civil War.
Rated: T (22,900 words)
Bank Robbers, Belles, and Puppy Dog Eyes
(by pjb)
Summary:  Start with one fifteen-year-old boy with a brand-new sidearm.  Add the prettiest twin girls in school, a pair of matching ponies named Floyd and Feather, two inept bank robbers, a worried lawman, several frantic family members, and a best friend who’s game for almost anything.   And then, let the chase begin….
Rated: T  WC 23,000
Baptism by Fire
(by storm)
Summary:   Here is my story for the July challenge as always I hope you like it. I will also be using this as the first chapter for the mega challenge. I hope I can make it to gold.
Rated: K+   WC 22,000
Barbarous Revenge
(by Rona)
Summary: A ‘What Happened Next’ for the episode ‘The Last Haircut.’
(8,515 words) Rated: T
Bath Water — a REALLY Lost Episode
(by Robin)
Summary:  When you don’t have indoor plumbing.
Rating:  T   (1,030 words)
Battle of the Ponderosa — aka Springtime Chaos
(by BluewindFarm)
Summary:  A plea for help turns into an urgent ride home, and a situation no one foresaw.
Rating:  K (1,615 words)

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