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Cabin Fever
(by Barbara)
Summary:   The Cartwright’s creativity shines when they find themselves stuck at home.
Rated:  T (3,085 words)
Calamity in the Bathhouse
(by pjb)
Summary:  Remember the season 5 episode, “Calamity Over the Comstock”? Turns out, there was more going on than most of us knew about. Pull up a chair and let Miss Calamity Jane Canary tell you all about it. . . .
Rated: MA WC  6200
Calendar Girl
(by Cheaux)
Summary: New Year’s Day in 1865 rings in both unspeakable sorrow and unbridled hope for Joe.  Reference is made to Between Heaven and Earth.
WC 2200  Rated: T
(by pjb)
Summary:   A local girl disappears on the same day Joe is assaulted.  Coincidence?  Maybe . . . or maybe not.
Camp Fire Tales — a REALLY Lost Episode
(by Robin)
Summary:  What else is there to do around a camp fire?
Rating:  T  (1,550 words)
Campfire Legends
Summary:  Three brothers, a campfire, and ghost stories on All Hallow’s Eve.
Rating:  K+ (8,690 words)
Camping at Eagle’s Rock
(by pbeaking)
Summary:  This story branches off from the Episode entitled “Between Heaven and Earth.” In that episode Ben mentions to Joe that he had a scary experience when he was five years old at Eagle’s Nest. This story is about that experience and what made Joe afraid of heights.
Rating:  G  (6,400 words)
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
(by Claire)
Summary: Someone is watching Joe from the shadows… someone who loves him and who can never let him go. Because love lasts forever.
Rated: K+ (3,220 words)
Candle in the Wind
(by mumu74)
Summary:  Joe tells about his adventures.. He wants to prove to his father that he is a man and that he can be responsible…. Saving someone and being a hero will be enough ?
Rated: K+  WC 10,200
Candy’s Opinions
(by BettyHT)
Summary:  Attacked by rustlers, Candy and Adam have some time to talk as they try to work their way out of their predicament.  Candy talks about the Cartwrights.
Rating — PG    WC — 1544
Candy’s View
(by Karen)
Summary: A look at the Cartwrights through Candy’s eyes.
Rated: T (4,400 words)

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