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Cabin Fever (by Barbara)

Summary: The Cartwright’s creativity shines when they find themselves stuck at home.
Rated :   T (3,085 words)

Calamity in the Bathhouse (by pjb)

Summary: Remember the season 5 episode, “Calamity Over the Comstock”? Turns out, there was more going on than most of us knew about. Pull up a chair and let Miss Calamity Jane Canary tell you all about it. . . .
Rated :   MA WC   6200

Calendar Girl (by Cheaux)

Summary: New Year’s Day in 1865 rings in both unspeakable sorrow and unbridled hope for Joe.   Reference is made to Between Heaven and Earth.
WC 2200   Rated :   T

Camilla (by pjb)

Summary: A local girl disappears on the same day Joe is assaulted.     Coincidence?   Maybe . . . or maybe not.

Camp Fire Tales — a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: What else is there to do around a camp fire?
Rating :   T (1,550 words)

Campfire Legends (HelenA)

Summary: Three brothers, a campfire, and ghost stories on All Hallow’s Eve.
Rating :   K+ (8,690 words)

Camping at Eagle’s Rock (by pbeaking)

Summary: This story branches off from the Episode entitled “Between Heaven and Earth.” In that episode Ben mentions to Joe that he had a scary experience when he was five years old at Eagle’s Nest. This story is about that experience and what made Joe afraid of heights.
Rating :   G (6,400 words)

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (by Claire)

Summary: Someone is watching Joe from the shadows… someone who loves him and who can never let him go. Because love lasts forever.
Rated :   K+ (3,220 words)

Candle in the Wind (by mumu74)

Summary: Joe tells about his adventures.. He wants to prove to his father that he is a man and that he can be responsible…. Saving someone and being a hero will be enough ?
Rated :   K+   WC 10,200

Candy’s Opinions (by BettyHT)

Summary: Attacked by rustlers, Candy and Adam have some time to talk as they try to work their way out of their predicament.   Candy talks about the Cartwrights.
Rating — PG   WC — 1544

Candy’s View (by Karen)

Summary: A look at the Cartwrights through Candy’s eyes.
Rated :   T (4,400 words)

Captain Cartwright # 1 – To Soar on Albatross Wings (by Krystyna)

Summary: Welcome to the world of Captain Cartwright; this is the first story in this continuing saga.   This story introduces Candy to the Cartwright family where he finds a restless Joe Cartwright who resents the fact that his eldest brother left the Ponderosa. Adam meanwhile has adventures of his own far away at sea …
Rated :   K (72,755 words)

Captain Cartwright # 2 – To Fly With Eagles (by Krystyna)

Summary: Joe leaves the Ponderosa and finds true love, extreme danger and a longing for home. It also brings Adam home from sea to join with Hoss in a search for their little brother.
Rated :   K (154,265 words)

Captain Cartwright # 3 – Captain, Oh My Captain (by Krystyna)

Summary: Joseph Cartwright suffers what he considers a fate worse than death when an accident during a stampede causes him to face time in a wheelchair and Adam’s hopes of marriage are dashed when he is sent on an assignment to Alaska.
Rated :   K+ (210,950 words)

Captain Cartwright # 4 – The Commodore (by Krystyna)

Summary: Ben loses the Ponderosa which is purchased by some unknown benefactor. Hoss and Joe both fall in love but only one of them ends up at the altar, and Adam is sent to the Kuril Islands to locate a missing ship.
Rated :   K+ (217,930words)

Captain Cartwright # 5 – Invictus (by Krystyna)

Summary: Romance as well as sadness beckons for Joe, while Adam is reunited with old friends and takes on a new personna in order to protect the President.
Rated :   K (281,065 words)

Captain Cartwright # 6 –Carpe Diem (by Krystyna)

Summary: We follow Adam into danger far away in China and enjoy the adventures of the Cartwright family on the Ponderosa, where Ben has a special assignment that brings him into contact with a very old friend.
Rated :   T (207,070 words)

Captain Cartwright # 7 – A New Command (by Krystyna)

Summary: Adam suffers the results of his adventures in the South China Seas but finds his heart’s desire.
Rated :   T (282,710 words)

Captain Cartwright # 8 – A Duty to Live (by Krystyna)

Summary: With his sons married with children of their own Ben has thoughts of his own future.
Rated :   T (278,150 words)

Captain Cartwright # 9 – All Those Tomorrows (by Krystyna)

Summary: Commodore and Mrs Adam Cartwright await the birth of their first child, but it’s a time that is threatened by danger, the ambitions of a corrupt official and petty thief, and of blizzards.
Rated :   K (238,200 words)

Captain Cartwright #10 – Written in Stone (by Krystyna)

Summary: Under a new Administration, Commodore Cartwright is sent to search for a missing murder suspect. While on the Ponderosa, a tragic event at the school leads to disaster for the family.   This is the tenth story in the world of Captain Cartwright.
Rating :   T (185,155 words)

Captain Joe (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: This story is in response to November’s Chaps and Spurs Challenge.  Joe on the high seas.
Word Count :   546   Rated :     K

Careful What You Wish For (by DebbieB)

Summary: Hoss, tired of his younger brother always being under foot, wishes that Little Joe would just go away and leave him alone.
Rated : G (8,850 words)

Carried on the Wind (by Diana G)

Summary: As Adam recovers from an accident, he wants to thank his rescuer, but that proves easier said than done.
Rating :   G (29,310 words)

Carson City Earthquake (by LynRobinson)

Summary: Carson City Earthquake
(5,600 words)

Cartwright Identity Crisis (by ChristyG)

Summary: Is Adam really facing the prospect of an arranged marriage?
Rating :   K+ (5,270 words)

Cartwright vs. Cartwright (by debpet)

Summary: One of Ben Cartwright’s sons is suing another!
Rated :   K   WC     2600

Cartwrights Forever (by JC)

Summary: A tribute in rhyme for everyone who loves the Cartwrights, especially those who love to write about them.
Rating :   G (560 words)

Cartwrights Return or a Story of The Prodigals (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Adam left the Ponderosa more than ten years ago; and now, a letter has arrived announcing his intent to return. This story is his, as well as his family’s. (Categories :   Drama / AU)
(53,360 words)   Rating :   T – for minor cursing.

Cartwrights, Calamities, and a Cat, Oh My (by Starlite)

Summary: As the title implies, a day in the life of a certain Cartwright.
Rated:  PG  (7,600 words)

Casey’s Side (by Karen)

Summary: Another person’s view of a scene from Credit For A Kill.
Rated :   T (2,930 words)

Cassie (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: Adam and Hoss rescue a young girl named Cassie from the river after a flash flood hits the wagon she’s traveling in. What happens next?
Rated :   K+ (11,950 words)

Cat Series #1 (by BettyHT)

Summary: Gone for many years, two men make their way back to the Ponderosa and the family that misses them. They don’t know each other, but they end up in a critical situation that brings them close together and that leads to many changes for all.
Rating = T   WC = 42,544

Cat Series #2 – Keep the Home Fires Burning (by BettyHT)

Summary: Joe’s troubles are addressed as he and Ben leave on an extended trip to spend time together so that Joe can face his losses with the man best able to help him come to terms with them.     That leaves Hoss and Adam to run the ranch with Candy’s help. There are plenty of fires to put out, some literal and some figurative, as the three find themselves overworked and stressed by the challenges they face.
Rating = T   WC = 24,181

Catching ‘em Red-Handed (by DJK)

Summary: Little Joe sets out to prove his innocence to Pa and his brothers.
Rated :  K+   Word count :   3437


Summary: Pauvre Ben :   il va vivre le pire cauchemar de sa vie.
Rated :   MA (1,645 words)

Caught in a Mouse Trap (by Terri)

Summary: Adam and Hoss find themselves in a tricky situation. Who can be to blame? Watch out Joe!
Rated :   K+ WC 4300

Caught in the Act (by faust)

Summary: “You gotta be smart, boy, fast…” Who outsmarts whom?
870 words, rated K

Caution : Easter Bunny Crossing (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: A reprisal of the episode in verse
(260 words)   Rating :   K

CelebRating: 90 Glorious Years and 430 Episodes of Bonanza! (by DebbieB)

Summary: I wrote this story for David Dortort’s 90th birthday party to which I was invited. In the story I used all 430 episode titles so the story might sound a bit strange to some. I had the story bound in book form for Mr. Dortort and given to him as my gift celebrating his 90 glorious years. It was my way of saying thank you for the joy he brought to so many lives and especially for the friendship that developed between us that I will always cherish. It has never been shared with anyone except David, until now.
Rated : G (5,000 words)

Chains and Slavery (by Rona)

Summary: Worried when one of his friends goes missing, Joe sets out to look for him. But he is not prepared for what he discovers.
(10,100 words)   Rated :   T

Chance (by Calim11)

Summary: Adam’s stage is attacked and he’s left for dead – mangled and burned – will he live until the rest of his family gets to him.
Rating :   PG-13 for Western-style violence (30,260 words)

Changes Past (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: A what happened next for The Last Viking; an episode written by Anthony Lawrence. A story told from Adam’s point of view as he attempts to reconcile what happened to another time in his life.
Rating :   K (3,665 words)

Changing Rooms (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: It’s spring and the sap is rising. So naturally, the Cartwrights start to think about redecorating.
Rated :   K+ WC 1750

Chanty’s Christmas (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Chanty is a poor orphan maiden lost in a small village in Nevada but, on Christmas eve, a stranger in town will change her life
Rated :   K   WC     4400

Charity Series #1 – Fractured (by BettyHT)

Summary: WHB to the Bitter Water episode. This is the backstory that explains how Adam ended his relationship with Virginia Keith,   Why there was tension in his friendship with Todd McCarren, and why Lem Keith disliked Adam so much.   Charity is introduced in this story and will be part of a series of stories featuring her as the main OC.
rating = T   WC = 18586

Charity Series #2 – Wounded Hearts (by BettyHT)

Summary: This is the second story in the Charity series and is a WHN for the Bitter Water episode.   A mysterious corporation threatens the Ponderosa and the other ranches in the Comstock area.   There are shootings, kidnappings, and threats from unknown assailants, and Lem Keith’s daughter’s anger at Adam for perceived wrongs make for a complicated scenario.
Rating = T and   WC = 23,448

Charity Series #3 – Trust Me (by BettyHT)

Summary: With the Ponderosa in severe financial difficulties, Adam makes a rash and perhaps foolish decision to save his father’s dream when he takes a job and it could be the worst decision he’s ever made. He needs his family, Charity, and friends to save him from it.
Rating T (22,820 words)

Charity Series #4 — Let’s Do It! (by BettyHT)

Summary: There are obstacles to Adam and Charity getting married, but Adam finds a solution after overcoming those problems and seeing no other way to calm the waters. There is a budding romance for Hoss too as the story develops.
rating = T   WC = 15,839

Charity Series #5 — Dreams and Challenges (by BettyHT)

Summary: Now that Adam and Charity are married, they face challenges in work and in family relationships. They have dreams of a family and a home too, and they have to adjust those dreams to the reality of events over which they have no control.
rating = T   WC = 22,140

Charity Series #6 — Sticks and Stones (by BettyHT)

Summary: It’s Adam and Charity again but five years later.   Adam’s son and Hoss’ son have a new playmate who has a secret, and it’s one that will cause a major change in the Cartwrights’ lives and in his. There are other secrets that are revealed as the story unfolds, and each one requires a response.
Rating = T   WC = 31,520

Charlotte (by KateP)

Summary: Joe is falling in love.
Rated :   T (13,985 words)

Chasing Shadows (by Questfan)

Summary: Ben had taught his boys a code of honour that extended to others. They lived by it and he was proud of them, but would that code sustain him if it cost him one of his sons?
Word Count :   7208   Rating :     T

Chasing Time (by freyakendra)

Summary: Joe is forced to accept that sometimes a man’s fate is out of his hands. But sitting back and waiting for God to do what He would didn’t have to mean giving up hope.
Rated :   K+ Word Count :   2,600

Checkmate (by Krystyna)

Summary: An evening playing chess and memories hover …
Rating :   K+ (1,510 words)

Checkmate (by Terri)

Summary: Ben decides to teach a 4 year old Joe about sharing, but roles are reversed and Ben receives the lesson.
Rated :   K WC 1500

Childless Horror (by Camera Chic)

Summary: A prequel. Little Joe has been kidnapped by a mean man and his ill wife. As he tries to deal with captivity, Adam, newly home from college, searches for his little brother whom he hasn’t seen since before he left for college.
Rated :   T (25,335)

Children are a Gift From God (by Alley May)

Summary: A poem Ben would dedicate to his sons.”
Rated :   K (407 words)

Chimera (by Krystyna)

Summary: Adam goes on an errand for a sick man and finds a cat, a dead town, and an adventure.
Rating :   G (10,550 words)

Chinarose (by Sibylle)

Summary: Cousins, cousins and more cousins.   Hop Sing’s relatives make the Ponderosa a real China-Rosa. Poor Ben isn´t very happy about that and even less about his three sons.
A little parodistic comedy (set around 1854, a late prequel).
Rated :   K+   WC 3600

Chinese Molasses #1 (by DebbieB)

The author requests those who wish to read this series contact her via eMail :  

Summary: Safe once again, 15 year old Joe struggles to re-establish himself within the family unit.   Share the nightmarish experience as Joe recalls his days of terror at the hands of a man who required only two things fro him, his body and his soul.

Rated :   R (adult situations) (16,500 words).

Chinese Molasses #2 – Frightened Beyond Reason (by DebbieB)

The author requests those who wish to read this series contact her via eMail :

Summary: While on a San Francisco holiday, Joe mysteriously disappears. When Ben, Adam and Hoss learn that Lin Wong, the evil Chinaman who had adducted Joe five years earlier has been recently released from prison and spotted in the area, they begin a massive search for their missing family member. Meanwhile, Little Joe is held prisoner deep in the hull of a sailing ship. Lin Wong is teaching Joe a new meaning to the word fear and Joe is quickly slipping from the real world into a world where there is no fear. Will Lin Wong fulfill his promise that he made to Joe five years ago?
Rated : R ( Warning subject matter contains violence, abuse and sexual content. May not be suitable for all readers.) (27,550 words).

Chinese Molasses #3 – In My Father’s House (by DebbieB)

The author requests those who wish to read this series contact her via eMail :

 Summary: Weeks after returning home from his terrifying experience at the hands of the evil Lin Wong, Joe wrestles with the guilt and shame he feels for what happened to him. As he struggles to come to terms, he finds strength and comfort in the loving arms of his family who each take time to express to him their inner most feelings that they have in their hearts for the youngest member of the family.
Rated :   G (14,000 words)

Even though this story is G-rated, it will be difficult to follow if the reader has not read the previous stories within the series.

Chinese Molasses #4 – Prelude to Rebirth (by DebbieB)

The author requests those who wish to read this series contact her via eMail :

 Summary: A shooting is described to some extent and may be passed over without affecting the plot of the story.

Even though this story is G-rated, it will be difficult to follow if the reader has not read the previous stories within the series.

Chinese Molasses #5 – The Rebirth of Joe Cartwright (by DebbieB)

The author requests those who wish to read this series contact her via eMail :

Summary: This IS the final chapter to Chinese Molasses, a story I once thought finished.   But with so many requests for more, I was forced into adding to the ongoing plot.     Prelude to Rebirth, will explain without details, what really happened to Joe Cartwright when Lin Wong returned unexpectedly a year later.   After believing to be dead, Lin Wong enters the Cartwright home and finds Joe alone.   From that meeting, Joe’s nightmare becomes a reality that takes him from one lifetime into another, where he seeks refuge.   The Rebirth of Joe Cartwright, tells of Joe’s struggles, his strengths, and his determination to rise above what this highly abusive man inflicted upon him.     The unconditional love of Ben Cartwright, is highly portrayed and much of Joe’s recovery is credited to his father.

Rated : G ( May be read with or without Prelude to Rebirth) (24,000 words)
Even though this story is rated G, it will be difficult to follow the why, if the previous stories in the series have not been read.

Choices #1 (by Cheaux)

Summary: Joe Cartwright’s friends are dying and he doesn’t know why.   Part one of a three part story. Each story stands alone.
WC 22,000 Rated :   MA (subject matter)

Choices #2 – Shadows (by Cheaux)

Summary: The family struggles with the consequences of Joe’s ordeal.   Shadows is a sequel to Choices but stands alone.
WC 8500   Rated :   T

Choices #3 – Hunger (by Cheaux)

Summary: Adam’s quest to find answers.   Hunger follows the events in Choices and Shadows. It is not necessary to have read the previous stories.
WC   17,000   Rated :     T

Choices (by acspeej)

Summary: Adam falls in love with an intelligent but sassy woman. Will he be able to face her ultimate challenge?
Rated K+ (21,070 word)

Choices (by Doolittle)

Summary: Adam and his family deal with the consequences of a difficult choice. A WHN for the episode “Death At Dawn.”
Rating :   PG (132,800 words)

Choices (by Gillian)

Summary: Adam’s best friend from college comes for a visit.
Rating :   G (11,000 words)

Choices (by HelenB)

Summary: A WHN for First Born.   Clay returns to the Ponderosa. Will trouble follow him again?
Rating :   T (8,330 words)

Choices (by JoanS)

Summary: Ben is faced with a difficult moral decision that could cost him the life of one of his sons.
Rated :   T (14,720 words)

Choices (by pjb)

Summary: The vote in favor of statehood has been cast. Now, in the aftermath of the convention, as one Cartwright struggles with heartache, another learns about respect. A WHN for “The War Comes to Washoe.”
Rated :   K+   WC     3200

Chopped (by bahj)

Summary: It’s a race against the clock as the three Cartwright brothers use whatever’s on hand to prepare a dinner for twenty!
Rated :   Family Friendly Word count :   1800

Chores (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: One of our founding Ladies was a lawyer/whirlwind by the name of Katie. She was into everything and we had trouble going places and not running into people she knew. Her appetite for life knew few limits and those were generally NOT self-imposed. Katie had one bad habit that we ever found :   she never knew what day it was without a calendar.
Rated K+   Word Count :   1350

Christmas after Marie (by pjb)

Summary: Even in the midst of grief, Christmas is still a time for miracles.
Rated :   K   WC 13,600

Christmas Apart (by ForeverFree)

Summary: Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar.
Rating :   K (1,810 words)

Christmas at the Cartwrights (by eve)

Summary: A Christmas story at the Cartwright household introducing a new family member.
Rated :   K

Christmas Bells (by KateP)

Summary: A seasonal Bonanza story
Rated :   K (1,965 words)

Christmas Comes but One a Year (by Sue)

Summary: Little Joe gets into trouble…a few times
Rated :   K+ WC 10,500

Christmas Comes Early (by DonnaM)

Summary: Joe’s story about Santa getting lost in Texas is based on “Santa Got Lost In Texas,” a song from the “Christmas on the Ponderosa” album. Books mentioned in the final scene are figments of the author’s imagination.
Rating :   K (6,500 words)

Christmas in July (by Truthwriter)

Summary:  Written for the 2017 Advent Calendar.

Christmas is Coming (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: Preparing for Christmas is a time consuming job, especially if you are a Cartwright.
Rated :   K+ WC 2500

Christmas Letters (by KateP)

Summary: Chrstimas letters from each of the Cartwrights
Rated :   K+ (2,285 words)

Christmas Magic (by Cheaux)

Christmas Magic was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection. Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author. Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  There’s disappointment when the Cartwrights can’t be home on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Memories (by Mamse5)

Summary: Joe attempts to handle the Christmas traditions while his family recovers from influenza. But there’s another winter storm on the way. Will he make it home safe?
Rated :   K   WC 5500

Christmas Presents (by BeckyS)

Summary: A last-minute shopping trip almost ends in tragedy.   Christmas morning finds all marveling in the blessing of family.
Rating :   G (2,740 words)

Christmas Presents (by Sibylle)

Summary   A prequel about a young Little Joe, set in the fall of 1850 while Adam is away in Boston.
WC 2100

Christmas Story 2011 (by storm)

Summary: This story started with just the first line repeating in my head and took off from there. I hope I can come up with one each year that’s why the title is what it is. If not…well we’ll leave that to the muses.
Rated :   K+   WC     1400

Christmas Surprise (by Rona)

Summary: Written originally for Bonanza Gold, here is a little tale of a surprise at Christmas, funnily enough!
Rated :   T (1,170 words)

Christmas Time (by Indiana)Christmas Time was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection. Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author. Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  Tears of disappointment turn into a lesson of compassion for a brother.
Christmas Traditions (by patina)

Summary: Sometimes traditions bring back memories and sometimes memories are created with new traditions.
Rating :   K+   Word Count=7920

Christmas Wish (by SusanG)

Summary: Could it be that St. Nicholas himself ensures that Ben’s Christmas wish comes true.
Rating :   G (8,140 words)

Christmas Wishes (by BluewindFarm)

Of Winters Past… and Our Little Piece of Snow-Covered Heaven were included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection.  Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author.  Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary: Of Winters Past… Ben and Little Joe enjoy an evening during what might be one of the last winters Joe enjoys snuggling on his Pa’s lap. Our Little Piece of Snow-Covered Heaven – Ben searches for a missing son, amid memories of a certain winter.

Church Bells (by faust)

Summary: Adam muses about church bells. Or about his family?
730 words, rated K

Cinnamon Rose (by pkmoonshine)

Summary: Hoss, age 15, falls in love for the first time . . . and yes! The young lady’s feelings are mutual.
Rating K+   WC   37,000

Circle of Life (by AC1830)

Summary – Spending the day fishing can open up all sorts of discussions. Adam asks Joe for help with his troubled grandson, but the child isn’t the only one helped by the fresh air and touch of home that the Ponderosa offers. Thanks to a friend for the title.
Rating – K, Word Count – 4990

Circumstances Beyond our Control (by Kenda)

Summary: A missing scene for the aired episode, “A Matter of Circumstance”.
Rated :   K WC 7900

Clay (by Rona)

Summary: A sequel to the episode First Born – A chance meeting in an hotel reunites Joe with his brother Clay. But is Clay’s past about to catch up with him again?
Rated :   T (10,585 words)

Cleaning Up (by DJK)

Summary: A brother can be a big help when it comes to cleaning up a mess.
Rated :   K+   Word count :   7079

Clearing the Mind (by Dodo)

Summary: A sort of Valentine story for the February Chaps and Spurs challenge. A What Happened Next for The Julia Bulette episode using the words :     Joy, Frosting, Dream, Valentine and Sparkling.
Rated :   K+ Word Count :   1550

Close Call (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: A short piece written for a good laugh. Hope you will laugh as hard as my sister and I did!
Rating :   K+ (1,760 words)

Close to a Guarantee (by ForeverFree)

Summary: This is a combined WHN/WHI for The Tall Stranger.
Rating :   K+ (722 words)

Clothes Make the Man (by Cheaux)

Summary: Does a man’s sartorial splendor have any bearing on events in his life?
WC 600 Rated :   K

Closing the Book (by Questfan)

Summary: Adam finally comes home and has to face something he’s kept buried for many years. Can he close the book on a dark chapter of his life?
Word Count: 3183 Rating: T

Clouds – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: The Missing Scenes from Truckee Strip
Rating :   T (1,510 word)

Cold (by dbird)

Summary: WHN for “My Brother’s Keeper”. Caught in a blizzard, Adam and Joe are forced to confront the rift that has grown between them.
Rated :   K+ 9900

Cold Harbor (by HazelMom)

Summary: The Union army conscripts one member from every family to fight in the burgeoning war between the State.   How is it that all three Cartwright sons become involved in the war?
Rating :   T (45,770 words)

College Days (by deansgirl)

Summary: For the June Chaps and Spurs.   Adam had a crazy romance in college.
Rated :   K+ (865 words)

Collision Course (by Julee)

Summary: On a business trip to Sacramento, Adam makes an astonishing discovery regarding the events surrounding Marie’s death and it creates a turmoil of emotions for Ben and the boys.   Alternate Universe.
Rating :   K+     Word Count :   31,205

Colors (by AC1830)

Summary:  Colors on the Ponderosa can come from unexpected places.  My entry for World Poetry Day.
Rating – K, WC – 112

Come Hell or High Water (by pbeaking)

Summary: This story highlights what happens when you have a friendly game between three brothers, two not so bright criminals, a heaping amount of missing chicken, and a desire to use word association to your best advantage.
Rating :   K+   WC 11,800

Come the Morning (by Calim11)

Summary: A yearly ride that usually brings sadness brings something else this time. (The choice of the main character is yours.)
Rated :   K+ (2,745 words)

Coming Home (by deansgirl)

Summary: A WHN for The First Born
Rated:K+ (4,410 words)

Coming Home (by pjb)

Summary: A wild stallion and a nine-year-old boy teach Adam a lesson he never learned in college.
Rated :   K+   WC     6300

Coming Home (by storm)

Summary: This was written in response to the October Chaps and Spurs challenge. I hope you like it.   A story as it should have happened.
Rated :   K+   WC 1200

Coming Home for Christmas (by Rona)

Summary: Christmas is fast approaching on the Ponderosa, but for the Cartwrights, it is not the season to be jolly, for Joe has been missing for two months. What has happened to him and will he ever come home? (11,235 words)
Rated :   T

Coming to Terms (by DebbieB)

Summary: When Joe is the lone survivor of a horrific accident, he finds himself questioning a God who allows bad things to happen to good people. His faith in God, his fellowman, his family and in himself are tested in this story that I dedicated to those who have at one time or another asked, ‘Why God? Why?’
Rated : G (14,675 words)

Common Ground (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: When Ben sends Adam and Hoss to repair an old line shack, strange things happen.
Rated K+   Word Count :   12050

Common Traits (by storm)

Summary: This is another story I wrote for the November Chaps and Spurs challenge.     The truth be told, did Adam really say that to Pa?   And just what was it that Ben thought he heard?
Rated :   K+   1450

Compardes (by freykendra)

Summary: A villain who thinks he’s a hero explains his “reasoning” to an Incapacitated Little Joe.
Rating :   MA   Warnings :   Language & Violence—a brutal attack on a woman is alluded to but not described explicitly.
WC 2250

Competition #1 (by Belle)

Summary: No man should get all the attention.
Rating :   K (6,025 words)

Competition #2 – Comeuppance (by Belle)

Summary: Terrance has everything he ever wanted :   the love of a wonderful woman, the town’s admiration, and a boisterous friendship with Little Joe.   What could possibly go wrong?
Rating :   K+   Word Count :   6278

Concerning Teeth and Fairies (by deansgirl)

Summary: Little Joe struggles in his efforts to lose his first tooth and prove that he is a man.
Rated :   K+ (7,120 words)

Confessions (by bahj)

Summary: While Ben enjoys a night out, his boys unwittingly let him in on their less than noble plans.
Rated :   Family Friendly / Word count :   1159

Conflict (by pbeaking)

Summary: Adam and Joe fight and Ben steps in to help.
Rating :   K+ 80

Confusion (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: Ever wondered exactly why Joe gets maimed on such a regular basis? The Giggly Sisters explain all.
Rated :   T WC 2400

Connecting (by Dodo)

Summary: Inspired by the July Writers Challenge – Adam and Little Joe’s relationship is tested when Adam returns from College.
Rated :   K+   Word Count :   3100

Conquering the Stillness Within – Book 1 (by Kenda)

Summary: Conquering the Stillness Within” is an alternate universe story to the 12th season aired episode “The Stillness Within.” Or maybe better put a, “What if it would have happened like this. . .” story. Although the character of Jamie Hunter appeared in “The Stillness Within,” he doesn’t appear in “Conquering.” Candy, who did not appear in “The Stillness Within,” is included in this fan fiction story.
Rated :   K+ (49,455 words)

Conquering the Stillness Within – Book 2 (by Kenda)

Summary: Conquering the Stillness Within” is an alternate universe story to the 12th season aired episode “The Stillness Within.” Or maybe better put a, “What if it would have happened like this. . .” story. Although the character of Jamie Hunter appeared in “The Stillness Within,” he doesn’t appear in “Conquering.” Candy, who did not appear in “The Stillness Within,” is included in this fan fiction story.
Rated :   K+ (42,425 words)

Conquering the Stillness Within – Book 3 (by Kenda)

Summary: Conquering the Stillness Within” is an alternate universe story to the 12th season aired episode “The Stillness Within.” Or maybe better put a, “What if it would have happened like this. . .” story. Although the character of Jamie Hunter appeared in “The Stillness Within,” he doesn’t appear in “Conquering.” Candy, who did not appear in “The Stillness Within,” is included in this fan fiction story.
Rated :   K+ (31,570 words)

Conquering the Stillness Within – Book 4 – A Fitting Goodbye (by Kenda)

Summary: A story inspired by the 14th season aired episode “Stallion.” Joe has been the person his father leaned on during the difficult months after Hoss’ death. Now it’s Ben who must help Joe find a way to say a fitting goodbye to the brother he loved.
Rated :   K (5,415 words)

Consequences (by Sassybrass)

Summary: Joe must know about his father’s past with Julia Bulette, even to the point of pushing his father into a lie. Set shortly after “The Julia Bulette Story”. A challenge story “Can you write from an outline”
Rated :   T   WC 1900

Consequences Unforeseen (by Diana G)

Summary: Jake Tattersall comes to the Ponderosa looking for revenge.   Will his actions destroy the unity of the Cartwright family?
Rating :   PG-13 for violence (16,140 words)

Consuelo (by lminzer)

Summary: A WHN/WHIB for the episode “Amigo”
Rated :   K+   WC     5900

Contagion (by Rona)

Summary: Some of the citizens of Virginia City become upset when the Cartwrights let a gypsy family take temporary residence on the Ponderosa.
Rated :   T (7,560 words)

Contemplation (by BettyHT)

Summary: Adam has been gone and the family has lost touch with him. On the eve of Joe’s wedding, each of them will be thinking about their family.
Rating = G   WC = 4901

Contemplations in Church (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: When a frilled bonnet and an old man’s sermon compete for a young man’s attention, which one do you think will win?
Rated :   K   WC     1200

Conversations (by PSW)

Summary: A series of utterly random, (hopefully) humorous conversations written as responses to Pinecone Challenges this year.
Rating :   K    Word Count :   4051

Cookie! (by No1ButJoe)

Summary: All Hoss wanted was a cookie.
Rated :   K (1,280 words)

Cooking with Steamy Julia – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Cooking isn’t the only thing happening in the kitchen, and elsewhere.
Rating :   M (715 words)

Cougar (by SusanG)

Summary: A cougar is loose on the Ponderosa.
Rating :   T (7,420 words)

Cougar Kill (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: While looking for strays, fifteen-year-old Joe spots some tracks that he feels compelled to investigate, despite knowing the objections his family would raise.
Rated :   K   WC     1700

Counterpoint: Alleluia (by sklamb)

Inspired by sklamb’s “Not Without My Son.”   The two stories included are a collaboration between JoaniePaiute and sklamb.

A double-vision exploration of the conclusion to “The Crucible,” prompted by Cheaux’s November 15 2013 Pinecone challenge. Although these stories can stand alone, they were written in close coordination and benefit from being read in sequence.
Rated :   T
Michael Rode the Butter Shore by Joanie Paiute
Alleluia by sklamb

Counter-Point: Michael Rode the Butter Shore (by JoaniePaiute)

Inspired by sklamb’s “Not Without My Son.”   The two stories included are a collaboration between JoaniePaiute and sklamb.

A double-vision exploration of the conclusion to “The Crucible,” prompted by Cheaux’s November 15 2013 Pinecone challenge. Although these stories can stand alone, they were written in close coordination and benefit from being read in sequence.
Rated :   T
Counter-Point :   Michael Rode the Butter Shore (by JoaniePaiute)
Alleluia by SKLamb

Counting Mistakes (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: How many mistakes could he make in one afternoon?
Rating :   K (1,415 words)

Counting Stars (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Ben asks Hoss to go get Joe, which leads to a brotherly conversation about the one who’s missing. —
(1,210 words) Rating :   K

Coup de foundre a Virginia (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Joe rencontre Christine, écuyère dans une compagnie de romanichels. Immédiatement, leurs coeurs s’enflamment mais l’un des deux va devoir tout quitter pour l’autre
Rated :   K+   WC     17,000

Courage (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Joe is still wrestling with his fears.   WHN for Season 6, Between Heaven and Earth.
Rating :   K+ (589 words)

Courage aka The Mountain Trek (by Krystyna)

Summary: Bravery isn’t the absence of fear as Adam tells Joe, but carrying on as you know you should in spite of it.
Rating :   T (3,780 words)

Courage? (by JoaniePaiute)

Summary: A comic story inspired by a long-ago challenge at Bonanza World. Thanks to lminzer for her wonderful story “Shield,” which made me realize just how much Hoss protects Joe, and to sklamb for her thoughts on the Virtues.
Rated :   K+   WC 6000

Covenant (by dbird)

Summary: Adam makes a desperate decision that may lead to tragedy for the Cartwright family.
Rated :   K+

Covering (by DJK)

Summary: Brothers cover for brothers. For Little Joe it is just that simple, for Adam not exactly.
Rated :   K   Word count :   7990

Cowboy Boots and Dancing Shoes, Part 1 (by AC1830)

Summary: It is 1875.   After recovering from some family tragedies, Adam and Joe still don’t have their spark back.   Their wives come up with a plan to light their fires again.
Rating: K (2354 words)

Cowboy Boots and Dancing Shoes, Part 2 (by AC1830)

Summary: Adam and Joe are on their “vacations” planned by their wives.   Will they each be able to finally deal with their grief as well as rekindle their love for their wives?   This is a continuation of Cowboy Boots and Dancing Shoes.   I suggest reading, or re-reading, that one before beginning this story.   Also, I’ll issue a “tissue alert” for this one.
WC = 7694   Rating = K+

Cracked Up (by bahj)

Summary: After finding his wife’s favorite platter broken, Ben enters the ring with Little Joe. Who will emerge the victor?
Rated :   Family Friendly / Word count :   2735

Creatures Stirring (by SusanG)

Summary: As stewards of the land, every now and then, the Cartwrights need someone to watch over them, especially this Christmas Eve.
Rating :   G (7,950 words)

Crime and Punishment (by Sibylle)

Summary: Abigail Jones and Joe Cartwright take a journey together on business neither of them ever expected to have.
Rated :   T   WC 4700

Crossing the Rubicon… Again (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Little Joe is asked to fill in again as Sheriff of Rubicon, but surely nothing could go wrong this time.
Rating :   K+ (2794 words)

Crossroads (by slaine89)

Summary: An accident that takes place when he’s visiting home from college helps Adam to decide whether or not to stay on the Ponderosa.
Rated :   K+ (5,930 words)

Crossroads (by southplains)

Summary: Adam’s choices regarding his torment at the hands of a madman result in an ever-widening ripple effect. A WHN/WHI for “The Crucible.”
Rated :   MA   WC 35,000

Crystal Ball Predictions (by DebbieB)

Summary: When Adam suddenly inherits a son, Joe is washed away by a flash flood, Ben breaks a leg and Hoss leaves home in search of his missing brother, the Cartwrights begin to wish they had never visited the fortune teller.
Rated : G (32,000 words)

Cupid’s Messenger (by DebbieB & JennieA)

Summary: Cupid delivers a Valentine’s message. Let’s see if Adam can worm his way out of this one!
Rated : G (11,540 words)

Cupid’s Messenger (by JennieA & DebbieB)

Summary: Cupid delivers a Valentine’s message. Let’s see if Adam can worm his way out of this one!
Rated : G (11,540 words)

Curiosity (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: They say that curiosity killed the cat, but what happens when one of the Cartwright boy’s let’s his nosiness get the better of him?
Rated :   K+ (1,010 Words)

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