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Dah-Gey: A Fable Told by Hop Sing (by JoaniePaiute)

Summary: An extremely silly response to a Chaps & Spurs challenge. Also partly inspired by the thread “Feminizing the Cartwrights.” Little-Little Joe is driving Adam crazy. Hop Sing has the solution :     it’s story time!
Rated :   K   WC 1400

Damned (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: A WHN for A Time To Step Down.
Rated T   Word Count :   38816

Damsels in Distress (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Thanks to the machinations of a conniving editor, Ben finds himself besieged by needy females in a town whose male population has been ravaged by accidents and disease.
Rating :   K ( 7,429words)

Dancing with Angels (by Inca)

Summary: A series of misfortunes with the opposite sex threatens Joe’s relationship with his family and brings his life into mortal danger.
WC 44,000   Rated :   T

Dang, He Smells Good (by BettyHT)

Summary: Three women and one man. How is Adam supposed to choose when all three want him, but he can only romance one. Who will he choose?   You get to choose for him.
rating = T   WC = 1632

Danny (by pjb)

Summary: The Cartwrights become embroiled in a young widow’s fight to protect her baby from her in-laws’ attempts to gain custody.
Rated :   K+   30,600

Dark of Night (by HelenA)

Summary: It’s not always a person who can comfort after a nightmare.
Rating :   K (1,000 words)

Dark Pink (by JoaniePaiute)

Summary: Home from college, Adam is feeling out of sorts. What dark secret haunts his dreams? Past and present collide as he and Hoss are faced with a life-and-death struggle in the desert. Originally posted on bonanzaworld.
Rated :   T   WC 14,000

Darkness (by deansgirl)

Summary: The darkness can be either a friend or an enemy. But when a man loses something very dear to him he discovers how deadly the darkness can become
Rated :   K+ (10,975 words)

Darkness Within (by DebbieB)

Summary: When Little Joe’s best friend, Mitch Devlin, betrays Joe’s most private secrets to their older friends, Joe becomes the victim of the malicious joke.     Joe suffers from both the physical and emotional turmoil of the boy’s so called fun. But what really eats away at Joe is why Mitch turned his back on him.   Will he ever be able to forgive his very best friend for his betrayal?
Rated : G (21, 730 words)

Das Kirchenpicknick (by Sibylle)

Summary: Die Familie Cartwright besucht ein Kirchenpicknick, alles ist harmonisch und friedlich – oder doch nicht?   Prequel (1846)

Das Verursacherprinzip (by Sibylle)

Summary: Eine kleine kurze Geschichte über Hop Sings täglichen Ärger mit den Cartwrights und dessen Folgen, angesiedelt um 1853.
Rated :   K+   WC 1900

Daughter of the Night   by BeckyS)

Summary: This story takes place approximately twenty years after the events in the episode “Bushwhacked” and was written after the Tahoe Ladies ‘Borrowed Time’.
Rating :   T (1,520 words)

Days of Discovery #1 (by DianaG)

Summary: The boys find that a day’s work does not turn out as any of them expect.
Rating :   G (9,740 words)

Days of Discovery #2 – Journey to Heartbreak aka For the Love of Jamie (by Diana G)

Summary: Adam befriends a young woman and her son.
Rating :   G (26,680 words)

Days of Our Glory (by Rona)

Summary: Lessons are learned about change and youth and how neither are necessarily a bad thing. (10,585 words)
Rated :   T

Dead Easy (by Krystyna)

Summary: Adam is ambushed, and everyone thinks they know who did it …
Rated :   K+ (20,280 words)

Dead Horse in Laredo (by RandyS)

Summary: Becky Sims issued the following challenge in a writer’s group:
“Perhaps Randy would be willing to give us a two-page story on the moment Chad Cooper [Laredo] walks into a saloon yelling ‘Joe!   Your horse just keeled over and died in the middle of the street!’ and Joe Cartwright is standing at the bar?”
Rating :   K (2,000 words)

Dead Man’s Canyon (by J7339)

Summary: Little Joe thinks that his family doesn’t love him anymore. He is always being yelled at and getting into trouble. To add to his problems there is a substitute teacher at the school that has also taken a disliking to Joe.
Rated :   K+ (49,570 words)

Dead Man’s Hand (by patina)

Summary: After seeking refuge during an Indian attack, Joe finds himself in a high-stakes poker game where everything, including his life, is on the line.
Rating :   K+   Word Count=3113

Dead Man’s Canyon (by SusanG)

Summary: With Army money in their saddlebags, looking for a faster way home leads Ben and the boys to Dead Man’s Canyon.
Rating :   T (13, 560 words)

Dead Men Tell No Tales (by AC1830)

Summary – October challenge – write another worldly story involving one or all the Cartwrights. The unthinkable has happened – all four Cartwrights are dead!
Rating – K, Word count – 2045

Dead of Winter (by Monette)

Summary: A rare story of how the Cartwrights survived one particularly bad winter.
Rated :   MA (5,510 words)   Not for faint of heart.

Dead on Time (by Dodo)

Summary: It’s New Year’s Eve and Death awaits its latest victim from the Ponderosa.
Rated :   K+   WC 16,500

Deadwood (by BettyHT)

Summary: Joe leaves home after doing something he thinks is unforgivable.     His family misses him and wants him to come home, and when he does, there is a surprising turn of events for Joe.
Rating = T   WC = 5813

Dear Santa, 1859 (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Even though he’s all grown up, there’s one Christmas tradition Little Joe is reluctant to give up, his annual letter to Santa Claus.   It’s his way of reflecting on the events of the past year, and this story those center on the episodes of Season 1 of Bonanza.
Rated :   K+ WC 2700

Dear Santa, 1860 (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: It’s time again for Joe’s annual letter to Santa Claus, this time based on the events represented in the second season of Bonanza.   From Jennifer Beale to Ellie McClure and beyond, Little Joe is still having trouble dealing with the opposite sex and remains in great need of Santa Pa’s advice.
Rated :   K+   WC 3800

Dear Santa, 1861 (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Little Joe writes his annual letter to Santa Claus and sneaks downstairs to deliver it secretly, but someone is already down there to catch him in this most private act of the Christmas season.
Rated :   K   WC 2600

Dearly Beloved (by Krystyna)

Summary: When Adam fails to return after appearing as a witness at a trial in S.F Ben fears the worse. After a frantic search the anxious father’s concerns appear to be worse than even he imagined.
Rated :   T (23,235 words)

Death at Dawn – Revisited (by Starlite)

Summary: What if Adam’s gamble had a different outcome
Rated:  G  (4,080 words)

Death at Dawn…A Missing Scene (by Gillian)

Summary: This is the missing final scene that I would have liked to see-the one that tied up all the loose ends. A story in 4 voices.
Rating :   G (10,090 words)

Death Follows Him (by DanceDiva)

Summary: Little Joe is trying to reach water after an Indian war has raged in the middle of a desert. When people he doesn’t seem to know come to help him.
Rated :   K+

Death of an Angel (by DebbieB)

Summary: Joe is in love for the first time and plans on making this blue-eyed angel his wife.   Will an unavoidable accident shatter his dreams of happiness?
Rating: PG13 Contains on questionable scene (6,500 words)

Death of Letter S (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: We saw it happen in The Gift, first of all. Then in Ponderosa Explosion, and again in The Stallion. Made us wonder what the others thought. This should explain it, somewhat. Maybe…..
Rating :   T (1,515 words)

Death Rides a Black Horse (by DebbieB)

Summary: A serial killer is wreaking havoc in the surrounding area. When a dying woman, a victim of such an attack, gives Adam Cartwright’s name as her killer, there’s only one person alive that can dispute her claim. But Joe Cartwright knows the woman isn’t lying because he’s a victim too and he was present when the crime took place. Should he believe what his eyes tell his mind he witnessed, or should he follow his heart?
Rated : PG13 for violence (13,700 words)

Death Star — a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: With Rona’s permission, I am posting “Death Star” as inspired by her Adam Death fic.
Rating :   T (2,620 words)

Death Valley – Complete Story (by MonicaSJ)

Summary: You may have already read this from Adam’s POV. You may have already read this from Joe’s POV.   Here, they are combined.   You get the whole story…Joe’s kidnapping, Adam’s transformation in the desert, the mine, the Indians, the rescue, the losses, and the eventual return home packed with PAM, JPM and JAM. You also get the true story of the struggle of the First Peoples in Death Valley, the Shoshoni and the Aha macave.
Reader Alert :   Violence.   Nudity.     Sexual innuendo. Rated :   T

Death Valley (by MonicaSJ)

Summary: Joe has been kidnapped and taken into Death Valley where an Indian War rages against the white man. Adam hires a mixed heritage guide to navigate the dangers in the desert and deal with the two tribes that live there as he searches for Joe.
Rated :   T   WC 19,500

Death Warmed Over (by Lily of the West)

Summary: The grim reaper makes an appearance at the Ponderosa to carry off a Cartwright.   Now, if only he could remember which one…   don’t worry – it’s NOT a death fic; all C’s will be returned in fine working order at the end of it.
Rated :   K (5,920 words)

Death Withheld (by Rona)

Summary: This story came about following a discussion on the BonanzaInAussie message board about what we would change on certain episodes. The first one to be discussed was Death At Dawn.
Rated :   T (7,060 words)

Death, Defiance, and a Fine Day for a Swim (by dbird)

Summary: Adam and Joe find their own way through grief, on a summer day at the lake. A WHN story for the episode, “The Julia Bulette Story.”
Rated :   K+

Death’s Letter S (by Karen)

Summary: A writer’s challenge. Joe plays a joke on Hoss.
Rated :   K (1,330 words)

Death’s Letter S (by KateP)

Summary: A Challenge story where we were given a title and had to write a story to fit it.
Rated :   K+ (1,250 words)

Deborah Wilde (by Krystyna)

Summary: The Wilde family arrive in Virginia City, the eldest daughter becoming the focus of Joe and Hoss’ attentions, causing chaos within the family while Mr.Wilde’s peculiarities force Adam into eating a surfeit of cake.
Rated :   K+ (40,090 words)

Deceit (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: Joe comes up with a scheme to solve Hoss’ romantic troubles and acquires a treasure map too, but the schemes about Adam have the most significant consequences. Edited in more material to the last chapter.
rating = T word count = 15,925

Deceive Me Not (by Nanuk)

Summary: The things we do to the ones we love…
Rating :   G (1,280 words)

Deciding is the Hardest Thing to Do (by DJK)

Summary: Was it really that easy, or did it take one last push?
Rating :   G (1,090 words)

Decisions Made (by HelenB)

Summary: A ranch hand and decisions made could change the lives of the Cartwrights forever.
Rating :   T (6,725 words)

Dedims Tot Pignora Fatis (Hostages to The Fates) (by Rona)

Summary: A tense situation at the Ponderosa leads Ben to see his sons as hostages to the fates.
Rated :   T   WC 8000

Deeds of the Past (by Rona)

Summary: What exactly did Marie have to endure in the years before she met and married Ben Cartwright? (8,200 words)
Rated : T

Defending His Brother (by pjb)

Summary: A WHIB for “The Fighters.” In this episode, Hoss swears off fighting after he nearly kills an aging prizefighter. An up-and-coming heavyweight fighter, Charlie Powers, tries to taunt him into a fight. Hoss refuses to fight, walking away from the mocking crowd, but Joe can’t let Powers’ jeers go. He foolishly takes a swing at Powers, and the much-larger Powers easily beats him. When Joe manages to drag himself home, beaten and bleeding, and Hoss sees what Powers has done, he goes back to town to take on Powers. As he delivers his opening punch, he announces, “This is from my little brother.” This WHIB comes after Hoss’s fight with Powers.
Rated :   K+   WC     2000

Defying Logic (by Robin)

Summary: What happen next for the episode, The Hayburner.
Rating :   T (20,375 words)

Deliverance (by Rona)

Summary: Is romance in the cards for Joe?
Rated :   T (9,350 words)

Deluge (by SusanG)

Summary: Fighting against Mother Nature, all it had to do was stop raining and they could go home.
Rating :   T (2,535 words)

Delusions (by EPM)

Summary: An old adversary returns to threaten the entire Cartwright family.
Rated :   K+

Der Mordfall Mrs. Azamoah (by Adam4Ever)

Summary: Es geht um die Ermordung einer jungen Frau.   Es fehlen Tatverdächtige, Zeugen und Beweise.     Kann der Fall doch noch gelöst werden?   Wer war der Mörder und welches Motiv hatte er?
Rated :   K+ (5,505 words)

Der neue Sattel (by cindy57)

Summary: Ben schickt Little Joe in die Stadt um seinen neuen Sattel abzuhlolen.
(2,635 words)   Eine Arbeit mit Hindernissen.   Rated :   K+

Der Unfall (by Sibylle)

Summary: Little Joe hat einen schweren Unfall, während Adam auf ihn aufpassen soll (1845).   Über Rückmeldungen würde ich mich sehr freuen.
Rated :   K+   WC 4200

Desert Wallets — a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: The episode pulled from syndication after only two airings.
Rating :   T (2,380 words)

Desperate Rescue (by devilwind)

Summary: A WHI for “Desperate Passage.”   After rescuing Mary Burns from the Paiutes, Joe has to be saved as his attempt to mount an Indian pony and ride to safety goes awry.

Desperate Ride (by SusanG)

Summary: Overhearing news of a planned massacre at a Treaty Signing, Joe sets out on an impossible ride in order to save countless lives of Indians, soldiers, settlers, and more importantly, Ben Cartwright.
ating :   T (5,200 words)

Desperate Times (by Rona)

Summary: Disaster lies ahead when the hunters become the hunted.
Rated :   T   WC 1000

Destiny (by Foreverfree)   

Summary:  A heart can only break so many times, and after the traumatic losses he has suffered, Joe is convinced that living his life alone is the only way to protect his heart from shattering.  But… Is that really his intended destiny? This story takes place two years after the season 14 double-episode “Forever.” Written for the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament.
Rated:   PG  8,640 words

Destiny Series – Blizzard of Destiny (by karilyn)

Summary: Adam is rescued from a raging blizzard by a young woman who changes his life forever.
Rated :   MA (38,245 words)

Destiny Series – Desert Destiny (by karilyn)

Summary: Hoss marries the love of his life, only to lose her the following day, and he’ll stop at nothing to get her back.
Rated :   MA

Destiny Series – Destiny Next Door (by karilyn)

Summary: Little Joe finds true love with a girl he has known all his life, but their wedded bliss begins unexpectedly!
Rated :   MA (13,925 words)

Destiny Series # 1 – Brothers (by karilyn)

Summary: This story examines the relationships between brothers, some ordinary and some life and death. The brothers are the sons of Adam, Hoss and Joe.     This is the second in the series of stories following the Adam/Hoss/Joe “Destiny” stories.
Rated K+ (7,415 words)

Destiny Series #2 – No More Birthday Parties, Thank you (by karilyn)

Summary: One of Joe’s sons and one of Adam’s son are kidnapped and held for ransom, and one of Adam’s impetuous eldest sons embarks on a rescue mission even as a posse is formed and he learns an important lesson about taking risks and being a hero.   Part of the Destiny series.
Rated :   T (20,490 words)

Destiny Series #3 – It’s Just for Now (by karilyn)

Summary: When Adam’s eldest son prepares to head East to attend college, the entires family realizes how much Nolan has meant to them over the years.     Part of the Destiny series.
Rated :   K+ (7,300 words)

Destiny Series #4 – The Homecoming Part 1 (by karilyn)

Summary: Adam and Mary Lynn travel to Boston to visit Nolan at college. Adam has a surprise planned that will affect every member of the Cartwright family.   Part of the fourth story in the Destiny series.
Rated :   K+ (23,040 words)

Destiny Series #5 – The Homecoming Part 2 (by karilyn)

Summary: Adam and Mary Lynn head to the site of the train accident, determined to find their son, Nolan.   This is the fifth story in the Adam/Hoss/Joe “Destiny” series.
Rated K+ (20,510 words)

Destiny Series #6 – Logan’s Bride (by karilyn)

Summary: One of Adam’s eldest son’s, the court jester Logan, finds a young woman who captures his fancy.   This is the sixth and last story in the Adam/Hoss/Joe “Destiny” series.
Rated T (21,335 words)

Devil’s Bargain (by patina)

Summary: WHI or Death at Dawn
Rating :   T WC 6100

Devil’s Dust (by freyakendra)

Summary: A man of God who lacks true faith heads into the desert on a quest for miracles — catching the Cartwright brothers in his flawed pilgrimage. A story of faith, free will and divine intervention
Word count :   22,000. Rating :   T.

Devotion (by southplains)

Summary: Did Amy Bishop know of Joe’s love affair with Julia Bulette? If she did, what did she think and how did she come to terms with it?   Written in response to the ‘Missing Scenes’ challenge here on BB, and inspired by a question posed on another site.
Rated :   K+   WC 7900

Did I Hear You Mention Boston? (by DJK)

Summary: One Cartwright, two Lancers, and a chance meeting equal a little crossover story.
Rated :   K+   Word count :   1032

Did I? (by Starlite)

Summary: Adam has been shot, did Little Joe do it?
Rated:  PG  (10,950 words)

Did They Ever? (by Terri)

Summary: As Adam and Joe sit round the campfire, Adam regales an incredulous Joe of their first meeting with Julia Bulette. A meeting that got both Adam and his Pa into big trouble with Marie.
Rated :   K+ WC 9300

Didn’t See That Coming (by Stetson1859)

Summary: It’s not long after Marie enters the lives of the two Cartwright boys when Adam is confronted with an unexpected question by Hoss. Learning more about Hoss’ deepest wishes, will Adam be able to ignore them just out of his own stubbornness?
Rated :   K+

Die heiligen drei Könige (by Sibylle)

Summary: Die kleine nachweihnachtliche Geschichte spielt in der Nacht zum sechsten January 1846 auf der Ponderosa. Und beginnt damit, dass Adam aus dem Schlaf gerissen wird ….
(Erstveröffentlichung in der deutschen Bibliothek im Dezember 2011)
Rated :   K+   WC 2300

Different (by patina)

Summary: People have pegged Hoss as different his whole life. Is he really that different from his father and brothers?
1824 words   Rating K.

Dignity (by faust)

Summary: Roy Coffee has his reasons for doing what he does. Really, he has.
700 words, rated K

Disappearance (by KateP)

Summary: Influenza on the Ponderosa
Rated :   K+ (8,985 words)

Disenchanted (by DebbieB)

Summary: When Ben advertises back east for a new school teacher and gets a mail order bride instead, things start going haywire for the four Cartwrights, especially Ben.
Rated : PG (8,000 words)

Distant Fears (by Gillian)

Summary: Ben comes home from San Francisco early because he has an uneasy feeling about his home and his sons. But is it just his imagination or is there really something to worry about?
Rating :   G (16,500 words)

Dividing Line 1 – Prelude (by dbird)

Summary: Ben fears for his sons in the face of imminent civil war. This story takes place before my “Dividing Line” series and before the events portrayed in the episode, “A House Divided.”
Rated :   K+ (4,570 words)

Dividing Line 2 – Dividing Line (by dbird)

Summary: Adam and Joe return from fighting in the Civil War only to find a different kind of battle waiting at home. A “WHI” story for “A House Divided”.
Rated :   T

Dividing Line 3 – The Telling (by dbird)

Summary: Sequel to “Dividing Line.” Adam and Joe learn that living with the memory of the War may prove as difficult as surviving it.
Rated :   K+

Dividing Line 4 – Peace Offering (by dbird)

Summary: Adam and Joe continue to come to terms with their wartime experiences. This is the fourth story in my Civil War series.
Rated :   K+

Dividing Line 5 – The Quickening (by dbird)

Summary: For Adam and Joe, life after the war is fraught with trials and possibilities. The fourth story in the Civil War series.
Rated :   T

Do As I Say (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: Ben has always tried to teach by example, tried to get it through to his sons how he expects them to act. But do they ever listen? A 2015 Camp in the Pines story and a WHN for Quality of Mercy.
Rating :   K+ (1,255 words)

Do Poppies Still Bloom in Boston? (by Krystyna)

Summary: Some interesting people come to the rescue of Adam Cartwright and his friend, Jane Waumsley.
Rating :   K+ (16,845 words)

Doctor’s Orders (by DJK)

Summary: Ben and Adam face off over the doctor’s orders
Rated :   K+   Word count :   887

Does Clemmie Get Her Man? (by Krystyna)

Summary: Are the rumours and newspaper reports circulating among Virginia City’s citizens concerning Ben and Clementine Hawkins true?   Or, might there be something more sinister afoot?
Rating :   K+ (5,400 words)

Does He Like Women? (by BettyHT)

Summary: Joe’s lady friend has a question about Adam and Joe hatches a scheme to give her the answer, but there are complications.
Rating = PG  WC = 1857

Does the Heart Ever Heal? (by TracyT)

Summary: Three years ago, Adam Cartwright left the Ponderosa. As Hoss and Joe struggle to help Ben with his depression, a chance encounter in a nearby town just might be the answer they’ve been waiting for.
Rated :   K+   WC     5300

Doing the Right Thing (by HazelMom)

Summary: Word reaches the Ponderosa that Hoss was legally hung, setting off a chain of events that sets the law against justice when it comes down to doing the right thing.
Rating :   K+ (11,035 words)

Doing What Had to be Done (by Rona)

Summary: A fall from a horse leaves Joe laid up. When disaster strikes, can he do as he was told and just watch from the sidelines?
Rated :   K+ (9,980 words)

Don’t Forget the Stars (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: Genre should say angst too. A ‘what if’ off “Look to the Stars”.
Rating: K+ (10,801 words)

Don’t Give Up (by mumu74)

Summary: This is my contribution, with the words I received, including the Petticoats. Enjoy. It’s short, this is what I managed to do. I have plenty of ideas and possible scenarios, and I had major troubles putting it together.
Rating :   K (805 words)

Don’t Let Him Kill Us (by JoaniePaiute)

Summary: A comedic prequel featuring 5-year-old Little Joe and introducing Tommy Coffee, Roy’s 7-year-old son. Oh, Hoss…why did you take your eyes off those two? Poor Adam…
Rated :   K   WC 3400

Don’t Show Off (by Sibylle)

Summary: Ben waits for Adam on his first day at school. (Prequel, 1837/ Seedling Challenge)
Rated :   K   Word count :  1660

Don’t Speak of That (by DJK)

Summary: Little Joe’s discussion lands him in trouble with his teacher and older brother.
Rated :   K+   Word count :   1250

Don’t Take Nevada’s Children for Geese (by ViveAdam)

Summary: While dating a beautiful Irish girl, Joe is trapped.
Rated :   K+   WC     5300

Donny (by bahj)

Summary: “To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.” ~Dr. Seuss~
Rated :   Family Friendly / Word count :   1131

Doppelganger (by BettyHT)

Summary: WHI for Death at Dawn in which the plot by Bryant is more complex than simply trying to save Farmer Perkins. Adam’s apparent failure to save his father as well as other events shake his confidence in his abilities, and it will take several crises and support from his family for him to regain his self-confidence.   A big thank you to Sylvia for the story idea.
Rating = T   WC = 38683

Double Take (by GinnyF)

Summary: A What Happened Before the Opening Scene.   The writer has no idea how the ride-up would have actually been filmed.   I imagine it was a lot more complicated than I depicted.
Rating :   K (2800 words)

Dr. Martin’s Casebook (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: In the 21st century, Paul Martin’s great-great-great grandson discovers his illustrious ancestor’s casebook.
Rated :   K+ WC 2300

Dr. Michaela Quinn – a Bonanza / Dr. Quinn Crossover (by Ahdavis)

Summary: When Little Joe is seriously injured following an attack by bandits, Ben must rush him to the nearest doctor for immediate medical attention. Ben Cartwright is stunned to find that the doctor is a woman and he hesitates to let her treat Little Joe.
Rating :   T/PG-13 Mild language and brief sexual innuendo. Word Count :     19,190.

Dragon Dance (by LissaB)

Summary: Hop Sing adjusts to his first year with the Cartwright family.
Rating :   K+ (9,990 words)

Dreamer (by southplains)

Summary: An unlikely alliance between two people spells deadly trouble for Joe.     His survival depends entirely upon the strength of family bonds.
Key words :   SJS, ESJ, SHS, Julia Bulette, kidnap, drugs, drugged, hallucinations, indians, ropes, seduce, hurt, Joe gets hurt, Joe gets kidnapped     Rated :   K+   WC     31,400

Dreams (by Cheaux)

Summary: A dream is a wish your heart makes.   But what happens when your heart is broken?
Rated :   T   Word Count :   4988

Dreams (by Dodo)

Summary: A WHN For My Brother’s Keeper
Rated :   K+ Word Count 9000

Dressing for Success (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: The Giggly Sisters have a rewarding time as they rifle through Joe’s wardrobe.
Rated :   T WC 2200

Dru (by Becky S)

Summary: Understanding finally trumps anger and hurt after a Cartwright rights a wrong.
Rating :   G (660 words)

Ducks in a Row (by patina)

Summary: Two year old Hoss comes across some hatching ducklings. Will Pa let him keep his new friends?
Rating :   K   Word Count=2177

Ducky (by pbeaking)

Summary: This is a WHB The Burma Rarity. All we know is that Ben drew Clementine’s name from a fish bowl at a picnic prior to the episode. This story attempts to shed some light on what happened at that picnic to make Ben so non eager to be around the Widow Hawkins.
Rating :   G (9,060 words)

Dying Alone (by VCLS)

Summary: Adam and Joe struggle to avoid the unthinkable . . . dying alone! Rated :     T WC 8800

Dying Well (by dbird)

Summary: On a battlefield, Joe carries out a disorienting search for his brothers among the dead, but instead he discovers something entirely unexpected.
Rated :   T

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