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Fables or Truths
(by jfclover)
Summary:  A coming of age story.
Word Count: 7600 Rated: K+
Fade to Black
(by Barbara)
Summary:  Adam has found a new past-time.  Will there be consequences for his actions?
Rating:  K+ (8,500 words)
(by Barbara)
Summary:  Adam finally meets his wife to be, but before the wedding a tragedy occurs that almost tears the Cartwrights apart for good.
Rated: T (5,885 words)
Fallen Angel
(by DJK)
Summary: Little Joe’s escapade at Jack Wolf’s Place leads Adam into a serious situation.
Rated Strong T warning: (mature ideas and references but no explicit content, mention of corporal punishment)  Word count: 8068
False Witness
(by J7339)
Summary: Somebody wants Ben Cartwright to withdraw from a lumber contract he had placed a bid on but uses his youngest son as the pawn to do so. Afterwards it becomes much more of a personal vendetta against the boy and his family rather than over the contract.
Rated: K+ (83,480 words)
(by Conny1971)
Summary:  Created for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar.
Rating:  K  (50 words)
(by Dodo)
Summary: Joe is injured and alone on the mountain, and help comes from a mysterious stranger.
Rated: K+ Word Count: 19625
Family Scenes has the Ponderosa
(by ViveAdam)
Summary:  In this collection, I gathered some stories atmosphere whose interest is mainly due to the return of the atmosphere at Ponderosa and the description of the characters and the relationship between the characters. No palpitations, therefore, but moments of good humor or emotion, as appropriate.
Rated: K WC 8000
Family Scenes in the Ponderosa
(by ViveAdam)
Summary: A collection of short stories giving a restitution of the atmosphere in Ponderosa
Rated: K  WC 6300
Family Ties
(by patina)
Summary: WHI for The First Born and WHN for The Last Viking.    Can Hoss protect his younger brother when Clay Stafford reveals he’s Marie’s first born?
Rating: K  Word Count:  8114
Family Ties
(by pkmoonshine)
Summary:  Still haunted by the death of his wife six years before, Joe seeks comfort in strong drink. Will his family ties be enough to save him?
Rating:  T  (27,525 words)
(by BnzaGal)
Summary: Every Adam’s Girl nightmare… Adam is leaving the Ponderosa.
Rated: K (1,100 words)
(by pbeaking)
Summary: It’s Promotion Day for Adam Cartwright and Pa helps him deal with cold feet. Just a brief story to celebrate Father’s Day.
Rating: K 1650
Father and Son
(by SnuffyBear)
Summary:   Young Ben in the months before he goes to sea for the first time.
Rated: K+
Father of the Year – A REALLY Lost Episode
(by Robin)
Summary:  Little Joe writes to Oprah Winfrey about his Pa.
Rating: T  (3,750 words)
Fatherhood 101
(by storm)
Summary:   Here is my story for the June challenge. As always hope you don’t think it was a waste of your time to read.  Adam’s homecoming.
Rated: K+   1100
Fathers, Sons, and Growing Up
(by pjb)
Summary:  As Joe’s eighteenth birthday approaches, Ben comes face to face—so to speak—with the fact that his youngest son is no longer a child.  WARNING: contains sexual themes.
Rated: T  WC 6900
Faut pas prendre les enfants du Nevada pour des bécasses
(by ViveAdam)
Summary:  Alors qu’il se rend à un rendez-vous galant, Joe est pris dans un chausse-trappe…
Rated: K+   WC  5800
(by Rona)
Summary: Arriving home, Joe is astonished when Adam pulls a gun on him, claiming not to know him. Things go from bad to worse; until the break between brothers seems so wide it cannot be breached.
(10,810 words) Rated: T
Fear No Evil
(by Questfan)
Summary: My story is based on Kingdom of Fear – Season 12. Ben, Hoss, Joe and Candy are captured and illegally found guilty of trespassing so they can be used as slave labour in a gold mine. There is no hope of escape and no hope of parole.
Word Count: 9621     Rating: T
Fear on the Horizon
(by No1ButJoe)
Summary:  Joe finds himself in a dangerous situation when the town drunk goes on a rampage, robbing the bank and killing at least two – and taking Joe as a hostage!
Rating:  T   Word count: 10987
Feeling Guilty
(by DJK)
Summary: Three vignettes that have the Cartwright brothers dealing with feeling guilty.
Rated: K+ Word count: 1882
Fetching the Payroll
(by pjb)
Summary:  It should have been such a simple little task. . . .
Rated:  K+  WC  10,200
Fever Dreams
(by dbird)
Summary: Inspired by the episodes “My Brother’s Keeper” and “The Crucible.” About a wolf, Peter Kane, and the way a brother protects his own.
Rated: K+
Fevered Dreams
(by patina)
Summary:  WHI for The Savage. Was Ruth Halverson real? Did Adam propose marriage to her? This story attempts to explain some of the events in this episode.
Rating: T   Word Count=4960
Field of White
(by Becky S)
Summary: Shortly after his 16th birthday, Joe finds himself taking on responsibilities he couldn’t foresee.  And now, it’s up to him to help his oldest brother out of a deadly situation.
Rating:  T  (24, 700 words)
Fifty Dollars
(by DJK)
Summary: Even if he did take the fifty dollars, Little Joe was not really a thief.
Rated: K+   Word count: 2022
Fight Club
(by southplains)
Summary:  “If I’ve told Joe once, I’ve told him a thousand times to keep those elbows in!”  We’ve all heard Adam utter those words while Joe is getting himself thoroughly beaten by Jean Millain in the “Julia Bulette” episode.  This is the story behind that line.
Rated: K+  WC 4200
Fight for Life
(by DebbieB)
Summay:  Joe becomes the target for revenge when he is forced to participate in a human cockfight in order to save his father’s life.
Rating:  PG Contains violence (16,700 words)
Final Advice
(by slaine89)
Summary:  In the aftermath of Ben’s death, Joe finds comfort from an unexpected source.
Rated: K+ (2,040 words)
Final Farewell
(by HelenA)
Summary: The Cartwrights say goodbye to their beloved Hoss.
Rated: K (5,095 words)
(by pjb)
Summary:  WHN for “The Last Viking.” Sometimes, protection can come from unexpected sources.
Rated: K+  WC 5500
(by bahj)
Summary:  Contributed for the Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament 2015
(1,952 words) Rating:  K+
Fire Wind
(by GinnyF)
Summary:   Based on the Great Virginia City Fire.  The Cartwright brothers help battle the fire and search for Hop Sing.
Rated: T (4,720 words)
(by lminzer)
Summary:  Joe’s foolish choice could cause the Cartwrights to lose everything they have.
Rated: T  WC  16,700
First Dance
(by EPM)
Summary:  A chance encounter brings a new joy for the oldest Cartwright son.
First Day Nerves
(by ljlover2001)
Summary: Little Joe has to face his greatest challenge since losing his mother
Rated: K+ (1,670 words)
First Kiss
(by debpet)
Summary:  Joe has found the girl he wants to share his first REAL kiss with! But someone is watching!
Rated: K+  WC 1700
First Love
(by faust)
Summary: Adam’s first love is different from what one would expect – or is it?
720 words, rated K
First Notch
(by DebbieB)
Summary:  “Sooner or later, the day will come when a man will force you into a shootout, and there will be no way out of it, except kill or be killed.” Adam shared a bit of wisdom with his youngest brother the day that Joe was permitted to wear a sidearm for the first time.  Little did either brother realize how soon those words would come back to haunt them.
Rated:  PG for mild violence  (12,850 words)
First Notch
(by Dodo)
Summary: A stranger’s arrival starts off a chain of events that culminate in Ben Cartwright’s worst nightmare.
Rated: T Word Count: 22,300
First Snow #1
(by Mamse5)
Summary:  Adam and Joe make a simple trip to town, but find themselves caught in an early snowstorm, unprepared.
Rated: K+ WC 12,000
First Snow #2 – Honesty and Lessons Learned
(by Mamse5)
Summary: Little Joe can’t believe the news about Cochise and decides to find out for himself. But winter is just getting started in the Sierras. Has Joe put himself in harm’s way again?  A follow-up story to First Snow.
Rated: K+  WC 4100
First Step
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  For fiercely independent Little Joe Cartwright, asking for help is the hardest thing to do.    A Camp in the Pines short story.
Rated T Word Count 6233
Fish out of Water
(by patina)
Summary:  Joe rescues a mysterious girl from the river.  Dark Star for Dodo Challenge.
Rating: K+  Word Count=4993
Fist City
(by BluewindFarm)
Summary:  Gossips sour Ben’s mood when he returns from a business trip; and he only wants to hear an explanation direct from the guilty party.
Rating:  T  (1,425 words)
Five Bits
(by DJK)
Summary:  This is a collection of five short pieces each written in response to a specific prompt. The prompt was used to title the piece. I hope you enjoy them.
Rating:  G     (4,140 words)
Five Foot High, Ten Miles Deep
(by Jayne)
Summary:  When Joe is worried about his height, his brothers offer him words of wisdom.
Rated: K  WC  1300
Five Sundowns WHN
(by Rona)
Summary: A what happened next story for the episode
Rating: PG (8,740 words)
(by Rona)
Summary: A gang of rustlers is plaguing the Virginia City area.
(10,205 words)  Rated: T
Flowers for Truth
(by DJK)
Summary: Adam learns the truth about a girl he loves.
Rated: K+ Word count: 589
Foiled Attempts
(by DebbieB)
Summary: Contains some violence. In the right place at the wrong time, Little Joe foils a bank robbery attempt and is taken hostage.  A vision from the past, gives him the courage to be brave until his family can find him.
Rated:  PG13  (14,430 words)
Follow the Stars
(by Claire)
Summary: Sometimes, the members of a family can surprise one another.
Rated: K (12,125 words)
Following the Dream
(by JoanS)
Summary: Ben has a difficult decision to make regarding a young Adam’s future.
Rated: K+ (9,665 words)
Fondue #1 – Marie, My Fondue – A REALLY Lost Episode
(by Robin)
Summary:  Joe asks Ben about his mother, and learns more than he bargained.
Rating:  T  (980 words)
Fondue #2 – Fondue Too – A REALLY Lost Episode
(by Robin)
Summary:  The sequel to Marie, My Fondue.
Rating:  T  (935 words)
Fondue #3 – The Third Fondue Tale:  Heidi – A REALLY Lost Episode
(by Robin)
Summary:  Why Pa Yodels
Rating:  T  (1,730 words)
Fool’s Gold
(by patina)
Summary:  Gold and greed are a volatile mix.
Rating: T  Word Count=4843
Fools Rush In
(by Donna)
Summary” Two brothers brace themselves for the inevitable…or is it?
Rated T (1,100 words)

Our apologies to the author, in the rush to transfer stories out of the old Library, we missed assigning the author to this story.
Fools Rush In
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: This is a what happened instead for a scene in The Lady from Baltimore and a what happened next after the Bannings left story.
Word Count: 1,023  Rated: K.
For All Mothers, including Ben Cartwright
(by DebbieB)
Summary: Ten year old Joe learns that sometimes mothers are more than just being a woman.
Rated:  G  (4,400 words)
For All That Wishes May Be Worth
(by Rona)
Summary:  Can Joe overcome the loss of his love?
(4,635 words)  Rated: T
For Diane
(by BettyHT)
Summary:  A broken plate and a dropped plate lead to lessons learned.
(WC = 1090) Rating = PG
For Honor
(by Sibylle)
Summary:  The consequences of a fight at school.  Prequel (1854)
Rated: K+  WC 600
For the Love of a Brother
(by Tauna Petit-Strawn)
Summary:  Ben is shocked when he returns home to find two of his sons fighting for their lives. All three sons really should be in the character choice spot. I stink at summaries. Please read anyway. WARNING; MAJOR character death.
Rating T (10, 960 words)
For the Love of a Child
(by MaryS)
Summary:   Adam befriends Sarah, and discovers the lengths one will go to when there is a child to care for.
 G   (35,160 words)
For the Love of Maggie
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: Ben meets Margaret Jensen while traveling by train from Boston back to Virginia City. The apparent chance meeting will forever change his life.
Rating: T Word Count: 17,524
For the Sake of a Son
(by Mamse5)
Summary:  Ben and Joe each watch helplessly as the other is attacked and left for dead. Father and son spend what may be their last hours fighting not only their injuries, but self-imposed doses of regret and guilt.
Rated: T WC 17,000
For the Soul is Dead that Slumbers
(by freyakendra)
Summary: A Tale told in 2 parts:
Part I: The Darkest Hour: When Joe is missing, he’s not the only one trapped in darkness.
Part II: No One: Even after Joe comes home, a part of him remains lost.
Rated: T Word Count: 22,500
(by the Tahoe Ladies)
Summary:  At a party at the Ponderosa, Hop Sing shares a moment with a beautiful guest.
Rated K+  Word Count: 3800
Forever #1 – Forever
(by Rider)
Summary:  Part one of my WHI “Forever” series “Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cartwright” Joe meets and marries Alice Harper.
Rated:  K+ (2,020 words)
Forever #2 – I Would Do Anything for Love
(by Rider)
Summary:  As the birth of Alice and Joe’s first child approaches, things take a turn for the  Part II in “Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cartwright” Forever WHI series.
Rated: K+ (2,230 words)worsest.
Forever #3 – The Love of My Life
(by Rider)
Summary:  Joe and Alice think about their relationship on the eve of their wedding.
Rated: K+ (990 words)
Forever Ben
(by deansgirl)
Summary:  As Ben Cartwright lies dying his sons each recall a special moment that they shared with their father.  A special Father’s Day story, the companion holiday story A Rose For Marie.
Rated:  K+ (4,290 words)
Forever Changed
(by BluewindFarm)
Summary: After concluding a business trip to San Francisco, Joe’s life is forever changed.
Rating:  T  (14,520 words)
Forever Friends
(by Terri)
Summary: A Birthday tribute to Michael Landon on his 72nd birthday. What are the four Cartwrights up to now???
Rated: K WC 1200
Forged by Fire
(by lminzer)
Summary:  Two brothers are caught in a deadly game of revenge and one of them is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice for the other….
Rated: T (11,930 words)
Forget Me Not #1
(by Tauna Petit-Strawn)
Summary:  A what if I got off Love Me Not. Instead of getting on the stagecoach, Joan disappears in the middle of the night. Ben is riddled with guilt. Will the Cartwrights ever see her again? Yeah, I still do horrible at summaries.
Rated: T (24,000 words)
Forget Me Not #2 – One Long Night
(by Tauna Petit-Strawn)
Summary:  Short shots involving Ben and Joan’s daughter, Faith, with various members of the family. Title may very well change.
Rated K (5,000 words)
Forgive Me My Love
(by JoanS)
Summary: A girl tries to rekindle her romance with Joe.
Rated: K (4,200 words)
(by Krystyna)
Summary:  Repercussions, consequences, and guilt.
Rating:   (1,520 words)
(by pjb)
Summary:  A WHN for “The Gift.” Sometimes, the hardest ones to forgive are ourselves.
Rated:  K   WC  2800
Forgotten Son
(by KateP)
Summary:  The Cartwrights find life on the Ponderosa very different after Ben has an accident.
Rated: K+ (11,375 words)
Forsaking Wild Oats
(by Childstar)
Written especially for Delci Marie Barkley at her request.
Rating:  T (32,430 words)
Fortune’s Son
(by patina)
Summary:  WHIB for The First Born. On a moonlit night, Clay reflects on the lies and deceptions that ruined his mother’s life in New Orleans but led her to happiness in Nevada.
Rating: K  Word Count=1799
Found Love
(by Rona)
Summary: Love comes to one of the Cartwrights. A What Happened Next for “Found Child.”
(3,715 words) Rated: T
Founder’s Day
(by JoanS)
Summary: Ben is determined that this Founder’s Day will be a family affair, but his sons have other ideas.
Rated: K (17,400 words)
Fountain of Youth
(by DebbieB & JennieA)
Summary:  With Marie away in San Francisco, Ben is left to the mercies of his three young sons. Will he survive or die of embarrassment first? Will his resolve stand strong or will he crumble under the pressure? Can he out think a three year old when his older sons provide no moral support and seems to always be laughing at  him behind his back? Ben has asked himself these same questions more than once since Marie went away.
Rated:  PG  (5, 300 words)
Fountain of Youth
(by JennieA & DebbieB)
Summary:  With Marie away in San Francisco, Ben is left to the mercies of his three young sons. Will he survive or die of embarrassment first? Will his resolve stand strong or will he crumble under the pressure? Can he out think a three year old when his older sons provide no moral support and seems to always be laughing at  him behind his back? Ben has asked himself these same questions more than once since Marie went away.
Rated:  PG  (5, 300 words)
Fourth Wife #1 – In the Dark of the Night
(by JennyG)
Summary:  Ben takes a fourth wife, but the larcenous Boxer clan proves a distraction, and a tragic misunderstanding causes even more trouble.
Rating:  T (37,900 words)
Fourth Wife #2 – All in a Day’s Work
(by JennyG)
Summary: On his feet again after being shot, Adam finds his new stEPMother ready to give birth, Hoss suffers a toothache, Ben pays a visit to Silver City and Joe finds trouble while trying to be a Good Samaritan.
Rating:  T (41,590 words)
Fourth Wife #3 – A Gunfighting Man
(by JennyG)
Summary:  Ben’s family continues to grow while the older members spread their wings, and Adam meets both old and new challenges. 
Rating:  PG – Implied Sex (75,000 words)
Fourth Wife #4 – The Measure of a Man
(by JennyG)
Summary: A sweeping story that follows each of the Cartwrights through a season of trials and triumphs.
Rating:  T (90,650 words)
Fourth Wife #5 – Fall into Darkness
(by JennyG)
Summary:  Adam crosses the country, seeking the answer Harbinger never gave.
Rating:  PG-13.  Implied sex, violence. (114,500 words)
Fourth Wife #6 – Peace on the Ponderosa
(by JennyG)
Summary:  Sometimes the smallest things can solve the biggest problems, and when no Cartwright wants to go home on Christmas Eve, there has to be something wrong.
Rating:  T (7,100 words)
(by patina)
Summary:  Adam, Hoss, and Joe are getting the line shacks ready for winter. Everything goes horribly wrong after Adam goes to the pond to take a break. It’s up to Hoss and Joe to get their brother back.
Rating: T  Word Count=9190
Fresh Start
(by DJK)
Summary:  Once again Adam is the fresh kid.
Rated: K+ Word count: 1131
(by BnzaGal)
Summary:  Joe and his school friends have their lunch interrupted by something terrible and Joe finds that maybe he isn’t as brave as he thought he was.
(10,720 words).  Rated: T
Friends Indeed?
(by Rona)
Summary:  You read the drabble, now read the whole story.
(4,390 words)  Rated:  T
(by HelenA)
Summary: The boys must take unusual measures to save their father when his life is threatened.
Rated: T (20,960 words)
Frogs, Books, and Sticky Things
(by Krystyna)
Summary: Joe Cartwright, incorrigible, uncontainable, hoarder of worms and frogs and all of age 5 goes in search of a book for his big brother Adam … and lots of horrible things happen as a consequence!
Rated: K+ (11,600 words)
From Ghoulies and Ghosties
(by Rona)
Summary: Something Adam says while he’s telling ghost stories to Joe and Hoss triggers an amazing experience for Joe. Was it real? Or did he dream it? Anything’s possible at Halloween.
(5,780 words)  Rated:  T
From Inside One’s Own Self
(by DebbieB)
Summary:  When a gang of thieves take Ben and Joe as their prisoners, each must draw on their own inner strengths to survive.
Rating:  PG-13  (22,100 words)
From Joe to Adam
(by Trinity)
Summary:  A type of poem I learned how to write in my English 3 class.
Rated:  K+  WC  33
From the Heart
(by the Tahoe Ladies)
Summary:  Ben’s memories of his three boys.
Rated K Word Count: 6700
From the Horses’ Mouths
(by the Giggly Sisters)
Summary:  Ever wonder what the horses themselves think of the goings on at the Ponderosa? Well, read on to find out.
Rated: K+ WC 2000
From the
Murky Depths
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary: While Ben is away on business, Adam is in charge of his two younger brothers. Predominantly a prequel.
Rating: K+  Word Count: 1001
(by a lisa south)
Summary:  An lminzer/southplains collaboration: The ransom note came attached to Joe’s coat: ‘We have your boy, Cartwright, and he’s cold. How long before he freezes to death?’ Can Ben save Joe from kidnappers before it’s too late?
Rated: K+ (18,485 words)
Fulfilling the Legacy
(by the Tahoe Ladies)
Summary: A WHN for ‘The Legacy’
Rated: K  Word Count: 500

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